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Hello, and welcome to Top8HomeRemedies.com!

Our site was founded in March 2018 with the mission to have a blog with the longest home remedy articles on the Internet. While we realize this is a lofty goal, we believe it can be done!

Helping up with our mission is a staff of professional freelance writers. To learn more about our writers, check out our staff page.

Along with writing home remedy articles, we also write articles on a variety of other subjects, including health benefits of various foods and common home remedy supplies; “How To” articles; a series of Do-it-yourself articles on how to make your own cosmetics, skin care products, and more; diet and exercise articles; home remedies for pets, and even just some general information articles. Even with all of this, we are still looking for more things to write about!

As our website grows, we plan to add even more articles, and possibly more topics, videos, and who knows what else?!

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