Meet the Staff of Top 8 Home Remedies!

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Along with having numerous ghostwriters as a part of our writing staff, we also have some staff members who contribute articles to the site often. Learn more about our wonderful staff members below.


Hannah Jaehnig

Hannah Jaehnig, editor, writer, manager, staff

Website Manager – Editor – Writer

Hannah Jaehnig is the manager of Top 8 Home Remedies. She works day and night to keep the site in great shape. She is in charge of editing and posting all of the articles you see on the site. Occasionally, she also writes an article.

Currently, she is attending Southern New Hampshire Univerity. She will graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She has been working as a freelance writer since 2014 and will continue to work with the site for the foreseeable future.


Stephen Amponsah Mensah


Stephen Amponsah Mensah is a Ghanaian Journalist and freelance writer. He writes on health, lifestyle, fashion, business, and political subjects among other interesting topics. He has practiced journalism since 2011, with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and being writing ever since. He believes in the power of writing and that is my way of contributing to a knowledge-based society.


Do you want to become a writer for Top 8 Home Remedies? We are not currently hiring new full-time authors, but if you are interested in a guest-blogging opportunity, please contact us either on our “contact us” page or by emailing us at

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