15 Home Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs

Bladder stones are common in small and old dogs. Bladder stones, whether in dogs or people, are made up of a collection of various minerals. These minerals can start off as being microscopic and non-threatening, but they can grow over time, causing various complications.

Only a vet can properly diagnose bladder stones, as the dog will either need X-rays or a urine analysis to get an accurate diagnosis. If your vet tells you that your dog has small bladder stones, then this article can be of some use to you. The tips in this article will also work well for prevention. However, if your dog has large bladder stones, it may be better for your pet’s health to have a surgery instead of using home remedies.

It should be noted that bladder stones and kidney stones are not the same and will need to be treated differently. To read an article about how to naturally treat kidney stones in dogs, click here.


While your dog may not be able to tell you when they are hurting, there are some signs that you can watch out for to guess whether your furry friend has bladder stones or not. Some of the most common symptoms are listed below.

  • Urinating inside the house
  • Urinating often
  • Discolored urination
  • “Crying” or yelping when urinating
  • Excessive private licking


Home Remedies for Bladder Stones in Dogs

  1. Wet Food

Most veterinarians seem to agree that wet dog food is better than dry dog food when it comes to treating bladder stones. For this reason, you may want to consider feeding your dog canned dog food. However, do not feed your dog human food, like beef stew or gravy. While they may seem similar to wet dog food, is it simply best to avoid giving your dog any human food while they are recovering from their bladder stones.

dog food, bladder stones

Wet dog food can be made at home or bought in cans

  1. Avoid Food with Excessive Magnesium and Phosphorous

Magnesium and phosphorus are some of the main minerals that can cause bladder stones when they are consumed in excessive amounts. When purchasing dog food for your pet, read the label or read online reviews to check the content of these minerals in the food. Opt for dog food with low contents of these two minerals to be safe.


  1. Drink More Water

Encourage your dog to drink as much water as possible. This will make it easier for your dog to pass their bladder stone with less pain. Drinking enough water can also help to prevent bladder stones from forming in the first place. Always make sure that your dog’s bowl is filled with clean water.

If your dog doesn’t seem to drink enough water, try adding water to their food. This will encourage them to drink more. Your dog doesn’t need to drink any other liquids to stay hydrated, so avoid giving them juice or milk.


  1. Cooked Meat

If you can afford it, try to give your dog cooked meat. This is one of the rare exceptions that allows your dog to eat human food. However, do not feed them processed meat products, like lunch meat or sausages. Instead, feed them boneless chicken breasts, pork, or beef. Ideally, lean towards leaner meats, as this will be much healthier than feeding your dog fatty meat.


  1. Parsley

Parsley is a natural diuretic, which means that by consuming it in small amounts, your dog will have an easier time urinating, and they may even urinate more often, which is encouraged. Holding in urine will only make the problem worse. Most dogs can eat about one teaspoon of fresh chopped parsley a day. Simply finely chop the parsley and mix it into their wet food to encourage your dog to it eat.


  1. Apples

Apples are great for dogs with bladder stones, as they contain high levels of vitamin C and fiber. The vitamin C works to break down and prevent bladder stones, while the fiber encourages your dog to poop.

To serve apples to your dog, cut a whole apple into slices. You do not need to remove the skin (as that is where most of the nutrients are), but you will need to remove the core and seeds, as these are bad for dogs. Give your pet a few slices of an apple a day to help them recover from their bladder stones.

apple, fruit, acid reflux

Any type of apple should do the trick for this home remedy

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are another healthy fruit that dogs are allowed to enjoy. These work as a good replacement for dog treats while your dog is suffering from bladder stones. Blueberries are high in fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants can help your dog to feel better, as they can help with many ailments. Feed your dog a few blueberries every now and again as a healthy treat.


  1. Celery

Celery is not only high in vitamin C but also vitamins A and B! Giving your dog a stick of celery to chew on can be a great alternative for chewing on a dog bone. In addition, eating celery can help to improve the digestive tract and even make your dog’s breath smell a little better too!


  1. Mango

Mangoes are another fruit that can be beneficial to your dog’s health, as they contain four healthy vitamins, including vitamin C. Like with apples, make sure to cut the fruit and remove the seeds before you give this treat to your dog, as if you don’t, it could become a choking hazard. Give your dog a few mango pieces every now and again to help to break down their bladder stones.


  1. Oranges

Oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin C that a dog can have. However, they should only have it in high amounts, as it contains a fair amount of sugar. Make sure to peel the orange and remove the seeds before giving this fruit to your dog. Give them one slice at a time so the fruit does not become a choking hazard.


  1. Pears

Pears are also okay for dogs to eat and they also contain a fair amount of vitamin C. Like with apples, make sure to cut the pear and remove the seeds before giving this fruit to your dog. Giving them small pieces at a time can help to reduce the risk of them choking on the fruit.

pairs, bladder stones

Use fresh pairs, not canned

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can change the pH level of your dog’s urine, which may make it more comfortable for them to urinate. To use apple cider vinegar, it is best to mix it with your dog’s food or water to encourage them to drink it.

To use this home remedy, mix a capful of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water or in about the same amount of wet or dry dog food. If your dog will not eat it in these forms, you can try to give your dog apple cider vinegar tablets instead.


  1. Cranberry Tablets

Cranberries are full of healthy vitamins, but your dog would have to eat a lot of them to get any benefit from them. However, you can use cranberry tablets to get the same benefits. Ask your vet about which cranberry supplements are safe for your dog.


  1. Rhubarb

Having your dog chew on a rhubarb root can help to boost their bladder health. Like celery, you can give your dog a piece of rhubarb root instead of a bone to chew on. This can also help to cure other types of bladder problems in dogs.


  1. Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is full of healthy probiotics that can help to boost your dog’s overall digestive health. However, you need to be careful when it comes to which type of yogurt you feed your dog. Plain yogurt is usually the safest bet. Make sure there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in the yogurt before feeding it to your dog. Give your dog a little bit of yogurt each week to help with their bladder stones.


Unlike this pretty picture, you should probably avoid adding berries, other than blueberries, to your dog’s yogurt


Which of these home remedies will you try with your dog? Comment with your answer below!








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