7 Simple Ways for Mind Reading

The concept of mind reading is about much more than a supernatural ability to read the thoughts of someone else. Despite all the sci-fi pop culture surrounding the idea of mind reading, there is a deeper level to mind reading that is important for empathetic development. Mind reading is more about empathetic accuracy as this article will go on to explain.

Reading someone’s is a special ability that needs to be handled with care. There are some basic steps that you can take in order to better understand what the people around you are thinking and feeling. Mind-reading powers are developed by using desire and institution, as well as a lot of focus.

There are some basic steps that you can undertake in order to move towards achieving mind reading abilities. These steps need to be handled with care, dedication, and most importantly patience to really become mastered in the art of mind reading. Taking a look at the following steps and thinking about them carefully is the first step on your journey to reading the minds and thoughts of those around you.

1. Keep your mind clear

In order to access the thoughts of others, your own mind needs to be cleared. You need to remove all worries and doubts from your own mind. By doing this, you can become open to the possibilities of other people’s minds around you. You need to not think about anything, but keep your feelings open towards everything. By doing this, you will become one with the environment and the person whose mind you want to read.

2. Open your eyes wider than you have before

First of all, you need to process what you can physically see in the world around then. After this, you need to see what is beyond the immediate focus of your eyes. For instance, if you are looking at a person, first you need to focus on the features of the person and have a solid image of them in your mind. Next, you need to take time to look around and see what is surrounding the person, everything from the chair they are sitting on to the air they are breathing.

By doing this, you will gauge a good sense of what the person is, and what the person is not. This is fundamental to reading the mind of the person without having interferences from the forces and energies around them. You need to control the flow of the external atmosphere in order to truly read someone’s mind.

3. Eye contact is important

Through the eyes, you genuinely have a window to someone’s soul. Take about 10 to 15 seconds to gaze directly into the eyes of the person whose mind you want to read. After this time, turn away but keep a strong visual of their eyes and their face in your mind. While doing this, also focus intently on what you feel about this person and how these feelings are affecting you. This is when you become attuned to the thoughts going on in the person’s mind.

4. Begin talking

At this point, you can start a conversation with the person. During this talking period, you will feel your mind being flooded with the person’s thoughts and reactions to the conversation. Soon, you will be flooded with their feelings, plans, wishes, and desires. This is the time that you need to trust your instincts and intuitions. All of the thoughts that you are feeling in your mind need to be accepted and not denied. You can choose to act on them immediately, or keep them stored in your memory for later use. Either way, you need to pay close attention to these thoughts and take each one just as seriously as the next.

While having a conversation, you want to listen to the tone of their voice, rather than the tone of their words. The tone of the voice relates to the speed and energy. For example, a fast tone of voice suggests nervousness and discomfort, while a slow tone of voice means that the person is feeling calm and in control of their thoughts.

5. Observe the body language closely

The way that someone’s body moves says a lot about what they are thinking on the inside of their mind. Pay attention to all elements of the body, from the facial expressions to the physically stance of their posture. The face reveals a lot about the feelings on the inside, for instance, a crease in the forehead indicates that someone is feeling stressed, whereas crinkles by the eyes suggest that someone is smiling and genuinely happy.

Mind Reading

7. Listen attentively to their breathing

Each breath is a step closer to understanding what someone is thinking and feeling. When someone breaths through the base of their spine, it suggests that they are relaxed, whereas shallow breaths indicate that tension is lying under the surface. To understand someone’s mental state and what they are thinking, listen closely to their breathing.

When talking during the mind reading process, this is important to pay attention to. You can whether someone is telling you the truth judged on their breathing. Relaxed breathing links to a calm mental state which suggests they are being truthful, whereas short and shallow anxious breaths relate to a state of nervousness and indicate they are hiding something.

One very important element of mind reading is your own presence and self-awareness. The way that you present yourself during a mind reading session will strongly impact the flow and mood of the whole process. For instance, if you are feeling during the mind reading process, the person will pick up on this and their thoughts will be interrupted by your own feelings.

You want to control the flow of what is happening with a relaxed and easy going vibe. While doing this, also use deep ended questions and try to go beyond the basic and simple questions of everyday banter. Try to use questions that can lead to deeper conversation, or use prompts to get the person to talk about their feelings, such as specific questions like ‘your mood seems relaxed and positive…’ These type of prompts will allow the person to become more self-aware and delve deeper into their thoughts, therefore enabling you to read deeper into them. All the while, ensure that you are feeling positive and self-aware during this whole process so that you able to truly master the practice of reading other people’s mind and thoughts.

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