31 Home Remedies for Breast Pain

Breast pain is not a rare phenomenon and many women get accustomed to it over the period of their adult life. While it is not a normal state of health, it is not always such that should give rise to any alarm as a result of the particulate nature of its occurrence.

Breast softness is the softness of tissues inside breast that is accompanied by tangible pain. It’s described by soreness, discomfort, increase breast sensitivity and heaviness.

Females who are pregnant, menstruating, mother’s who are breastfeeding, or those approaching menopause often experience breast tenderness. Puberty makes breast soreness a recurring feature for females as they make their way through life.



Breast cysts: resulting from aging, breast tissue is replaced by fat in women. This is the evolution process. Sometimes, a cyst forms on a lady’s breast as a side effect, causing the breast to be lumpy and painful.

Hormones: Sometimes, breast pain may be experienced by women as a direct impact of fluctuations of the hormones. Abnormality in progesterone and estrogen levels in your body can make you feel breast swelling, pain, lumpiness, and more. The tenderness of breast occurs by a fluctuation of hormones that in nature are cyclic. 

The several factors mentioned below, are the attributes of the changes in hormonal levels.

  • Breast feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation
  • Pre-Menopause
  • Puberty

Breast surgery: If ever you’ve had breast surgery done, it’s then expected to feel some pain around that area.

Bra that’s ill-fitted: A bra that’s ill-fitted may result in breast pain. A smaller bra size, or a bigger size, may not be good for your breasts.

Mastitis: Whilst breastfeeding, breast pain can be experienced. Milk ducts infection is the cause of this pain. It’s known also as mastitis, accompanied with a severe pain, which also causes a burning feeling on nipples, itching and cracking. Breastfeeding might cause a pain due to improper latch and engorgement.

Menstruation: Tenderness of breast happens just before the period of menstruation occurs in women.



Tenderness of breast is defined by the following symptoms:

  • Aching feelings
  • Pain
  • Breasts soreness
  • Heaviness
  • Swelling breasts
  • Discomfort due to movement
  • Increased sensitivity when there’s pressure applied or touched


Home Remedies for Breast Pain

  1. Flax Seeds

These are a great phytoestrogens source. Experts say that patients suffering from breast tenderness to enhance their with diets two tablespoons of flax seeds( freshly ground) daily. You can ground flax seeds in a blender, worth a week, and place in a airtight container and refrigerate. Add to fruit salads, vegetables, or to your smoothies, or sprinkle on whole grains, they are delicious and have a nutty taste. Do not cook the flax seeds.

Flax seeds, seeds, stomach, linseeds

Flax seeds

  1. Weight Loss

Lowering your body weight can ease soreness of breast to a certain extent. The reason for this might be that higher levels of absorbed animal fat lead to lesser estrogen removal in the human body. Moreover, weight gain boosts fat in the breasts, which increases the sensitivity level to hormones. Hence, it’s good to decrease your weight and protecting against breast pain.


  1. Vitamins

A rich diet in vitamins such as vitamin E which is especially needed in alleviating breast pain. Vitamin B and C as well are commonly reviewed for their properties.  A supplement amounting of 200 – 400 vitamin E International units taken daily is essential for the condition of breast pain.


  1. Reduce the Use of Hydrogenated Oils

Reduce your consumption of oils that are hydrogenated in any form.  These are found in snack products, baked goods that are packaged, and in margarine. The intake of these oils directly impacts you as they make your body to lose the ability of converting fatty acids that are in your healthy eating plan. Other health essential fatty acids need to be converted into (GLA) gamma-linolenic acid – a link necessary in the chain reaction preventing painful breast tissue.


  1. Cabbage Leaves

The effect of cabbage and the bit of icy feeling from refrigerating this will provide a worthwhile relief to help you ease breast soreness. Get raw cabbage leaves and chill them in the fridge a while to optimize the impact. Place the cold cabbage leaves over painful or swollen breasts as a cold compress. These chilled cabbage leaves will help eliminate pain caused by swollen breasts.


  1. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose has important fatty acids needed for decreasing breast pain. The oil is mentioned as a good source of anti-inflammation properties in several home remedies’ outline. Apply few drops of evening primrose oil gently on your breasts. A soft massage will help get the oil absorbed by the skin cells.

evening primrose, flower, essential oil, induce labor, labor

Evening primrose oil comes from this type of flower

  1. Soy Products

Soy,  in appearance of soy beans, soy milk, or tofu are all beneficial for the health of the breast. This versatile food is a base of healthy nutrients and this explains the fondness that health enthusiasts have for this meal item. These are isoflavone rich source compounds which reduce breast tenderness. It’s highly advised for females suffering with breast tenderness to take more of these soy products.


  1. Oatmeal

Oats are rich in fiber and this explains why they are recommended as a great meal item. They will boost your body’s elimination of wastes and should be consumed in good measure. Not only will this keep bowels moving, it’ll help remove excess hormones. Eat oatmeal for breakfast on days that you are suffering from breast pain.


  1. Fish

Protein sources of vegetarian are sure to decrease your exposure to inflammatory components found in animal protein. Fish is low in inflammatory components as well and you should be sure to consume varieties which are not abuzz with mercury. This class of fish includes the likes of trout and panfish. Eat more fish to get the most from this home remedy.


  1. Self Massage

Massaging your breasts will help to reduce inflammation and also improve your blood circulation. This helps to maintain a breast tissue that is healthy also enables more nutrients to reach breasts and prevent tenderness and pain.

When taking a shower, gently massage your breasts with soap just few minutes starting from center part of the chest to the armpits. If breastfeeding, soap shouldn’t be applied to nipples.

Alternatively, mix two teaspoons of warmed up olive oil with two drops camphor oil drops and use once or twice daily to massage your breasts. Another option also is mixing equal amounts using wheat germ and apricot oil as a massage oil to ease tender breasts.


  1. Consume Less Sugar

Sugar is sweet to taste but is not the best meal item to turn to when you are experiencing breast pain or tenderness. Sugar-induced inflammation which wreaks havoc in the system should be avoided. It’s tough I know, you can get this going by looking for replacements like honey. Follow the below suggestions to get the most from this home remedy.

  • The less sugar you consume, the better your health will be
  • Ditch sugary drinks for clean water
  • Avoid several fries and pastries that are not readily nutritious but sweet-tasting
  • Snack on nut and grains to avoid drifting to pastries
  • Set such healthy eating habits and goals to propel your health

You can also use honey as a supplement for sugar

  1. Eat Less Salt

It’s strongly suggested that women suffering from tenderness of breast should decrease their intake of salt. To do this, eat less fast food, junk food, and processed foods. Instead, make more of your meals at home. Try not to add extra salt; instead, use herbs and spices to flavor your meals.


  1. Avoid Caffeine

Not every caffeine source is bad for you, but most women are very sensitive to hormone disrupting as well as its effects which increase stress. Just a few cups of caffeine per week can knock other females off kilter. Try instead green tea; it’s less disrupting in hormone balance also it’s healthier. Or you might need to cut off from caffeine altogether.

Try this for a period of two or three months to see if it makes any difference. Or drink lemon water. It’s delicious also it should be taken as the first thing mornings, may help to eliminate hormone excess in your body!


  1. Warm Compress

Dip a towel inside warm water, and then place it on breasts for about twn minutes. This helps to bring down tenderness of breast and the pain associated with. It does this by bringing up the circulation of blood inside the breast.


  1. Ice Pack

As suggested by Medline Plus, the use of ice pack or cold compress may be for injury cases. For alleviating breasts that are fibrocystic ice packs proves to be effective. Place crushed ice on a clean cloth and wrap around your breasts. Keep it there for about ten minutes to feel its effects.


  1. Buy New Bras

Opt for support bras rather than underwire bras during the period of breast tenderness. You might want to ease nighttime jostling by wearing your bra even to bed. When trying new bra, be sure to choose a one that doesn’t pinch your breasts but cups them.

When you have more new comfortable bras, get rid of the old and stretched-out ones that don’t give you the right support and comfort anymore. Know this excellent bra fixes to help give you the needed support.

bra, breast pain

Flexible cotton bras or sports bras are likely to be the most comfortable

  1. Magnesium

This daily nutrient is important in helping alleviate issues of breasts such as pain during your periods and breast tenderness. Magnesium helps to decrease fluid retention that eases swelling and pain in breasts.

Consume magnesium rich foods such as dark chocolate, seeds, nuts, avocados, leafy dark greens, bananas and soybeans. You may also consume supplements of magnesium two weeks prior your period cycle to avoid menstrual symptoms and pain. For an accurate dosage, your doctor must be consulted.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is beneficial in breast pain. It helps to eliminate toxins from your body, reduce the retention of water as well as regulate hormones. This helps also to ease tenderness and breast pain.

In a glass filled with warm water add raw, apple cider vinegar amounting to two teaspoons. Mix well with a little bit of honey. Drink this mixture two times a day to get the best results.


19 Castor Oil

Castor oil has ricinoleic acid that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that helps to relieve pain in the breast. It also brings up circulation, to enable nutrients to reach cells, so that inflammatory factors and waste products are eliminated from body.

Mix castor oil amounting to a tablespoon with lighter oil, like olive oil, amounting to two tablespoons. Massage your breasts all over using this mixture. Do this daily a week before your period. This can help to prevent and/or ease breast pain.


  1. Use Dandelion

This herb is a regular diuretic that makes the count in several home remedies outline that you find across the globe.

Take dandelion in a form of capsule, or use the root of dandelion powdered to make tea. Simmer two tablespoons of powdered dandelion root for fifteen minutes. Consume three cups daily.


  1. Chasteberry

This herb may be used for the treatment of cyclical mastalgia as well as other PMS symptoms. It has positive benefit on pituitary gland that conceals prolactin release, which is the responsible hormone for the symptoms of PMS, including painful and tender breasts.

The dried extract of chasteberry dose typically is 20 mg, up to three times a day. Chasteberry can also be consumed in a form of liquid extract.  Add to water equivalent to glass 40 drops and consume once every morning. Follow any of these mixtures for a period of three months, at least. Consult your doctor with all these supplements.

chasteberry, flower, herb, breast pain

Chasteberry flowers

  1. Warm Ghee

If the breast pain is caused by blocked milk ducts, one approach you can take is to massage the breasts with warm ghee. This needs to be done by keeping to circular pattern when massaging the breasts with this remedy. The process will unblock the ducts and stimulate milk flow. As the milk flows unhindered, the congestion is lessened and the woman will be able to experience worthwhile relief as a result.


  1. Skip Soap

Baths and showers are important but bear in mind not to leave the nipples wet for too long. It is vital to ensure your nipples are not left dry and cracked as well. Using soap on the breasts takes away the natural oils so by avoiding soaps, the skin around the breast area remains well hydrated and not too moist.


  1. Pineapple Juice

The cooling effect offered from drinking pure pineapple juice is also effective. Pineapples have bromelain which acts to minimize swelling and unblocks ducts. Simply drink pineapple juice when you are afflicted with breast pain.


  1. Cod Liver Oil

Having a teaspoon of the cod liver oil is essential during breast infections. Cod liver oil is well reported for the many curative and restorative properties. Take cod liver oil supplements as directed on the bottle to get the best results.


  1. Coconut Oil

Such oil as coconut oil is also a virile remedy for breast infection treatment. The coconut oil must be rubbed on the breast right into the armpit. This will ease the tension mainly in the blocked duct. Coconut oil aids the healing of cracked nipples and causes aches to cease.

coconut oil, ad, shop

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($14.97)

  1. Echinacea

Herbal properties of Echinacea build the immune system to battle infections. The flavonoids contained in Echinacea acts as an antibiotic. The root can be put on the wounded portions of the breast throughout the day.  Remember to cleanse the breasts from the Echinacea before allowing the baby to suckle.


  1. Lavender Tea

A tincture can be made easily by placing lavender tea bags into boiling water. The tea should be given time to cool. A cloth should be placed in the tea and then the soaked cloth needs to be applied directly onto the affected breasts.  More simply, the used lavender tea bags can be put on the breasts.


  1. Calendula

This flower eases aches and inflammation. A calendula paste can be made using the flowers and comfrey leaves. The paste must be lukewarm prior to application on the breasts and must be applied for a mere fifteen minutes. The ready-made calendula cream can also be smeared on the breasts throughout the day. Rinse your breasts before allowing the baby to suckle.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel

An alternative to rosemary and lavender is aloe vera gel. Yet again, the curing abilities of the aloe are no secret and aloe is sure to relieve the pain of breast infections. To use aloe vera, the leaf has to be cut and extracted for the gel. The gel should be gently rubbed on the sore area. The gel will dry. Once fully dried, the aloe paste can be washed off and the wet breast area must be softly dried with a cloth.This procedure ought to last for a few days to get the best results.


  1. Garlic

Garlic remedies infections in such a potent manner.  Raw garlic pieces can be placed on the tongue and swallowed with the aid of water. However, garlic has terrible side effects for the babies’ tummies and this explains why nursing mothers should use it sparingly. Non-mothers, or mothers who are not breastfeeding, can use this home remedy as often as they like.


Do you know of any other great home remedies for breast pain? If so, comment below!















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