62 Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain

What is abdominal pain?  It occurs in the area from your chest to your pelvic area.   The main causes of abdominal pain are cramps, infections, abnormal growths, inflammation, and obstructions such as blockages of the intestines.   It can also cause digestion problems, diarrhea and/or constipation. Some additional causes of abdominal pain are viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections that can causes problems with the stomach and the intestines.

Different Types of Abdominal Pain

There are different types of pain that you can have with abdominal pain.  First, there is localized pain which is when the pain is in one area such as an ulcer.  The second is generalized pain which is more widely felt but normally located in one area near maybe an organ such as appendicitis.  You can further break this down into the different quadrants of the body such as the upper, lower, and center of the abdomen.  Furthermore, break it down into the upper left and right and lower left and right of the abdomen. This will all help you in determining the type of abdominal pain you have and which possibly home remedy to take.  You yourself can do this prior to going to the doctor but if the problem persists go see a doctor about medical treatment.

Symptoms of Abdominal Pain

If you think that you have abdominal pain you will know from the symptoms that your body shows.  For example, if you have bloody stool, high fever, vomiting up blood, nausea and/or vomiting that won’t go away, change in color of the eyes or skin, swelling or severe tenderness of the abdomen and difficulty in breathing.   Sometimes if you have abdominal pain is the ability to keep your food down for two days. If any of these symptoms show up then seek the care of a physician. Your doctor will then diagnose you based on a physical examination and diagnostic exams.

General Rules of Home Care for Abdominal Pain

You can help yourself with the abdominal pain that you feel prior to the doctor and possibly avoid the doctor altogether.  If you eat a healthy diet that consists of smaller meals and drink plenty of water you can sometimes alleviate some of the symptoms listed above.  Also exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes a day.

Your diet should follow the basic four food groups and foods that don’t hurt your particular body.  Also, make sure that you eat at least four hours prior to your bedtime. Eating food two hours before you go to bed will rev up your engines and make it harder to go to sleep because your body although may be sleepy also has a lot of energy from that meal. You need to walk that off.   Don’t lie down after eating hence the rule of do eat at least two hours prior to bedtime.


Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain

  1. Olive Oil

A good remedy involves combining a tablespoon of olive oil and a hint of lemon juice. This remedy is a great cure for constipation. Olive oil has properties which are proven to regulate bowel movements by working on the digestive system.


  1. Anethole

Anethole contained in fennel seeds can easily cure stomach aches. Consume fennel seeds post meals to reap the full benefits of anethole. The fennel seeds which are rich in anethole promote digestive juices to be released. Anethole is one great means to cure indigestion and any swelling in the stomach.

Fennel, spice, eye infections

Fennel seeds

  1. Alcoholic Bitters

The reason why alcoholic bitters are so useful is that alcoholic bitters are made of an amalgamation of hints of mint, cinnamon, and fennel seeds. Having a few droplets of alcoholic bitters with ginger ale is effective enough to cure stomach aches.  


  1. Amla Powder

Amla is commonly used especially by Indian people to ease off constipation. The amla is an effective remedy as it works as a laxative. The best way to gain the full benefits of amla is to have the powder in a glass of warm water. The amla powder remedy is best taken before bed or before breakfast.


  1. Prune Juice

We all have heard the beneficial properties of prune juice for stomach aches. The prune juice easily takes away constipation. The pain associated with constipation involves an ache lower down in the abdomen or more often a sharp pain. Prune juice can provide relief for this type of pain.


  1. Mint

A tasty yet effective cure is mint tea. Peppermint tea can ease spasms in the stomach.  The mint tea can stimulate the movement of bile and promotes digestion.  Peppermint tea remedies gas in the stomach. Drink a cup of peppermint tea whenever your symptoms act up.


  1. Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a remedy that can ease constipation. Put a few teaspoons of blackstrap molasses in a glass of warm water. Have some blackstrap molasses tea as it contains vitamins which ease off constipation.


  1. Figs

Figs effectively heal stomach pains. Put figs in warm milk and consume prior to bed. The warmth of the mixture makes it a more effective remedy.


Fig fruit, whole and cut

  1. Raisins

Raisins dissolved in warmer water works well as a laxative. This combination needs to be drunk early morning when the stomach is empty. Raisins work as they are full of beneficial fibers and acts as a laxative

Raisins are safe to be consumed during pregnancy and they work well in preventing constipation.  


  1. Spinach

Spinach works to cleanse the intestinal passage. Have spinach juice and water and drink it twice daily. Having cooked or raw spinach is also beneficial.


  1. Oranges

An orange a day may keep the doctor away. Have oranges twice daily as they are a beneficial source of vitamin C and fibers which easily remedies constipation.

Drinking orange juice can also help to ease abdominal pain due to hangovers or dehydration. Drink this juice when your symptoms act up.


  1. Rice Water

Rice water refers to the water left behind after rice has been cooked. This type water is a demulcent or a substance which covers the stomach lining.

To get the rice water the rice must be cooked with double the usual water. Soak the rice in a dish of water on a stove cooking at a considerable heat. Once the rice is soft it must be soaked the leftover rice water must be drained. The rice water can be drunk with honey water.   


  1. Rice Water Compress

Rice water can also be used to make a compress. Take some rice and place inside of the foot part of the sock, and then tie the other end of the sock.  Place and heat up for about a minute in the microwave and then take it out and place on the abdomen.


  1. Cabbage

It is clearly reputed that cabbage is rich in fiber and aids prompt digestion. Cabbage added to your diet helps to clear out the intestine.  Cabbage juice is also as effective.

It should be noted that cabbage can make some people gassy. If cabbage makes you gassy, and your stomach pain is not due to constipation, then you may want to avoid this home remedy.


  1. Aloe Vera

This remedy is one that has a reputation among common recommendations in the literature of homemade cures. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and can ease any pains that are caused by fungi or bacteria.

Use a few spoons of aloe vera gel and drink it in some fresh fruit juice. The aloe vera cure helps to ease off constipation by working to provide stomach relief.  


Too much aloe vera consumption can cause diarrhea.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel

  1. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea can cure constipation.  The tea acts as a detoxifying agent and remedies stomach pain. Drink a cup of this tea whenever you are faced with abdominal pain.


  1. Karo Syrup

Newborns also suffer from stomach cramps, constipation, and gas. Having Karo syrup ready to be easily added to baby’s milk is best to cure stomach constipation. Use this as directed on the bottle.


  1.  Exercise or Physical Activity

Being lazy is no way to cure stomach pains. Regular exercises relieve bowel movement as this primes your physiological system to supply blood to all organs. You will also be in a better position to expel toxins when you get involved in regular exercises.


  1.  Infusions

Many people have suggested Sprite and other lemon-lime soda as being a cure for stomach aches. Irrespective of Sprite curing stomach pains, not all sodas can ease off stomach pain. Despite sodas, lemon water can relieve indigestion. Lemon cuts through stomach acidity and is an effective means to expel any infections lurking around the corner. Consuming lemon helps in the production of hydrochloric acid so that food can be broken down easily as it is digested.

Lemon, water, mint, bad breath

Lemon water with a sprig of mint makes a great home remedy for abdominal pain

  1. Vaseline

For a baby’s stomach pains in particular, applying Vaseline to the newborn’s anus relieves constipation. It eases the pathway so that wastes can be expelled without hindrances.


  1. Get Plenty Of Rest

Sleep, like for most illnesses, works to remedy the sickness effectively. If stomach pains are caused due to a stomach bug, rest will ensure the bug will subside.

Despite the benefits of exercise, serious stomach pains can only be eased off with some rest. Overexertion of the body may make the stomach pain sore instead of better. It is advised that you take time to nurse your body to health and not over-exercise when you are still sickly.


  1. Coconut

This is reputed to contain high levels of natural saturated fats. These fats are known to boost the levels of healthy cholesterol in the human body. They also prove vital for the conversion of bad cholesterol to the good one. When you boost the good cholesterol in your body stream, your heart rate gets better and your immunity is higher.

Coconut works as a laxative and remedies stomach pains. Regularly drinking coconut water and milk can help ease off constipation. Using coconut oil to cook also relieves constipation.  


  1. Castor Oil

This remedy is one that is vaunted as an immunity boost just like it is known to promote the processes of circulation in the human body. It is effective against infections and wounds and balances hormone levels.

Having castor oil prior to bed can relieve constipation. Alternatively, castor oil can be consumed early morning and can improve bowel movement.


  1. Beans

Beans are another rich source of beneficial fibers and relieve stomach pain.  The levels of sodium and saturated fats are low in this remedy. Beans are rich in manganese, copper, niacin, riboflavin, folate, and vitamin C. They also have high counts of magnesium, vitamin B6, Iron and pantothenic acids.

To prevent gas in the stomach, it is instructive to cook beans properly.

beans, white beans, abdominal pain

Most all types of vegetable or protein beans will work for this home remedy

  1. Asafetida

This digestive spice has a reputation for easing gas levels in the stomach and lowering cholesterol. When the body system goes turbulent, this calming spice can come to your rescue. The asafetida powder can effectively ease off stomach cramps if drank with water or milk.


  1. Diminish Processed Foods

Processed foods can further lead to stomach irritations.  Fruits are a safer alternative for your stomach. It is important you as a matter of habit avoid processed foods or cut their use to a minimum. As much as possible, source your meals and fruits from greeneries and pay a visit to the food and veggies section of organic stores.


  1. Fenugreek

This remedy has a reputation for combating inflammation and can be put to use judiciously when abdominal pains are felt. It is also a great nutritional boost that is fitting for people of all ages. Fenugreek seeds must be consumed to ease off constipation. Since it is effective as one of the herbal healers, it does not cause much damage.

To prepare the seeds, soak them at night in water and drink the water in the morning. You can get a cup filled with warm milk and drop in a teaspoon of the soaked seeds in the morning and consume.  


  1. Milk of Magnesia

Place some milk of magnesia in a baby’s bottle and feed to the baby to remedy constipation. If the person involved is an adult, follow directions on the label.


  1. Linseed

Flaxseeds are also known as Linseeds and when immersed in warmer water, they become useful in remedying constipation. The reason flaxseed is so effective is that it is filled with fibers.  

Another proven remedy that helps out with stomach cramps is the Linseed. It is one of the munchy seeds that offer beyond its nutritional value to serve as an herbal remedy. It is recommended in the treatment of the IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When symptoms of bloating are present, this remedy can obviate the effects When consumed regularly, it wards off constipation and enhances digestion.

Linseed must be consumed prior to eating and eases off constipation.

Flax seeds, seeds, stomach, linseeds

Flax seeds

  1. Bael Fruit

Bael fruit is a healer for constipation.  This fruit cleanses the system entirely. A mere 60 grams of the fruit can be consumed to provide relief.


  1. Epsom Salt

The best stomach cramp remedy involves using some fruit juice and a few teaspoons of Epsom salts. The Epsom salts must be stirred into the drink and will lead to improved bowel movements.  

Younger children need only consume half a teaspoon of the salts.


  1. Sesame Seeds

Consume some sesame seeds regularly with water to gain the benefits of these seeds. Sesame seed can be eaten in salads or in loaves of bread.


  1. Guavas

These are common tropical fruits and are easily recognizable. They contain antioxidants, folate, and potassium. You will also find manganese, lycopene, and vitamin C in guavas. These are also effective in boosting immunity levels. They aid healthy heart rates and are also excellent for stress reduction.

Guava seeds work to ease constipation related stomach aches. Simply add more guava or guava seeds to your diet to gain their health benefits.


  1. Coffee

Coffee is a rich source of caffeine. Caffeine is a natural digestive system controller.  Coffee, in turn, reduces regular constipation. However, only drink a cup or two. Drinking too much coffee, or another source of caffeine can instead result in constipation.


  1. Soup

Sipping on warm soup is a great form of hydration and will help with digestion. Soup with crackers is a great alternative remedy. Most any kind of soup will work for this home remedy.

pumpkin, soup, belching

Pumpkin soup can be of additional help, as it is full of fiber

  1. Don’t Overeat

Being a cautious eater helps avoid unnecessary stomach aches. Overeating may lead to terrible pains and sometimes too much dairy may affect the stomach lining especially in lactose intolerant people.

Take note of the food you eat and notice which foods cause gas and upset stomach. This will help you eliminate problematic foods from your diet.


  1. Chamomile Tea

The soothing properties of chamomile tea must be stated. The chamomile works as a pain healer and has anti-swelling properties. Chamomile works to ease off any stomach lining swelling and causes muscles to relax. Chamomile is great for stomach muscle spasms.

Put the warm water over the teabag or dried out chamomile. Put a lid on the jug and allow leaves or dried chamomile to steep. Drink the tea regularly to prevent and cure abdominal pain.


  1. Water

Water is a harmless yet effective cure for stomach pain. If the ache is related to a hangover, it is essential to rehydrate the body with some water. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to be as hydrated as possible.


  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to be beneficial to relaxing stomach muscles because of the gingerols as well as the shogaols found in ginger. Colic stomachs require the ginger root remedy.  

To reap the benefits of ginger, clean and peel ginger root. Place more ginger in little water that has been brought to a boil. Allow to boil and simmer. Add honey to better the strong ginger taste. Drink the warm ginger root drink.


Ginger tea

  1. Hot Compress

A sworn by remedy is to use the hot water bottle to remedy any stomach pains. The warmth of the heated compress provides ultimate relief from muscle pains, cramps, and menstrual-related aches.

Fill a hot water bottle with boiling water from a kettle. Lay down with the hot compress above the area of pain. Alternatively, use a heated bean bag. 

Relax the body by laying down with the hot compress on the stomach. Ensure the hot compress is at a reasonable temperature so as to not cause scalding or burning. A hot compress can be used for more than half an hour.


  1. Applesauce

Applesauce is rich in valuable fibers and allows food to be pushed down the digestive tract. This home remedy works best for diarrhea-related cases in which stomach pains and cramps occur. Eat this whenever you feel abdominal pain.


  1. Lime

If not lemon chose lime. Mix some lime with a soda of choice to ease away acid related pains. The soda mixed with lime may lead one to burp which can promote much relief. Combine club soda with lime juice and enjoy as a drink post meals. Lime helps with dyspepsia and makes the stomach more regular.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) may be noted as another stomach healer. The acidity of the ACV can cause it to solve many stomach related issues. Consume a spoon of apple cider vinegar in water. ACV is good to get rid of toxin build up in the stomach.


  1. Banana

Banana is edible and sweet to taste. It has a global reputation as a ready meal and can be made into juices or eaten alone.  These contain several nutrients and are found across the globe.

They are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, copper as well as manganese. They also have healthy fiber levels that enhance digestion. The resistant and pectin found in banana also serve healthy purposes. Bananas contain polysaccharide pectin which regulates bowel movements.


  1. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice is especially useful to treat stomach related issues like heartburn. The licorice stimulates the production of a mucous coating in the stomach and thus secures the inner tissues from irritation. Licorice is a great natural remedy.

black licorice, abdominal pain, candy

Unsweetened black licorice will work well for this home remedy

  1. Burnt Toast

Burning the breakfast toast may help stomach issues as the char of the toast gets rid of excess toxins in the stomach. The burnt toast can be eaten with honey, jam, or butter if the burnt taste is unbearable.  


  1. Cayenne

This is a famous spice and serves also as a worthy anti-inflammatory remedy. Much research has shown that cayenne pepper relieves the stomach and easily gets rid of nausea. Simply add cayenne pepper to your meals to reduce the odds of getting abdominal pain after eating.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a probiotic and helps eliminate nasty bacterium in the stomach. Consuming this will lead to healthy organisms proliferating in your intestines.  Eat a cup of yogurt whenever you feel abdominal pain to gain relief from your symptoms.

The yogurt remedy is not advisable for lactose intolerant people.


  1. Baking Soda

Having sips of baking soda in water can lead one to burp. The burp will alleviate pressures in the stomach. Lemon can be added to this baking soda water mixture to improve the taste.

Simply mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Add lemon juice to taste. Drink this beverage until it is all gone. This should force you to burp, which may alleviate your abdominal pain.


  1. Turmeric

The remedying abilities of turmeric are countless. Curcumin found in turmeric can reduce belly swelling and ease pain effortlessly. Have turmeric powder mixed with milk. The golden milk also aids in curing digestion related problems.

turmeric, spice

Turmeric root and powder

  1. Cumin and Buttermilk

Cumin powder helps to ease constipation and it can even make urinating less painful. To use this home remedy, mix a teaspoon of cumin in a glass of buttermilk. Drink a cup of this mixture whenever you feel abdominal pain due to constipation.


  1. Parsley Tea

Parsley tea has anti-inflammatory effects that can help to relieve abdominal pain caused by a variety of problems. To use this home remedy, put parsley in a tea ball and add it to hot water. Let this steep for about five minutes. When the time is up, drink the tea to get relief from your abdominal pain.


  1. Honey and Bay Leaves

Another helpful drink can be made out of honey and bay leaves. Honey works great for many home remedies on its own but added to bay leaves, it can do anymore. To use this home remedy, warm hot water on the stove. Add a bay leaf to the water. Allow the water to boil for several minutes before taking it off of heat. Remove the bay leaf. Once the beverage has cooled enough to drink, add a teaspoon of honey and enjoy!


  1. Potato Juice

Potato juice is also proven to be beneficial in cases of treating abdominal pain. To use this home remedy, you can extract the juice from potatoes by grating the potatoes. Mix the juice with a glass of warm water. Drink this juice whenever you feel abdominal pain.


  1. Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal can help to relieve constipation. It works because oatmeal is naturally full of fiber. Simply eat a serving of oatmeal whenever you are faced with constipation.

oatmeal, breakfast, berries, fruit, apple, abdominal pain

Adding fruit or berries will make this home remedy extra effective


  1. Crackers

As described earlier, eating crackers with soup can be helpful, but they can also be helpful on their own. Crackers work to relieve nausea that may be causing abdominal pain. This works because crackers are bland. Eat a serving of crackers when you feel nauseous to ease your symptoms.


  1. Avoid Pineapple

Pineapple is an extremely acidic fruit. By eating this fruit, you are more likely to do more harm than good. It is best to avoid this fruit until you have completely recovered from your abdominal pain.


  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is well-known for being an anti-inflammatory spice. Because of this, it works great to reduce abdominal pain caused by various factors. To use cinnamon, you can either add it to your meals, snacks or drink cinnamon tea when you are faced with abdominal pain.


  1. Thyme

Thyme is a great herb to use, as it is well-known for being able to relieve gas. To use this home remedy, simply add more thyme to your meals. If you add to it your meals before you get gas, then you may be able to prevent it from happening in the first place.


  1. Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds are rich in fiber, which means it is a great constipation home remedy. To use this home remedy, simply eat a handful of caraway seeds whenever you are faced with constipation.

caraway seeds, seeds, fiber, abdominal pain

Caraway seeds

  1. Aniseeds

Aniseeds is a great home remedy for generalized stomach aches. To use this home remedy, soak aniseeds overnight in water. In the morning, mix the soaked seeds with fresh water and drink it. This should relieve you of most all your abdominal pain.


  1. Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are full of fiber, so they are sure to provide relief from many stomach ailments that may cause abdominal pain. To use this home remedy, simply eat a serving size of pomegranate seeds whenever you feel abdominal pain.


Which of these home remedies are you most likely to use? Comment with your answer below!











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