8 Top Home Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

Restless leg syndrome, otherwise known as RLS, is when a person feels like their legs are always in an uncomfortable position, like they are itchy, or like they have a pins-and-needles sensation.

This mostly affects older people, and it is not always in the legs, that is just the place where is happens most often.

This article will discuss the different home remedies that you can try to make your restless leg syndrome symptoms act up less often. And what you can do to treat the symptoms when you do get it.

Restless Leg Syndrome

8 Top Home Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

#1. Exercise

Starting up a simple exercise routine can actually help to decrease how often your restless leg syndrome acts up. Exercising helps your blood circulation to flow better, which will make it less likely that poor blood circulation will cause any restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Try this home remedy for about forty minutes a day four days a week, or a half hour a day every day. Aerobic exercises like walking or swimming will be the easiest for people with restless leg syndrome.

#2. Stretching

Before you exercise, before you sleep, and generally throughout the day you should do some stretches to prevent your restless leg syndrome from acting up.

Stretching can even help restless leg syndrome symptoms go away faster if you do then during a flare up. Also, trying to do yoga is a great way to practice your stretches. Try it if you have the time.

#3. Sleep

Many people with restless leg syndrome (RLS) often have a hard time staying asleep at night because their restless leg syndrome wakes them up. Make sure that you stretch before bed. Also, try to go to bed at the same time every night.

Try not to sleep with the television on, or with any other loud noises that could wake you up in the night. Don’t be afraid of sleeping in either, the more sleep you get, the better. In the morning, do some more stretches. The better you get at using these sleep techniques, the less likely that your restless leg syndrome will wake you up at night.

#4. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

Drinking beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol can actually make a person’s restless leg syndrome act up more. If you are doing to continue to drink these beverages, then at least avoid them before you go to bed.

These drinks can make it harder for a person to fall asleep and stay asleep as well. When you cannot sleep at night it is more likely that your restless leg syndrome symptoms will affect you. Avoid coffee to have a better night’s sleep is a good natural remedy for RLS.

#5. Avoid Tobacco Products

Tobacco products can also make it harder for a person fall asleep and stay asleep as well. Using tobacco products can also affect the way that your blood circulates within your body.

If your blood is not circulating properly then it is more likely that restless leg syndrome symptoms will act up. In general, tobacco products are horrible for your body, and you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

#6. Massage

One natural home remedy to fix your restless leg syndrome symptoms is to give your legs a massage. A simple massage will do, you don’t have to see a professional to get relief.

The great thing about a massage is that you can do it as long as you want, as often as you need to. You can use oils to aid in the massage, or you don’t have to. It’s all up to you. You can massage legs before bed to have an easier time sleeping as well.

#7. Heat & Cold

One of the best natural home remedies to treat your restless leg syndrome symptoms is to apply heating pads or cold compresses. Different people prefer to use different temperatures, so use whatever works the best for you.

If you are going to use cold temperatures, do not let ice directly touch your skin. If you are using heat, then do not sleep with a heating pad on, as this can result in burns. Warm baths can also help.

#8. Distractions

One way to avoid noticing your restless leg syndrome symptoms is to keep yourself busy throughout the day. The busier you are, the less likely you are to notice your restless leg. You can keep yourself busy by doing things that take your full attention. Instead of watching TV you can knit or do a word puzzle.

Try these easy natural remedies to cure your restless leg syndrome.

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