5 ways to get relief from dust allergy

We’ve all suffered from time to time from dust allergies, but what to do about it? Sure you can take over the counter prescriptions and see if that works for you, but that is not really taking care of the problem is it? Instead you need to focus on what you can do at home to help eliminate the amount of dust allergens in your home to relieve some of your own symptoms. These tips and tricks will help you to relieve some of your symptoms from those nasty dust bunnies.

dust allergy

First off limit your exposure to dust, this may seem impossible but there are a few things you can do when it comes to limiting your exposure. Wear a mask when you are doing any cleaning, this will help with the allergens not being able to get into your system. Use damp materials to help you clean up any messes and you’ll be done in no time with little sneezing to deal with.

Wash your linens and other house hold materials in hot water, this will limit the amount of dust mites in your house and keep these pests in check and away from you. Using hot water will help to cleanse the materials of any allergens in them and make sure that they are indeed clean before you put them back where they belong in your house.

If you have a choice between drapes and shades go for the shades as they collect less dust and allergens from the air. Shades are easier to clean in the long run and don’t collect as much dust as the typical drapes do. When cleaning the shades use a damp material to help swipe up all the bad dust and keep it trapped on your cleaning material instead of releasing it into the air.

When cleaning the rest of your house like the floors and tiles use a damp mop to help sweep up all the dust materials without spreading them through the air. You’ll be able to get the floors cleaner and not release as much dust into the air as you clean. Before cleaning your rugs take them outside, you can better clean them there without spreading any allergens inside your house. You can beat rugs outside and let the dust travel wherever it would like without recontaminating your home. You will want to change sheets and bed coverings on a regular basis to prevent dust mites and any other nasty business that comes with laundry. Wash everything in hot water for best results and throw out old pillows as needed. You can also use mattress covers to help with dust mites and coverings for your other furniture as well, they really do work, though they might cost you a little extra.

Finally keep the humidity in your home under control. You want the humidity in your home to be at a lower level as dust mites can thrive in higher levels with damp areas. Keeping your humidity at a lower level will help to prevent these bugs from going any further.

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