20 Home Remedies for Kidney Stones in Dogs

Kidney stones are a common ailment in both humans and dogs. However, not all home remedies which work for humans can be used safely for dogs. The home remedies in this article can help to treat your dog’s kidney stones safely and naturally.

Like with people, kidney stones make it more painful for dogs to urinate. This can trigger other symptoms, like general pain, swelling, and vomiting. If left untreated, kidney stones can lead to further kidney damage, which will need to be treated by a vet.



There are several ways in which kidney stones can form in dogs. One of the most common reasons why dogs get kidney stones is because they eat small things that they shouldn’t, like jewelry, coins, or game pieces.

Poor diets, like eating cheap dog foods, too much people food, or dog foods that contain certain ingredients, can also lead to kidney stones.

Smaller dog breeds, like terriers, Pomeranians, and any “miniature” breeds are more likely to get kidney stones than larger dogs breeds are.



While humans can vocalize their symptoms, dogs obviously cannot. They cannot tell their owners that they are in pain, so owners must instead look for some of these tell-tale signs: blood in the urine, vomiting, eating less, weight loss, sleeping more often, and urinating less or more than usual.

While symptoms can hint at a kidney stone diagnosis, one cannot make that diagnosis on their own. Instead, if you are worried that your dog may have kidney stones, take your dog to the vet. Blood tests, x-rays, and urine testing are some of the ways which a vet may try to discover if your dog has kidney stones or not.


Home Remedies for Kidney Stones in Dogs


The below kidney stones will work well if your dog has already been diagnosed with kidney stones. These home remedies should help to dissolve small stones. However, if your dog has large kidney stones, it is best to schedule a surgery, rather than relying on home remedies.


  1. Avoid Certain Pet Foods

The more processed the dog food is, the more likely it is to do more harm than good for your furry friend. If dog food is highly processed, it is more likely to contain artificial additives, extra salt, and sugar, which are all harmful to dogs.

In general, try to avoid dog food that contains the following ingredients: mushrooms, peas, beans, leafy green vegetables, and shellfish. These foods would not be in a wild dog or wolf’s diet, so they are best to avoid.


  1. Don’t Feed Them People Food

“People food” often contains ingredients that dogs should avoid. Prepared foods are especially bad for dogs (they are not usually great for people either). No matter how hard your dog begs for a cupcake or meal, try to look away from their puppy-dog eyes. It’s for their own good.

However, the occasional piece of cooked meat, like deboned chicken, ham, or beef, is not likely to hurt. If you are going to feed your dogs one of these foods, make sure that it is not laden with chemicals, additives, or excessive amounts of salt.


  1. Water

Make sure your dog is drinking enough water. Also, make sure that the water your dog is drinking is clean and fresh. If you look into the dog bowl and see water so gross that you wouldn’t want to drink it, odds are, your dog isn’t going to want to drink it either. Try to clean your dog’s water and food bowls once a day.

Always keep your dog’s bowl full of water. They can never have enough! Do not give your dog other liquids, like milk, juice, or soda. Dog’s only need water to be hydrated and refreshed.


water, dog, kidney stones

Clean water is the best water for your pup!

  1. Dry Dog Foods

While there are dog foods to avoid, there are also dry dog foods to take into consideration. The best dog foods to prevent and treat kidney stones. The best dry dog foods will contain more meat than grains. If they do contain grains, they should be whole grains. White meats are healthier than red meats, as well. As mentioned before, the dog food should also be low in salt.


  1. Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food should also be primarily meat based, not soy, grain, or vegetable based. Outside of meat, the main ingredient should be water. There is no need for your dog’s food to be in an oil or vegetable-based broth.

While gravy may sound like a tasty treat for your dog, it is also best to be avoided. Gravy is more likely to contain extra salt and additives than wet dog food without gravy. Both dog and “people” gravy should be avoided.


  1. Exercise

Just like people, dogs need to get out of the house an exercise. The best part is, exercising with your dog can be fun! Simply playing with your dog outside or taking your dog on walks for at least half an hour a day can have great effects.

All of the exercises will also encourage your dog to drink more water, which can be helpful in clearing away small kidney stones faster.


exercise, fetch, dog, kidney stones

Exercise helps to both prevent and treat kidney stones

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to break apart kidney stones to dissolve them naturally. Taking in more vitamin C can also help to prevent further kidney stones from forming. Since dogs should not eat many “people” foods, which are more likely to be high in vitamin C when compared to dog food, it is best to give your dog vitamin C supplement pills.

These pills can be bought at many pet supply stores. The amount of vitamin C your dog needs will vary on its size, so use the pills as directed. If your dog will not eat the pill, try to hide it in a piece of meat or in a spoonful of peanut butter to trick them into eating it.

This is not a quick home remedy, as it will likely take months to come fully into effect. However, it is a highly effective one, which when used properly, will not have any bad side-effects for your dog.


  1. Avoid Fish Oil

While fish oil can help some ailments in both dogs and people, they should not be used to treat kidney stones. Feeding your dog fish oil is more likely to make the kidney stone worse than it is to make the stones go away. For this reason, unless fish oil supplements are specifically recommended by a vet for another ailment, avoid giving them to your dog altogether (whether you suspect they have kidney stones or not).


  1. Bananas

While it is usually best to avoid giving your dog people food, bananas are one of the exceptions. Bananas are rich in healthy probiotics, which dogs can use to fight off kidney stones. By eating more probiotics, kidney stones can both be prevented and cured.

To give your dog a banana, you may want to mash it up into their food. It can be easily hidden in wet dog food.


  1. Garlic

Garlic is a great natural home remedy which can be used for inflammation in both people and dogs. Since inflammation is one of the major symptoms of kidney stones, this makes a great home remedy. Also, garlic contains healthy probiotics that dogs need.  The amount you need to give your dog will vary based on its weight. To be safe, give your dog about one tsp per 30lbs of your dog’s weight.

To feed your dog garlic, it is best to use garlic powder. This way, you can sprinkle the powder over their food. This should blend in well. Besides, your dog is much more likely to eat garlic powder mixed in with their food that they are likely to eat whole garlic cloves.


  1. Raw Goat Milk

While dogs should not drink cow’s milk, goat milk may be able to help. Goat milk also contains probiotics, which has already been discussed. Goat milk also has less lactose than cow’s milk, so dogs can digest it more easily. Also, raw milk is safer for dogs than processed milk, as it contains less sugar.

If your dog weighs up to twenty pounds, give them two ounces of milk daily; if it weighs up to fifty pounds, give them four ounces daily; and if they weigh over fifty pounds, give them six ounces daily.


goat milk, milk, dog, kidney stones

Raw goat milk is likely to work better than processed goat milk

  1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another “people” food that dogs can have safely in small amounts. This is another food that is full of healthy probiotics your dog needs to fight off kidney stones. Plain (unflavored) Greek yogurt will work the best. Simply give your pet a couple of spoonfuls of Greek yogurt a day until they no longer have kidney stones.


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric helps to reduce inflammation in both people and animals; since inflammation is one of the major symptoms of kidney stones in dogs, this can work as a great home remedy. To use this home remedy, mix turmeric powder into wet dog food. Five your dog 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of their weight. Do this each day to get the best results.


  1. Avoid Human Medications

Even though your dog is likely in pain if they have kidney stones, it is still best not to give them human medications. Many painkillers made for humans contain NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which dogs can be sensitive to. If you do want to use painkillers, ask your vet for medications specifically made for dogs.


  1. Feverfew

Feverfew is a natural herb which can anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. To use this home remedy, you will need to make a tea for your dog. This may sound silly, but it can work! To make a tea out of feverfew, mix 1/2 teaspoon of feverfew per 20 pounds of your dog’s weight. Boil the feverfew in water. Once boiled, strain out the feverfew, allow the tea to cool, and serve it to your dog.


  1. Lavender Oil

When dogs are in pain, they are likely to be stressed. The more stressed your dog is, the less pleasantly they will act. One way to calm a dog with natural home remedies is to use lavender essential oil. Lavender is known to calm both humans and animals.

To use this home remedy, put lavender oil in a diffuser. This will put the scent of the lavender in the air so your dog can smell it. Simply smelling the oil will help your dog to relax. To learn how to use an essential oil diffuser, read this article.

essential oils, diffuser

Diffusers can be used to benefit both people and animals


  1. Pet with Care

Most dogs love a good belly rub, but a dog suffering from kidney stones may not. Kidney stones often result in abdominal pain in dogs. While other pets and massages are likely to help your dog feel more relaxed (and more loved), you may want to either skip the belly rub or do a very gentle belly rub, until they have recovered from their kidney stones.


  1. Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia serrata is a tree. This tree produces a herb of the same name. By giving your dog this herb, they will feel natural pain relief. For the most part, you can dose this herb for a dog as you would give it to a person. For example, a 25-pound dog would be given 300mg of this herb, whether it is in a “human” capsule form, or in another form.


  1. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is another natural pain reliever. This herb helps with both pain and inflammation, both of which are common symptoms of kidney stones in dogs. When using this, try to divide the human amount (dosage) by weight to find out how much you should give your dog. For example, if a recommended human dose is 100mg, and your dog only weighs 50 pounds, only give them about 30mg. Use the labeling on the package to determine which dosage is right for your dog.

Do not use this home remedy if your dog is on any medication.


hawthorn, berries, atrial fibrillation

Hawthorn berries and leaves

  1. Warm Compress

Lastly, a warm compress may be able to ease some of your dog’s pain. To use a warm compress with your dog, dig a towel in warm water. While your dog is laying down, try to put the towel on or around their stomach. This can help to ease some of their abdominal pain. Do this whenever your dog seems to be in pain.


Which one of these home remedies will you try? Comment below!












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