13 Quick Cures for Hemorrhoids

At some point in your life you may develop hemorrhoids. The first time it happens it may be indicated by a simple blood smear on your toilet paper, (it may be harder for women to detect and they might think their period is out of cycle), to a full toilet bowl of bright red blood. Both can be a cause for alarm if you’re young and don’t have a history of hemorrhoids.

There are many television commercials for treatment once one or more occurs, this article will include those but will focus more on the prevention of hemorrhoids and how to keep them from reoccurring.

There are a few ways to determine if your bleeding is hemorrhoid. If it’s an external hemorrhoid that has formed on your anus a doctor, (or caring spouse), will be able to see it or at minimum be able to identify that something is abnormal.

An internal hemorrhoid is more difficult to detect even with a digital exam due to the moisture of the rectum area and pliability of hemorrhoids. Often a device such as a proctoscope, (picture a hollow lighted tube), will be used to identify internal hemorrhoids.

If a doctor can’t see them or feel them a more extensive exam may be required such as a colonoscopy. Once hemorrhoids are identified as the cause of the bleeding these precautions and cures can help lessen their reoccurrence.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

  1. Fiber-Rich Foods

Switch to a high fiber diet, do so slowly to avoid the “flushing” stage where too much fiber can cause gas and frequent trips to the bathroom. If your profession or daily routine does not allow for eating high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetable, and grains; try a fiber powder that can be mixed into your morning juice or dinner beverage. Fiber will stop the bulk and lessen the need to push out solid stool.

Brown rice, rice, beriberi

Brown rice is rich in fiber

  1. Vegan Diets

This is related to number one, but it consists of removing all animal products from your diet. This WILL cause the flushing stage where your intestines will empty and may irritate existing hemorrhoids but will provide you with soft stools for as long as you follow the diet.

Meats and cheeses are the main culprits for hard stools as meat can take up to two days to pass through your system whereas most fruits and vegetables will pass within 12 to 18 hours.


  1. Warm Baths

Fill your tub with enough warm water that you can sit and soak the anal region; do this up to three times a day until bleeding stops.


  1. Good Hygiene

Keep your anus clean. Shower or take a full bath daily to remove any fecal matter that may irritate your hemorrhoids slowing the healing process.


  1. Use Wet Wipes

Invest in flushable wipes. Dry toilet paper can irritate your hemorrhoids; a flushable wipe will do the job without the irritation. If you have a septic system check with your local sewer cleaning service on if they will affect your septic tank.

  1. Cold Compress

After an initial flare up, cold compresses will help lower the swelling of the affected area. To use this home remedy, it is best to wrap an ice pack or a bag of ice in a towel or thin cloth. Sit on this cloth for a few minutes at a time, as needed.

ice, burns

Never put ice directly on your skin; always wrap it in something

  1. Ibuprofen

While using painkillers is not a “natural” remedy, it is something that can be easily done at home. Ibuprofen-based medication can also help with the swelling. Avoid using high doses of ibuprofen as they can be a stomach irritant. If you don’t know how much to take, read the bottle and take them as directed.


  1. Witch Hazel

Another cleaning option that is moist is hemorrhoidal pads that contain witch hazel. These have been shown to not only assist in the cleanliness of the area but also with inflammation of hemorrhoids.


  1. Pure Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that many uses, from common skin irritations, sunburns, or rashes. For hemorrhoids, it should only be used on external ones as there’s not adequate research on if it can be inserted into the rectum.


  1. Laxatives

If changing your diet or using fiber powder in your beverages isn’t for you a natural based laxative may assist in softening your stools to prevent hard stools that will aggravate your hemorrhoids. Overuse of stool softeners can lead to diarrhea; natural or powered fiber products are best for this use.

  1. Avoid Scented Soaps

Use fragrance-free detergents when you wash your clothing and avoid overly scented bath soaps and bath gels. The scents are often artificially produced with chemicals that your body may be allergic to or at a minimum find to be irritating.


  1. Don’t Hold “It” In

Some other thoughts on preventing hemorrhoids in the first place would be to evacuate your bowels when the urge hits, don’t “hold it” until you get home. If you do this, then you are more likely to face hard stools that can further aggravate your hemorrhoids.


  1. Don’t Eat Large Meals

Don’t eat extremely large meals that may have a long-term bulking effect, (buffets of the all-you-can-eat variety come to mind). Try eating five small meals a day, rather than three large meals. This can also help people to lose weight safely.

eating, belching

Slow down and enjoy your meals. This will help to make sure you do not overeat.

Most of all don’t panic, even troublesome hemorrhoids can be treated. Home remedies take time to work, but they do work! Be patient, they will heal.

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