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30 Home Remedies for Beriberi

All forms of tingling and pain or the loss of feeling in hands and feet are commonly categorized as symptoms of dry beriberi. Other more drastic symptoms include muscle wasting, forms of paralysis, and brain damage scenarios.

Wet beriberi symptoms consist of swelling, increased heartbeat rate, lung blockage, an enlarged heart, which is predominantly linked to heart failure.

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51 Home Remedies for Angina

Angina Pectoris, better known as angina, is a result of the buildup of cholesterol in your body system in which causes the blood vessels become narrowed and blocked. This is due to the decreased flow of oxygen and blood to your coronary tissues. As a result of this, an increased demand for oxygen is recorded in the heart leading to angina the resulting pain.

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51 Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma places a burden on your air passages, such that movement of air from the nasal space and mouth to lungs and roundabout gets impaired. Asthma imposes a limitation that makes it difficult for...