51 Home Remedies for Angina

Angina Pectoris, better known as angina, is a result of the buildup of cholesterol in your body system in which causes the blood vessels become narrowed and blocked. This is due to the decreased flow of oxygen and blood to your coronary tissues. As a result of this, an increased demand for oxygen is recorded in the heart leading to angina the resulting pain.

The recognized symptoms are the squeeze-like pain around the heart when any exertion takes place. It can also be triggered by cold weather, emotional strain and large meals. The pain of angina can be felt around the left arm, jaw, or left shoulder.

Recommended Home Remedies for Angina

  1. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aids platelet aggression and relief of heart ailments. It can be taken as an herbal tea or in capsule or liquid form to treat angina. This home remedy can also be used for other heart-related pains.

  1. Keep Tabs on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

Make sure you check your blood pressure levels regularly and keep a tab on your blood cholesterol as a healthy preventive measure. One way to do this is to keep a healthy diet and exercise routine.

  1. Omega 3

Omega 3 is a common supplement that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of future heart complications. You can add regular fish consumption as a means to boost the supply of this nutrient or take it in supplement form.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is encouraged for those who have angina. However, make sure you consult your doctor before taking on an exercise routine. Exercise routines should not hurt or cause stress on any body parts.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress levels. By reducing stress levels, you will lower your likelihood of complicating your heart problems further. Many helpful YouTube videos can be found on the topic of meditation. If you are a beginner, you may want to begin by practicing guided meditation using some of these videos.

  1. Food Moderation

Heavy meals exert more pressure on your circulatory system and have to be avoided. Also, try to avoid fast food and other greasy foods. Try to cook more of your meals from scratch at home. Avoid microwaveable meals and other foods with high sodium content levels. Try to fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.

  1. Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants and are reputed for cutting the risk of heart disease and other heart-related issues. Eat fresh or canned tomatoes in your meals as often as you like.

  1. Lower Poultry Intake

Minimize poultry products consumption to not more than four times a week. However, do not replace this meat with red meats. Instead, try eating more fish or vegetarian sources of protein, like proteins, mushrooms, and beans.

  1. Indian Bdellium

Guggul, as it is traditionally known among Indians, is a worthy remedy against angina pectoris. It is effective for strengthening heart walls and veins. Take this as directed on the package.

  1. Eat and Drink Less Dairy

Cheese and yogurt should be eaten in moderate quantities. Replacing dairy milk with soy milk or rice milk can be a great alternative diary-tasting beverage.

  1. Legumes

Try incorporating beans into your meals at least four times a week. Certain types of beans can contain more than 50% of the manganese and folate you need daily. These nutrients boost angina avoidance tremendously.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is an all-star home remedy. A teaspoon of ginger (in grated form or the powder alternative) should be added to meal recipes or salads. Ginger fights arterial inflammation, inhibits blood clotting, and lowers cholesterol. You can also drink ginger tea or ginger ale to reduce the symptoms of angina. Ginger can also help with arthritis symptoms.

  1. Eat Peanuts

Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fat and can reduce the overall cholesterol levels in your bloodstream in order to prevent heart-related ailments. Peanuts are also rich in ingredients which fight inflammation and strengthen blood vessels around your heart. Try to eat a serving of peanuts a day.

  1. Basil

Basil is another all-star home remedy which has a high magnesium content, which expedites blood flow and relaxes the heart and blood vessels. It is also rich in Vitamin A, reputed to ward blood vessels congestion. To use basil, add a teaspoon of honey to one teaspoon of basil juice and consume daily before meals to ward off angina symptoms. If symptoms of chest pain are present, you can chew about eight basil leaves or drink a cup of tea made from this herb once a day.


Herbs (Parsley, sweet basil, rosemary, oragano, sage, mint)

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Chest pains related to angina can be relieved effectively with cayenne pepper, as it contains capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory catalyst. Your blood flow can also be stabilized and boosted by cayenne pepper. A teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder added to a glass of milk is a quick remedy. Don’t mix in too much of the pepper. It’s hot!

  1. Reduce Salt Intake

Salt has the capacity to spike your blood pressure and should be reduced as a result. Try to eat less produced foods and fast foods. Also, try to drink less soda. Even though sodas are sweet, they often have high sodium levels.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is rich in curcumin, which reduces the amount of clotting in a person’s bloodstream. As a rich anti-inflammatory remedy, it can ease angina pains. Turmeric powder can be added to meals or be found in supplements. Honey added to a glass of milk mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric powder is a wonderful angina remedy.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E consumption, up to 400 IU, daily is a great boost for cholesterol reduction in your bloodstream. You can take in more Vitamin E by consuming foods rich in this vitamin or by taking vitamin supplements.

  1. Red wine

Red wine is full of flavonoids, which are active antioxidants, which protect the heart against a buildup of LDL cholesterol. However, like all alcohols, make sure to drink the wine in moderation.

  1. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberries have high vitamin B1 levels. This vitamin is a treasured preventive remedy against heart ailments.  This remedy can be consumed in powdered or juice form.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a well-known home remedy that can reduce inflammation. Eating garlic often can help to reduce angina symptoms. Try adding more garlic to your meals to combat your symptoms.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are excellent for your heart and can boost your breathing efficiency and ward off heart attacks. Eating grapes or drinking grape juice is also a good replacement for wine if you do not like the taste or cannot drink it for whatever reason.

  1. Kudzu

Kudzu is a traditional Chinese herb that has been well-reviewed as a heart ailment relief remedy. Use this herb in teas, or how otherwise recommended on the package.

  1. Low-Fat Meals

Go low on fatty meals and boost your daily intake of vegetables and fruits. Do not be afraid of good fats, though! Make sure to avoid fast food, but feel free to eat good fats, which can be found in fish, nuts, and avocado.

  1. Willow Tea

The presence of anticoagulants in willow makes it an excellent home remedy to fight blood clots. Drink one cup of this tea every other day to get the best results.

  1. Artichokes

Artichokes are healthy vegetables which have a moderate acid content. By eating these vegetables, you can also lower blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, and vascular disease risks. You can boil bits of the artichoke, drain the vegetable from the water, and then drink the beverage three times a day. If you do not like the taste, you can mix the drink with red wine.

  1. Suxiao Jiuxin

Suxiao Jiuxin is a Chinese herb which is high in Tetramethylpyrazine. Tetramethylpyrazine is said to be able to lower pain levels often associated with angina and other heart conditions. It is thought to eliminate angina completely with no side effects after regular use.

  1. Onion

Onions are also acidic and have anti-inflammatory agents. 300 grams of onion should be macerated in one liter of water. Let this mix sit in a cool place for the next 12 hours. Drink three cups of this mixture every day. If you would rather, you can instead add more onions to your meals. Onions can be eaten generously when added to salads, meals, and drinks. Sliced and cooked sparingly, it is good to taste if you abhor the raw flavor.

  1. Hawthorn

Hawthorn berries, alongside its extracts from the flowering tops, have a worthy effect on angina pains and other coronary ailments. These berries and the extract also reduces serum cholesterol and blood pressure so that angina attacks are cut down with regular consumption of this remedy. Up to 250 milligrams daily of this remedy is recommended. Ask your doctor about using Hawthorn before you try it yourself.

  1. Bilberry

This herb is rich in antioxidants and obviates the presence of free radicals in your body. It is protective of blood vessels and relieves angina symptoms. The nutrients found in this herb include tannins, pectin, and sugar. It can be eaten in powder form, capsules, or with fruit added to meals.

  1. Bran Cereal

Bran Cereal provides excellent fiber in your diet and can expel bad cholesterol so that it does not clog up your bloodstream.  A cup of whole wheat bran is recommended along with five servings of vegetables and fruits. These will add fiber to your nutrient mix and lower your bad cholesterol levels.

  1.  Olive Oil

Olive oil is full of healthy fats. It dampens the risk of inflammation and leads to better circulation in your bloodstream, which can help to prevent blood clots.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar is a great way to boost anti-inflammation activities in your body. Mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water. Drink this mixture at least three times a day to get the best results.

  1. Almonds

Almond contains fatty acids (of the polyunsaturated fashion) which cut down on the risk of heart diseases and blood cholesterol. Almonds are rich in plant sterols, fiber, and magnesium and can dampen the pains of angina as a fast relief option. Equal amounts of almond and rose oil should be rubbed on the chest to dampen pains. In terms of meals, a serving of almond nuts should be roasted and eaten daily.

  1. Coenzyme Q10

The production of adenosine triphosphate, which the body needs for the muscular contraction around the heart, is boosted by Coenzyme Q10. A dose of up to 180 mg daily is recommended. Liver, kidneys, mackerel, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli are excellent sources of this coenzyme Q10. Eat these foods in generous quantities regularly.

  1. Fresh Fruits

Indulge yourself in desserts rich in fruit content.  Feel free to add honey toppings to these desserts a couple of times weekly. Pick banana, mango, oranges, apples, and berries for a wide range of sources to bust angina prevalence.

  1. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is rich in chlorophyll and can be helpful in dampening cardiac ailments’ incidence and cholesterol buildup. It is a good boost for blood flow and lowers plaque buildup in the bloodstream.

  1. Terminalia Arjuna

This remedy described as a mix of minerals, antioxidants, and glycosides reduces cholesterol levels and stabilizes heart rate. When this herb is consumed, it provides angina relief.

  1. Blood Wort

Blood wort treats cardiac ailments and is well reviewed for its circulatory improvement. It can be consumed as an infusion, as it effectively lowers blood pressure levels.

  1. Moderate Red Meat Consumption

Red meat has been fingered as a major cause of heart ailments as it is reputed to be high in bad cholesterol as well as overall fat levels. If you are going to continue eating red meat, try to limit yourself to two servings a week.

  1. Digitalis

Digitalis is a natural drug which comes from the dried leaves of the foxglove plant. This plant extract leads to an enhanced efficiency of your heart muscles so that it pumps blood optimally. This will lead to a reduction of the probability of angina occurring.

  1. Carnitine

Carnitine is active for energy production when present in the required quantities. It is proven to boost your endurance levels, heart functions, and relieve angina symptoms. Taking around 1,500 mg a day of Carnitine is recommended.

  1. Green Tea

A treasure pot of antioxidant properties and rich in Theobromine, Green tea is a worthy home remedy to have in your diet. It is rich in ingredients which prevent the formation of plaques in your arteries. Drinking three cups of green tea a day is recommended.

  1. Licorice Root

Licorice root is a helpful anti-toxin and can be used when unpeeled, died, or peeled. Boil the powder or root for a few minutes and steep. Add honey to taste and drink up to two cups per day. Licorice tea can often be purchased at health stores and natural food stores and will have the same health effects.

  1.  Hibiscus

Hibiscus rich in flavonoids, like win, and is full of antioxidants. It cleanses your arteries and boosts blood flow in your body. Hibiscus can reduce the number of free radicals in your body, which can reduce the likelihood of future heart ailments or complications. A serving of two tablespoons of thoroughly washed petals from a hibiscus flower boiled in a cup of water becomes a good tasting remedy when mixed with a topping of honey. You can drink this two times a day and inhale the steam to free your chest from congestion.

  1. Quit Smoking

Smoking can lead to a number of health problems, including heart problems. The longer you continue to smoke, the more it will exasperate your angina symptoms. Try to quit this bad habit as soon as possible.

  1. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are excellent anti-oxidation agents, that also serves as a means to lower cholesterol levels and boost blood flow. The seeds should be immersed in water overnight and served at a teaspoon at a time. This home remedy should be taken before meals and consumed daily to lower cholesterol levels and dampen angina attacks. An alternative home remedy involving fenugreek seeds is to boil the seeds a teaspoon at a time added 1.5 cups of water. Strain out the seeds after boiling this beverage for five minutes and add two teaspoon measure of honey to taste. It presents immediate relief from angina pains. Let it cool before drinking.

  1. Chicory

Reports have highlighted that bitter chicory boasts healthy ingredients which can relieve heart ailments. It reduces bad cholesterol levels and expedites blood circulation. It can be prepared by mixing 50 grams of dried chicory root in one liter of boiling water. Steep after 15 minutes and drink three times a day.

  1. Parsley

Parsley is effective against angina and other cardiac ailments. Teas made with parsley can also help. Alternatively, the leaves can be ground and added to your meals or sliced and eaten in salads.

  1. Minimize Processed Meals

Cut down on your consumption of processed foods and focus on locally grown fresh products. Organic foods and foods cooked fresh at home are likely to do the most good for your overall health and for reducing your angina symptoms.

Try some of these home remedies and let us know what you think in the comment section below!








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