7 Health Benefits Of Drumsticks

I know what you’re thinking. No, not the chicken, but this article is about the health benefits of the vegetable called drumstick, also known as moringa oleifera. This is mostly used in curries, sauces, soups or pickles and is very beneficial to the human body and this is why.

Benefits of Drumsticks

#1. Constipation

For your body to function at its full maximum you must understand that ailments like constipation must be avoided. And we all know prevention is better than cure. So the proteins needed to have a good digestive system in the body must be calcium, iron, Vitamin C, and carotenoid. Luckily these are found faithfully in drumstick. So if you make a soup of drumstick and drink/eat this once a week, your digestive system will be great.

#2. Strong Bones

The most important way of bringing up a child is to ensure they have strong bones. When a child has strong bones they can play easy, do their day to day chores easy and mostly not have any pains anywhere, unless they fall down.

If you make a juice of drumstick, and mix it with milk and give this to your child as often as you can, you will begin to see the child’s bones growing strong and healthy. This drumstick are very rich in calcium. And we all know for strong healthy bones, the presence of calcium must be present at all times.

#3. Smooth Skin

We all want smooth skin. Men and women and even children would love to have wonderful skin. Sometimes we do not want to use cleansers and scrubs because sometimes these may cause an allergic reaction or even maybe leave our skins worse than they were before using these cosmetics.

Drumstick juice is a well-known home remedy that leaves you with a smooth skin. A smooth face. Everyone will notice. It is a good purifier that heals and takes away all the bacteria that may be lingering on the skin or in the skin. Try some juice today.

#4. Respiratory Illness

Do you know or do you yourself suffer from asthma, bronchitis or tuberculosis? We all know that these ailments are all curable and manageable but the one major symptom they come with is the dreaded wheezing. This wheezing is so bad that it can make you not even manage to sleep at night. It can paralyze your day to day work because if you have wheezing that means your chest is very congested. Well, the usage of drumstick leaves helps cure the wheezing and helps contain these 3 ailments along with other medications subscribed by the doctor.

#5. Pregnancy

Especially for pregnant women, drumsticks should be part of the diet. Sometimes we are so scared of delivery especially if you’re a first time mom. You’re scared of the pain and also afraid of how fast it shall take for you to heal.

Well, with the intake of drumstick-leaf juice helps with easy delivery and reduces post-delivery complications. Having a healthy baby is always the ultimate goal but even being able to heal and have no complications after birth is very important too.

#6. Flu & Infections

Sometimes due to pollution and the environment we live in, somethings are unavoidable. We all hate having the flu. But do you know where the flu starts from? A bad throat infection. Or a bad chest or even sometimes a really bad skin infection. So to avoid all these from happening especially if you know you are prone to get them is by a consistent intake of drumstick soup. This soup is so beneficial for the body as it helps fight or even eliminate or avoid the infections that come on to the throat, chest and skin ailments.

#7. Better Immunity

If you know someone whose immune system is down, kindly advise them to include drumstick to their diet. It helps boost immunity. When immunity is good, one’s body is able to fight different ailments that can be avoided when the immune system is down. So now you know the health benefits of drumstick will you include it in your diet today?

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