10 Health Benefits Of Broad Beans

Health Benefits Of Broad Beans

Broad beans are also known as Fava beans in some countries. It needs warm temperature to grow and yields in 50 to 60 days. Broad beans are common food for Egyptians, Africans and Romans. They are rich in protein and fibre. Beans has large amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They have got a special flavor and their soft texture gives extra taste to the dishes.

Broad Beans

Broad beans grow well in warm weather and can be grown in cold climate also. They are used as vegetables and can be grown easily in a kitchen garden. They are grown easily all over the world. They have got various nutrients which prevent many ailments. Let us see a few health benefits of broad beans.

1. Good For Heart

Broad beans has lot of nutritional substances which help the cardiovascular problems. Broad beans contain soluble and insoluble fiber which lowers the Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol levels. Consuming them regularly removes fat from arteries and keeps heart healthy and strong. If you consume in your diet they help cardiac health as well as weight loss.

2. Good Source Of Calcium

Broad beans contain calcium in large quantity. They help to maintain healthy bones and teeth and prevent osteoporosis.

3. Cholesterol

Beans provides soluble fiber in our body which controls the blood cholesterol. Intake of soluble fiber reduces blood cholesterol.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease

Broad beans help in maintaining the memory of Alzheimer’s patients. They are rich in Choline (part of acetylcholine). They have Anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants which protect from memory loss. Rich in Vitamin B1, they slow down the diseases of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

5. Hypertension

Broad beans are rich in fiber which control Cancer and Hypertension. They are a good source of potassium, soluble fiber and protein which reduce hypertension. They are the best vegetables for hypertension.

6. Prevent Constipation

Beans contain soluble and insoluble fiber which do not count in nutritional value but are good for digestive system and help in easy bowel movements. They are available in all seasons.

7. Boost Your Immune System

Broad beans are rich in vitamins B, C and K, minerals like magnesium and zinc. All these help the immune system. They have antioxidants which strengthen the immune system and get rid of free radicals. They protect cells in our body.

8. Diabetes 2

If people suffering from Diabetes include Beans in their Diet, they lower the blood sugar as well as Blood pressure. They contain protein, mineral, fiber and antioxidants. They are a good source of cholesterol lowering fiber which prevents high blood sugar. Good for persons with diabetes, or hypoglycaemia.

9. Weight loss

They are rich in protein and fiber which help in losing weight. When consumed in large quantities in diet, they are quite filling but the low fat reduces excess weight. High fiber diet helps in reducing extra weight.

10. Good For Pregnant Women

Expectant mother needs more calcium during pregnancy. Many nutrients are present in beans which help and give sufficient energy to pregnant women. They are a good source of calcium which helps to maintain strong bones. Beans contains foliates. If pregnant woman adds Beans in her diet, they will prevent neural-tube defects in the new born.

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