8 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the most healthiest drinks found in today’s world.

It has multiple benefits that can prove to be advantageous to one and all. Be it for healthy skin or for other ailments, coconut water has multiple uses in alliterative healing therapies.

In this article, let us take a look at the most common uses of coconut water when it comes to maintaining one’s good health.



#1. Weight Loss

A delicious and natural substance, coconut water has become one of the most popular modern weight loss aids. Because it is a pure and natural drink, it lacks any of the chemicals or experimental drugs often found in diet pills and quick-loss programs.

Coconut water is a safe, hydrating way to suppress appetite and control hunger. Though rich and filling, it is also very low in fat, meaning it is a satisfying way to fill up without the negative effects of fatty heavy drinks.

Regular consumption also helps to speed up the metabolism, in turn increasing the rate at which carbohydrates and sugars are burnt off. The increase in metabolism helps reduce fat storage while making you feel more energized, a great combination for workouts and weight loss.

#2. Healthy Skin

Coconut water has often been deemed a miracle cure when it comes to treating a variety of skin ailments. Whether you are effected by dryness, blemishes, acne or even oily skin, coconut water can help to produce clear smooth skin, and eliminate the effects of spots and blemishes.

Coconut water can be applied either topically, used as a wash to clear away dirt, infections or acne, or directly ingested. Drinking coconut water is the best way to harness the hydrating powers. Thus it helps to prevent dry skin and reduce excess amounts of oil. Regardless of the affliction, coconut water can help bring about healthier skin.

#3. Hair

Coconut water can also be a great home remedy to improve hair health. For strong, healthy hair massage your hair and scalp with coconut water before regular washing. The naturally hydrating coconut water helps to moisten scalp and hair, reducing cases of dandruff as well as dull frizzy hair.

Coconut water is also rich in lauric acid, an excellent hair conditioning agent. The acid works from the root of the hair follicles, strengthening and nourishing the hair proteins. Additionally, the high levels of vitamin K and iron help prevent split ends, and maintain shine and softness.

#4. Anti-Aging

Aside from aiding with the appearance of your skin, coconut water has a variety of anti-ageing properties. Cytokinins, prevalent in coconut water, has natural anti-ageing properties which help to detox the body and skin.

In addition, coconut water is extremely rich in calcium, a vital part of keeping a strong healthy body. Calcium can help to strengthen bones and ensure healthy joints, as well as maintain healthy tissue and muscles. By drinking coconut water regularly, you can help to keep your body young and in peak condition and wrinkle-free.

#5. Heart Health

Coconut water has been known to help those at risk of heart attack. Full of health benefits, the natural juice found in coconuts can help boost heart health and prevent strokes.

The magnesium and potassium readily found in coconut water can help to regulate heartbeat. This is more so especially in cases of arrhythmia, as well as generally boost cardiovascular health and prevent heart failure. Coconut water is also a great source of good cholesterol, a key factor in maintaining a healthy heart.

#6. Regulating Blood Pressure

Hand in hand with heart health, is regulating a healthy blood pressure. Coconut water has been found to help in cases of both low or high blood pressure. Because of its high levels of electrolytes, it is an excellent way to manage levels of electrolytes  within the body – often associated with high or low blood pressure.

In addition, the magnesium and potassium naturally found in coconut water help to combat low blood pressure. Coconut water helps regulate blood flow and stimulate circulation, helping to prevent the build up of dangerous plaque in the arteries.

#7. Digestion

Coconut water is great natural remedy for improving overall digestion, and eliminating stomach ache. It’s active bioactive enzymes such as folic acid and phosphates help to boost metabolism, and ease the process of digestion.

This helps to break down food, ease stomach aches and increase the speed in which food is metabolized. The vitamin B, also found in coconut water can help boost overall body health in a gentle and natural way. Coconut water is a delicious and easy way to regulate digestion and help breakdown food.

#8. Reduces Stress

Along with it’s wide variety of health benefits, coconut water has an additional benefit of helping to reduce levels of stress within the body. As stress is not only a mental affliction but also has extreme adverse effects on health, this makes coconut water immeasurably valuable when it comes to overall well-being.

Riboflavin, thiamine and pantothenic acid, which are all compounds found within the prevalent Vitamin B, help to reduce the levels of stress within the body, and regulate calmness. Furthermore, these natural compounds have been known to help decrease levels of chemical depression as well as factors which may trigger anxiety.

In conjunction with the high levels of potassium, calcium and sodium which help to energize the body, these anti-stress agents can help regulate the body and return it to a healthy state.

Coconut water remarkably pairs eliminating the effects of stress with nourishing the body, making it one of the most beneficial and healthy natural products on the market.

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