8 Health Benefits Of Olives

When was the last time that you added olives to your meal? Or do you only have it with your martini? Olives are a vegetable that comes from the olive tree. It is usually used to make olive oil with is a delicacy for Middle Eastern foods.

Olives are also added to a variety of drinks as an addition. But with all this did you know that olives are really great for your health and diet? Well if you didn’t know here are 8 health benefits of olives.


#1. Weight Loss

Olives are low in calories which can be a tremendous help if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current figure.

It also helps to breakdown and reduces fat cells so that you do not end up with a potbelly or losse love handles. It also produces a hormone known as serotonin which helps to keep us fuller for longer.

#2. Strong Bones

Olives contain an essential phytonutrient known as hydroxytyrosol which helps to produce calcium and increase it for your bones.

It also helps to make sure that your bones are stronger and not susceptible to injury. It also helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or arthritis.

#3. Improves Heart Health

Olives contain antioxidants which help to clear the arteries from fat that may grow in excess. It especially makes sure those arteries that surround the heart is not tampered with in any way and make sure that they are always allowing blood to travel freely.

It also helps to eliminate toxins and bad radicals that wreak havoc upon the body. Olives also helps to reduce monounsaturated fat that may try to build up and affect your heart health.

#4. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Olives contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to prevent inflammation. It helps to stop swelling from spreading while reducing blood in the affected area. It also contains anti-histamines that prevent allergies from worsening and even causing inflammation.

#5. Prevents Cancer

Olives contain antioxidants that help to stop and prevent cancer from developing in the body. It helps to make sure that cells do not become compromised due to oxidative stress which damages cell functions. It also has phytonutrients such as oleanolic acid which helps to stop breast and gastric cancer from occurring by protecting cells.

It also has added support from vitamin E which helps to stop toxins and bad radicals from damaging cells and causing tumors to occur. A steady diet of olive oil helps to make sure cancer does not enter your life.

#6. Improves EyeSight & Health

Olives contain vitamin A which helps to protect the eyes from excess sunlight and deterioration.

It also helps to prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma from appearing. It also helps to make sure that the retina stays sharp for a keener sight. It especially improves your night vision when driving.

#7. Improves Digestion

Olives help to aid digestion by eliminating bad radicals in the intestinal walls that buildup over time. It also helps to make sure that bile production increases so that gallstones and kidney stones do not appear due to a compromised digestive system. It also contains fiber which helps to make sure that constipation does not occur and that a natural bowel movement is produced.

#8. Produces More Red Blood Cells

Olives contain high amounts of iron which helps to make more red blood cells. Red blood cells make sure that oxygen is circulating throughout the body.

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