37 Home Remedies for Fractures

Fractures are broadly classified into two categories: closed or simple, and open or compounded.A closed/simple fracture is when the skin that covers the bone is not ruptured. An open/compounded fracture is when the bone has cut the skin open.

Cracked or broken bones cause unbearable pain and sensitivity in fractured areas. This is usually accompanied by loss of sensation, paralysis, and swelling of the fractured area.

Hip Fractures

Hip joint recovery can be highly enhanced by physical activity. Isolated resistance training is often recommended to senior citizens. Several reports from research shows that regulated, sustained exercise regime provide better clinical benefits. These include improved muscle strength, better mobility as well as coordinated joint function.

A note of caution: It is important to bear in mind that cracked or broken bones demand professional attention. What is being offered here are recommendations designed to enhance speedy healing, only after the fracture is professionally attended to.

Symptoms of Fractures

  • Pain
  • Accumulation of fluids
  • Discolored skin
  • Paralysis


Common Causes

In the main, cracked or broken bones result from injuries sustained in various ways. Examples may include, sports injuries, accidents of motor vehicles, motorcycles, but can also be as a result of osteoporosis.

Additionally, cracked or broken bones may be the result of being hit, pounding (possibly from running or another exercise), and general physical abuse.


Home Remedies for Fracture


  1. Boron

Boron is amongst the nutrients for healthy bones. It makes bones strong and helps a lot in the healing of fractures.  Nuts are known to be a very rich source of boron. To get more boron in your diet, simply eat more nuts. If you are allergic to nuts, you can instead eat dried fruits, like raisins and prunes, to get more boron into your diet.

Walnuts, bedwetting

Walnuts are a great source of boron

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils such as cypress, fir, and helichrysum facilitate bone regeneration. These oils should be rubbed three per day to affected areas. Before rubbing the essential oils into your skin, make sure you dilute them properly to avoid skin irritation. To learn about using essential oils safely, read this article.


  1. Calorie Boost

Calorie intake intervention is increasingly being used. Normally, an active adult may need 2,500 calories per day. But a patient with multiple fractures may need as much as 6,000 calories daily, even if they are inactive.

Research shows that hip fracture elderly patients, with low-level proteins, are more likely be hospitalized within two weeks or more. These patients are also four times more likely to die within a year. Upping an elderly person’s calorie intake can help to speed up healing and reduce the risk of hospitalization.


  1. Avoid Cola

A word about cola and related sugar-sweetened beverages: the phosphoric ingredients of cola may progressively erode calcium from the bones. It is best to avoid these drinks most of the time for various health reasons, but it is especially important to avoid these drinks while recovering from a fracture.


  1. Multi-nutrient Supplements

After a  hip fracture, sustained intake of multi-nutrients supplements may improve long-term health. As a rule, senior citizens experience nutritional deficiencies and addressing these may speed healing. In this vein, it can enable the body to cope with stress and anxiety brought about by hospitalization.

Micronutrients may also contribute acceleration of fracture healing. As an antioxidant, vitamin E deficiency can cause an imbalance of calcium stores, the results being overactive parathyroid glands and bone loss.


  1. Cut off Processed Meals

Processed foods usually contain high amounts of salt while sodium bicarbonate drinks contain high levels of phosphorous. It is best to avoid fast food, TV dinners, and other microwavable or boxed meals.


  1. Onion Mix

Mix a grated onion with a teaspoon full of turmeric powder. Rub the paste on the affected area and hold it together in place using the bandage. To speed up the healing process, repeat the above exercise regularly for a few days.


Both onions and turmeric are also great remedies on their own

  1. Caraway Seed Oil

Black caraway seed oil is pretty effective for the recovery of fractured or broken bones.  To use this home remedy, warm a sufficient amount of oil and gently massage the affected area. Dip the cloth in the oil and repeatedly massage the affected area a few times daily. Caraway seed oil hastens the healing process and also effectively curbs swelling and pain.

Before using this home remedy, make sure that you properly dilute the caraway seed oil in another carrier oil, like baby oil or coconut oil. To learn more about using essential oils safely, read this article.


  1. Calcarea Phosphorica


Calcarea Phosphorica, a Homeopathic medicine, in conjunction with Symphytum is highly recommended for repairing fractured, cracked or broken bones. The combined medicinal actions of the two facilities the weaving of the bone in the best way possible. Calcarea Phosphorica enriches and strengthens the bone with the provision of essential minerals: calcium and phosphorous.


  1. Avoid Excess Salt and Phosphorous

One should be conscious when using salt and phosphorous. Excessive salt and phosphorous effectively deplete calcium from the body. This will lead to a weakening of the bones and has the effect of delaying the healing process. One of the easiest ways to avoid excess salt is to avoid fast food and processed foods, as these can make the fracture heal at a slower rate.


  1. Comfrey Root

Squeeze a few drops of tincture into cereal or tea. One can also put poultice directly on the affected area. Additionally, comfrey and horsetail may be infused on the affected area once the plaster cast is removed. Like other essential oils, make sure that you use safe practices while consuming this oil.

comfrey, herb, dry hair, fractures

Comfrey herb

  1. Arnica

Arnica is a preventive agent against infections. As a prophylactic against infection. In cases where Arnica was not initially used and infection of bones with suppuration has begun, even at this late stage, Arnica may still be given. Arnica may still disrupt the progression of the supportive process and disinfect the infection already in existence.

This home remedy also has the ability to absorb pus at the fractured area and prevent sepsis. Under no circumstances should Arnica be used externally, it should always be administered internally. There are gels and creams on the market similar to Arnica, which is effective in healing that, can be applied directly to the fractured areas.


  1. Walnuts

It is great to have plenty of walnuts with your meals. Walnuts are rich in magnesium and boron, renown to speed up the healing of the bones. To use this home remedy simply add more walnuts to your meals.


  1. Cold Compress

Cold compresses home remedy is great for fractures. Quick swelling after an accident suggests fractured or cracked bone. Cold compresses are user-friendly home remedies for fractures.

To use a cold compress, wrap a few ice cubes in a plastic sheet and numb the affected area. While recovering from a cracked or broken bone, it can also be used. Application of cold packs daily will speed up the healing process and minimize swelling and pain.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is proven in repairing fractured or broken bones and can be applied externally as well. To use aloe vera externally, simply rub it near the affected area. Internally, it can be taken using a measure of up to four tablespoons before meals. You can alternatively take as a supplement to induce absorption.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements boost the immune system and assist in the formation of bone cells. To take in more vitamin D, you can either take vitamin D supplements as recommended on the bottle. You can alternatively eat foods that are rich in vitamin D, like dairy products.


  1. Calcium

Calcium supplements can assist in the strengthening of new bone tissue. If you are going to use supplements, make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging. This mineral can also be found in dairy products.


  1. Almonds

Frequently drink a glass full of almond milk. Almond milk is calcium-rich and will help in the formation of bone tissues and repair of damaged bones. This drink can be drunk warm or cold. If you do not like almond milk, you can alternatively eat a handful of almonds each morning to get the same benefits.


  1. Tea

It is advisable to drink three to five cups of tea made from mallow root, plantain, or china seed daily. These taken singly or in combination will assist the healing process.


  1. Wild Oats

Oats, stripped from the stem, makes pleasant and mild tea, which is great for relaxation during bedtime. Eating oatmeal in the morning can also help to quickly heal and prevent fractures.


  1. Leafy Greens

Consumption of raw vegetables, in the form of green salad, carrots, celery, and parsley, together with whole grains is beneficial. Try to eat at least one of these types of foods every day to get benefits from this simple dietary change.


Salad with vegetables

  1. Balanced Meals

Overall, health can be improved by nutritional counseling and support. Critical bodily systems, such as the digestive and cardiovascular, system need strengthening. With a balanced diet, it is possible to shorten the time it takes to heal a hip fracture. Simply eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is a great way to have a balanced diet.


  1. Sesame Oil

Sesame seeds hasten recovery after fracture as well as lessen the intensity of symptoms and side effects. To use his home remedy, soak 50 grams of sesame seed in a glass of water overnight. Simply strain the mixture in the morning and consume on an empty stomach. This nutritional boost is an excellent home remedy and hastens the healing process of fractured and broken bones.


  1. Protein Spike

Enough bodily protein levels are essential to healing fractures. Since protein levels are low in many senior citizens, their ability to heal fractures and broken bones timeously is highly compromised. Eating more meat, beans, and nuts are all great ways to get in more protein.


  1. Pineapple

This is one of the highly recommended home remedies. It is recommended for healing fractures and broken bones, as well as for numerous injuries and damages to the human musculoskeletal system.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory: effective in the treatment of fractures, cracked and broken bones. Daily consumption of half a pineapple will quicken the recovery process from fractures.

pineapple, COPD, fruit

Pineapple slices

  1. Hot and Cold Showers

It is recommended to take a combination of cold and warm showers daily. Take one minute of warm shower immediately followed by another one minute of a cold shower. Repeat this exercise seven times. Going forward, alternate between cold and warm shower routines.

At intervals apply cold and warm water directly to the fractured or cracked area. During the showers be sure to pay particular attention to the affected area, massaging it vigorously without causing damage or inflicting pain.  


  1. Eat Berries

Make a conscious effort to consume one cup of berries on a daily basis. Berries are full of antioxidants and fiber, which are generally great for a person’s health. Try to eat a cup of berries each day to have the best results.


  1. Eupatorium Perfoliatum

This remedy is best used days and even weeks after the injury and not immediately. Initially use it as frequently as you possibly can and reduce the frequency going forward. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a healing herb, is most effective in dealing with excruciating pain, continuous ache, bruising, and inflammation.


  1. Avoid Aspirin

Second to ice, we commonly reach out to aspirin and ibuprofen after injury. Damaged cells from the trauma of fracture traditionally release excessive amounts of inflammatory prostaglandins at the fractured area.

The resulting inflammation naturally causes pain and our response is to try to numb this painful reaction. It worth noting, however, that certain mechanisms of numbing pain may actually inhibit the healing process.


  1. Elevation

It is a good idea to consider elevation if the fracture or crack is on the foot. In any home remedy program involving a fracture, elevation is helpful. Elevation entails lifting the foot above the heart level.

According to the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, a physical therapy firm, elevation serves two functions: It helps return blood to the heart and decreases the incidence of bleeding. Be in a comfortable position, preferably lying down if at all possible and lift the leg to the required height.


  1. Reduce Movement

Immediately after an injury, refrain from moving the affected area. The less the injured area is moved, the greater the chance of it being quickly healed. Rest as often as possible to speed up your healing.


  1. Symphytum

Symphytum promotes callus formation and osteoblast cell activity essential in laying a new bone. This is highly beneficial in all cases of fractured bones because it is specifically for this condition.

It is good for healing new fractures but is equally great in dealing with old injuries. It is not surprising that it is nicknamed “knit-bone” because of its ability to knit bones together.  In addition to promoting osteoblast activity, Symphytum decreases excessive irritability of the fractured bone and reduces pricking pain and soreness.

As a Homeopathic medicine, it is completely safe with no side effects in facilitating the mending of fractures and broken bones. While using Symphytum one can expect to heal in the quickest time possible.

Symphytum, comfrey, flower, fractures

Symphytum flower

  1. Calendula

This is first aid Homeopathic medicine used both externally and internally to deal with an open wound. It is considered the best antiseptic remedy in the prevention of suppuration. It facilitates the unity of soft parts with first intention healing. By healing the skin within a short space of time, it minimizes the chances of infection that can gain access to the bone.


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory spice used to hasten recovery of fractured or cracked bones. Drink two glasses of warm milk with a teaspoonful turmeric powder added. This will lessen the swelling and hasten the process of healing. In order to maximize its intake turmeric may also be used in cooking. Raw turmeric may also be used as a vegetable. As a home remedy, turmeric is well known for healing fractures and related injuries caused to the musculoskeletal system.


  1. Zinc

Zinc as a home remedy for fractures is good in tissue repair. This is especially important because fracture or cracks usually damage the affected area and restoration is critical to the healing process. To take in more zinc, you can either take supplements (as directed on the bottle) or eat more food that is rich in zinc, like red meat, fish, beans, nuts, and dark chocolate.


  1. Mild Exercise

Balance enhancing exercises are vital in reducing the possibilities of falling, thus reinjuring one again. Simply yoga exercises or other aerobic exercises are a fracture patient’s best bet.


  1. Hypericum

Hypericum, also known as St. John’s wort,  is the remedy for severe nerve pain in the fractured area. Apply Hypericum to toes, fingers, and spine- parts of the body which experience pains of neuritic origin. Hypericum has the ability to bring about magical relief from pain within the wink of an eye.

St. John's Wort

St. John’s Wort flower

Which of these home remedies are you most likely to use? Comment below!










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