4 ways to get toned thighs

If you have ever wanted to get toned thighs, you know how hard it is to get these muscles to cooperate with what you want to achieve. Lucky for you we researched and found some exercises that can help you to get those toned thighs you’ve been dreaming of.

The first exercise to do is squats, they are one of the best exercises you can do to get toned thighs. To do a squat properly stand perfectly upright, not slouching your back. To best do this you can stand against a wall for support. If using a wall for support have your feet out a bit slightly in front of the wall and about one foot apart from one another. Take a deep breath and as you inhale lower your rear towards the ground. As your knees approach a 90-degree angle exhale your breath and push yourself back into your starting position. To get the best results it is suggested that you do a repetition of ten squats, rest a while and then do another repetition of ten squats.

The next exercise is leg lifts, they are a great exercise that can be done with little difficulty and are extremely effective at toning and shaping your thighs. To perform this exercise correctly, start by laying down on your right side. Rest your right elbow on the ground with your opposite hand resting In your left hand. Take a few deep breaths to prepare yourself for the exercise. When you are ready to exhale a deep breath use the muscles in your thighs to kick your right leg up towards the sky as high as possible. As you inhale slowly lower it back down to the starting position. It is recommended that you do increments of ten with each leg before taking a break and then begin again alternating which leg you use.

toned thighs

The third exercise to focus on for your strengthened thighs are leg extensions and are easy enough to do anywhere where you have enough space to lay down. Lay down on your stomach and extend your legs fully behind you, rest your arms by your sides or extend them out away from your body. Take a deep breath as you exhale use the muscles in your thighs to extend your legs up towards the sky. Inhale your breath and slowly lower your legs back to the floor. Perform two sets of this exercise like all the exercises above for optimal results.

And finally the last exercise for toned thighs is walking, it is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that can be effective in toning thighs especially for those who don’t wish to do strength training like the above exercises. When starting a walking program it is important to start out slow and begin with short walks and work your way up to longer and longer walks. One way to increase your workout is to start with a twenty-minute walk and add on ten minutes every couple days until your up to a larger amount and walking for longer and longer.

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