4 exercises to keep your heart healthy

When it comes to our heart, we have to keep this key piece of machinery up to date and working properly. So we’ve come up with some ways to help keep your ticker going for the foreseeable future. The first thing to remember is that your heart is a muscle and like all muscles work hard to pump blood to your body, so keep it strong try one of these four exercises.

Circuit training, any movement is better than sitting still and when it comes to improving your heart health the best types of exercises to increase cardiovascular fitness is circuit training. When you work out at a high intensity it challenges the elasticity of the hearts arterial walls and helps to maintain good blood flow to the rest of the body. By increasing the blood flow to the rest of the body the heart gets a healthy workout that will benefit more than just your heart.

The second exercise is lane swimming. Hit the pool for the workout your heart and lungs will love. The recommendation is to do 8 to 12 laps in the pool doing different kinds of strokes as you go. This could mean doing a front crawl and legs only flutter board one day and then back crawl and breaststroke another day.one sure fire way to key up your heart and lungs is to do the closed fist style of swimming, swim with any type of stroke with your fists closed and this will make you have to work harder to stay above the water and in return make your heart pump harder and faster giving it the exercise it needs in return.

Weight training is also a good way to strengthen your heart; it’s been proven to help people with heart disease. It helps in building muscle mass, your heart being muscle benefits from this training. When it comes to using weight training sometimes the simplest forms of weight training is using your own body weight. It is suggested that you up the tempo of your movements and increase the difficulty of your exercises. For example, if you can do twenty sit-ups with no problem, try slowing down your movements and counting to four while you raise yourself up and then again as you lower yourself.


Finally, another exercise that is good for your heart is running. This increases the number of beats per minute that the heart has to do in order to supply blood flow to the rest of your body. Whether you’re sprinting up and down hills or just running on flat ground there are things that you can do to increase the skill level for your heart.

It is recommended that you do these in ten-second bursts so you not only have the energy to do them but that you gain access to the stored fat in your body and start to burn it. Start with four ten second intervals of running and then work your way up to ten ten second intervals.

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