8 Best Home Remedies For Pulled Muscles

Causes Of Pulled Muscles

A pulled muscle, sometimes called a torn muscle, is a common result of over-exerting yourself. This often happens when people who exercise push themselves too hard or if they have a minor accident.

People who do not exercise daily or play sports are not likely to pull a muscle. Pulled muscles can happen in your arms, legs, neck, and back. This article will give you some simple home remedies on what you can do to prevent and treat pulled muscles.

Pulled Muscle

 8 Best Home Remedies For Pulled Muscles

#1. Warm Up

One great natural remedy to prevent getting a pulled muscle in the first place is to warm up before you work out. You can do this by taking an easy walk before you run, lifting light weights before moving onto your usual amount of weight.

Giving your body some time to build up to your actual workout can be a big help when it comes to preventing pulled muscles, along with other exercise-related leg pain.

#2. Strength Training

Strength training can help to work out your muscles so that it is less likely that you will pull a muscle.

However, do not over workout yourself while strength training, because that is likely to cause a pulled muscle. Take it easy and build up your muscle strength over time.

#3. Rest

After you pull a muscle you shouldn’t try to work through it. If you feel that you have pulled a muscle. you should stop exercising and rest as that is the best home remedy for a pulled muscle. Also, you shouldn’t try to exercising again for a couple of days.

You need to give your body time to heal itself. You can, however, “walk it off” as this little bit of minor activity shouldn’t hurt, but all major exercise should be put on hold until you feel better.

#4. Heat & Cold

One natural home remedy to treat a pulled muscle is to use some sort of method to heat up and cool down your muscles. Using cold will be able to numb the pain and make it feel much better.

If you pull a muscle in your leg, then you might want to sit down in a cool bath for a little while. Using a heating pad won’t actually do much to heal your pulled muscle, but the heat will feel nice and soothing.

#5. Massage

One of the best natural remedies to help to make a pulled muscle feel a little better is to massage the area. You don’t need to use massage oils to have this work, and you don’t need to go to a professional masseuse either. Simply rubbing the area with your fingers, any kind of lotion, or rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

#6. Compress

Compressing your pulled muscle can greatly help to relieve pain, at least temporarily. The easiest way to compress your muscle is to wrap it up in a large bandage or some other form of elastic wrap.

Be careful not to wrap this too tightly, as that could cut off circulation and make it harder for your pulled muscle to heal.

#7. While Sitting

While you are relaxing you should try to keep your pulled muscle elevated as often as you can. If your pulled muscle is in one of your legs, then you can easily keep your leg elevated by simply propping it up on top of a pillow.

If your arm has a pulled muscle in it, then you will have a make a sling of sorts to keep it. You can do this easily with a towel and some safety pins though.

#8. Epsom Salt

One of the best natural home remedies to make a pulled muscle feel better is to take an epsom salt bath. Fill your bathtub up with warm or lukewarm water and add in a couple of tablespoons of epsom salt.

This should help to relax your muscles and ease your pain. Sit in this bath for at least fifteen minutes to feel the results. You can take an epsom salt bath as often as once a day.

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