7 Home Remedies For Fibrocystic Breast Disease

What Is Fibrocystic Breast Disease?

Fibrocystic breast disease is highly common, occurring in about half of all women between the ages of twenty and fifty. Since it is so common, many doctors don’t even consider it to be a real disease. The most common symptoms of this problem are breast tenderness and breast pain.

If you see discoloration or feel lumps in your breasts, then you should see a doctor right away to make sure that it’s not something more serious. This condition is likely caused by fluctuating hormone levels, so most women feel the most pain while they are on their period.

To learn how to treat your Fibrocystic breast disease symptoms at home, follow these simple natural home remedies.

Home Remedies For Fibrocystic Breast Disease

#1. Avoid Injury

When you already have Fibrocystic breasts, you should try to do everything you can to protect your breasts from further pain, which means avoiding injury as possible. Injury is common among athletes, so try to avoid the types of exercises that are likely to cause your breasts harm. When your symptoms are acting up, take it easy. This usually happens during a woman’s period, so it’s not likely that they will feel up to strenuous exercise anyway. To put it simply, take it easy and play it safe.

#2. Hormone Treatment

Hormones play a large part when it comes to Fibrocystic breast disease. If you are currently taking hormone treatments, then you will need to talk to your doctor about either changing your doses or quitting the treatment completely. This depends on how bad your fibrocystic breast disease symptoms are. You should not try to adjust your hormones levels at home. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before doing anything.

#3. Bras

The type of bra that you wear can help or hurt you when it comes to your Fibrocystic breast disease symptoms. During the day you should try to wear a supportive and firm bra that more or less keeps your breasts in the same position all day. While exercising, make sure that you wear a comfortable sports bra. You should also try to remember to wear a sports bra to sleep. While it may be uncomfortable at first, you should be able to get used to it quickly, and it should help with some of the symptoms of Fibrocystic breast disease.

#4. Avoid Caffeine

Many women claim that lowering or eliminating caffeine in their diets is a natural remedy that has lowered pain caused by Fibrocystic breasts disease and even lowered pain and irritation during their menstrual cycle. You should avoid caffeine at all costs during your period, and at least take in less of it throughout the rest of the month. This should make your symptoms less irritable and less painful.

#5. Heating Pads

Heating pads are just about the best home remedy to use when your muscles are sore. They work wonders when it comes to period cramps, but it can also help your sore breasts and the surrounding area. While you won’t want to put a heating pad directly on your breasts, laying one on top of your shirt shouldn’t hurt. This will help to relax your muscles and the rest of your insides, relieving pain. Do not lay directly on the heating pad and don’t fall asleep with it on. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter how long you use the heating pad for.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

#6. Diet

Many women find that eating a balanced and low in fat diet is a great natural home remedy that helps to ease their Fibrocystic breast disease symptoms. It’s easy to reduce the fat in your diet just by eating less processed food and less fast food.

When you make things at home it is easier to know how much fat is actually in your diet. Try eating lean meats like cooked or grilled fish and chicken instead of other red meats that have more fats in them. Also, try to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet as well.

#7. Painkillers

There really isn’t much that you can do from home to reduce Fibrocystic breast disease symptoms. Doctors and prescription medicine takes care of most of the issues. However, if you are on medicine and your symptoms are acting up, you may just want to take some general painkillers like ibuprofen or other painkillers with acetaminophen in them. Make sure to follow the directions carefully, as to not overdose.

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