7 Home Remedies For Irritability In Children

Young children cannot explain when they feel something wrong. They do not know how to describe. When they act fussy or irritable, parents should try to figure the cause for the difference in their behavior.

There are a number of reasons for a child to get irritable. Some of the causes are hunger, lack of sleep, frustrating home environment or fight with a sibling or other children.

Health-related problems engender a feeling of irritation in children. These problems vary from being mild to acute. The severity can be evaluated from their behavior. Some of those health-related problems are ear infection, toothache, flu, constipation, stomach ache, infection in any part of digestive tract, headache, pinworms or a serious health problem that needs to be diagnozed by a doctor.

There are home remedies to help your child when he or she gets irritated.

7 Home Remedies for Irritability in Children

#1. Eating Habits

When both of the parents go to their jobs, children might not get their food at the right time. Their lunch tends to get skipped as there is no one at home to feed them. You might hire a babysitter, but not all of them take care as they should. Hunger is one of the major reasons for a child to get irritated.

Parents or guardians must ascertain to keep the children fed. It is especially important home remedy for them to carry out the daily activities and grow in a healthy adult.

#2. Check for Infections

Children are not always able to explain the reason for the irritability. At times an infection in their ear or their stomach might be the reason for their irritability. Children are not sure when to talk to their parents when they experience something like that.

If your child is irritated or annoyed, ask him if any part of his body hurts. If it does, take him to a doctor to get checked.

#3. Target of Bullying

Most of the time, parents do not consider the possibility of their child being bullied. Unfortunately, the cases of bullying are increasing with the passing time. Parents should keep a close eye on their children.

Make your children talk about their problems with you. This is one of the best natural remedies to know your child better. They should think of you as a friend. Do not let them suffer alone.

#4. Toothache

Tooth is a tiny part of the body but its ache is a killer. Adults get annoyed when they experience toothache, so children are considerably more vulnerable. Teeth pain can be treated temporarily by using some natural remedies. However, a trip to a dentist in inevitable.

#5. Constipation

Children who eat junk food and avoid fruits, vegetables and whole grain products are prone to get constipated. To pass stool at a regular interval is extremely important. Children find it difficult to deal with the uneasiness it brings along. Give your child foods that are high in fiber. If their problem is still not solved, consult a physician.

Irritability In Children


#6. Lack of Sleep

Children tend to watch television till late at night and when they are asked to sleep, they take their gadgets to bed to use them until they fall asleep. When you are doing something interesting, you mind concentrates on the work at hand rather than how tired it is. This way, children wake up till late at night.

They wake up early in the morning to go to school. Their body’s basic requirement of sleep is not fulfilled. Consequently, children appear and irritated. Parent should follow a strict plan to ensure that their children get enough sleep.

#7. Pinworms

Pinworms are parasites that live in the intestine where they lay more eggs. These are not entirely harmful, but cause abdominal pain, itching, and nausea. Pinworms are quite common among young children and other family members can get them too. If not treated for a long time, they cause an intestinal infection and drastic weight loss.

If a child has pinworms, his clothes and bed sheets should be washed thoroughly. Ask your doctor to give your child oral medicine to kill the pinworms. It is advisable that the whole family gets treated for it.

Try these home remedies to make your child less irritable and happy.

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