33 Home Remedies for Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain normally occurs when your muscles are torn or overstretched. If your joint is twisted in such a way that your ligaments are injured, the bones connected at the joint will be affected.

When you run on uneven ground, lift over-sized weights, wear shoes with high-heels, or get involved in some form of accident, sprains will result. Whenever your motion is restricted or there is evidence of bruising, pains, swelling around your ankles, it is important to watch out for sprains and apply one or more of the home remedies listed below.

Sprains are sometimes mild or even severe but it is recommended that you use a range of these home remedies if your ankle sprain is mild. If you cannot walk on your sprain, it is best to see a doctor instead.

Recommended Home Remedies for Ankle Sprains

  1. Bandage or Wrap

If you have an ankle sprain and you desire to retain some mobility, you can use an elastic bandage to compress the spot. This remedy will also help to keep the swelling under control. You will need to have this remedy in place anyway as a means to avoid aggravating the sprain. This is one of the most popular remedies used for sprains, even in hospitals. When applying the band, it is recommended that you allow some measure of slack so that you don’t go numb in that spot. It is preferred to allow some ease of the bandage or wrap and your skin.

  1. Onions

Whenever there is pain, inflammation, or any swelling, onions can be put to good use. There are remarkable anti-inflammatory agents present in onions that make it a desirable remedy for sprained ankles. To use this remedy, you must place the chopped onions in a light fabric, tie it with a rubber or elastic band, and tape the cloth with the onion touching your skin on the sprained area for at least 120 minutes. Repeat a couple of times for lasting effect. If you do not want to put onion on your skin, you can also add onion to your meals to ease the swelling until your ankle sprain is healed.

  1. Avoid Cold Meals

To spice up the healing of sprained ankle, avoid cold meals and drinks while the sprain is yet to heal. Warm meals will help to encourage circulation, which should help the ankle sprain to heal faster.

  1. Turmeric

The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory components of turmeric make it a fitting reliever for sprained ankles as it helps to relax your muscles. The pain and swelling also gets dampened using this excellent home remedy. To apply this remedy, use a tablespoonful of lime juice, a tablespoon of warm water, and two tablespoons of turmeric. Mix into a paste and rub on to the affected areas before using a bandage to wrap it up. Allow the wrap to stay for the next 10 hours and renew the salve.

  1. Epsom Salt

This home remedy is a popular treatment for sprains and bruises. The presence of magnesium makes it possible to relieve frayed nerves and sore muscles. Empty a cup of this salt in a bathing water and stir till the salt dissolves. Immerse the sprained ankle in this water for the next 30 minutes. Repeat this process over the next four days in the mornings and before you go to bed. This will help to decrease swelling and relieve pain.

  1. Foot Massage

Sprains can lead to an inhibition of blood flow around the affected parts and to ease this, a foot massage will be worth the while. This will encourage better blood circulation, which will do wonders for your ankle sprain.

  1. Ice Wraps

To reduce swelling from a sprained ankle, consider wrapping ice packs over the affected spot for relief. The impact of the ice will be felt on the torn ligament. It will help to reduce swelling and numb pained nerves. To use this remedy, make sure ice is wrapped over the affected spot within 2 days of occurrence for the remedy to be effective. The ice compress needs to be repeated every three hours with ice cubes in a fabric. A frozen pack of veggies can also be used following the same pattern. Direct application of ice to the skin is not recommended to prevent skin and nerve damage.

  1. Cabbage

Cabbage has a high vitamin and nutrient content that makes it possible to accelerate the healing process. It directly leads to a reduction of swellings when used on sprains. A cabbage compress can be made after eliminating the outer leaves and bruising the leaves for the juice to be extracted. The leaves then need to be wrapped in a foil and heated to be warm and not necessarily hot. The pack should be placed over the affected spot and gauzed using a bandage. This can be wrapped over with a plastic strip to keep it warm for the next 30 minutes. This process should be repeated over the next 2 days in the mornings and before bed.

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is well-reviewed for its medicinal properties and can be used to induce relief when suffering from sprained ankles. Make sure to dilute the oil with warm water before using it, or else it may do more harm than good. Soak your ankle in a bath of warm water with a few drops of lavender oil. Keep your ankle in this water for at least half an hour. You can do this as often as needed.

  1. Water

Water is used for a variety of purposes and when your ankle gets sprained, you can get relief by drinking lots of water immediately and steadily over the next two days. Soaking your ankle in warm water can also help to reduce swelling.

  1. Egg Yolk Mix

Egg yolk also comes in handy to get some relief when battling a sprained ankle. Eggs are rich in a range of vitamins and minerals which promotes anti-inflammation. To use this home remedy, you need to add an egg yolk to a tablespoonful of olive oil and stir properly till it gets well combined. Apply to the affected area and wrap up with a cotton fabric. Bandage this spot for two days and renew the process continuously until your ankle is healed.

  1. Ginger

Ginger can also be used to ensure ankle sprain relief as it is a great anti-inflammatory agent. To use this home remedy, you need to slice ginger into three-inch layers and boil in a container filled with eight cups of water. Heat this mix for five minutes on the stove. Soak a clean cloth in this mix and wrap it around your sprained ankle. Make sure the water doesn’t get hot to avoid skin irritation. This remedy will be effective within 48 hours of the sprain taking place.

  1. Leg Elevation

Immediately after the sprain occurs, quickly elevate your legs to a position above the chest area for blood circulation ease. It is easiest to do this by propping up your ankle with a pillow.

  1. Castor oil

The presence of ricinoleic acid in castor oil makes it a natural remedy for inflammation.  Dip a thick clean cloth in castor oil before placing it over the affected area. Apply a hot water bottle to the pad over the next 30 minutes.  Repeat this process for the next two days at least three times a day.

  1. Hazelnut and Rosehip Oils

Both hazelnut oil and rosehip oil contain helichrysum. Combining these two oils with water help to make a great anti-inflammatory remedy that can be used on sprained ankles. Apply this remedy directly over the spot after adding a mix of hazelnut and rosehip oils to make a perfect blend of essential oils. This should be used twice daily. Essential oils can be purchased at most natural food stores.

  1. Sweet Marjoram Oil

Sweet marjoram oil takes the heat to bacteria, viruses, and fungi, whenever it is used as a remedy in any circumstance. Mix a few drops of this oil with cold water. Dip a clean cloth in this mix and wrap it around the ankle. This home remedy is sure to provide relief from the pain associated with ankle sprains.

  1. Avoid Caffeine

Avoid consuming caffeine when you have a fresh sprain and leave out salt out of your diet. Both of these encourage inflammation, which is the last thing anyone wants when they are suffering from a sprained ankle.

  1. Vinegar

Plain vinegar is an effective remedy for a number of conditions and can be used to soothe your sprained ankle with no fuss. Equal parts of water and vinegar should be heated on the stove (do not microwave) until the mixture becomes warm. Dip a clean cloth in this mixture and wrap it around your ankle for at least half an hour. Repeat this as often as needed.

  1.  Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in healing properties and can help you get relief from sprained ankle quickly. It alleviates inflammation and cuts down the pain that is bred by the sprain. Heat several tablespoons of olive oil on the stove and allow cool enough so that it will not burn your skin. Use this to massage gently around the affected spot for about five minutes so that the muscles can relax to ease your pain. This should be done about four times daily until your ankle begins to heal properly.

  1. Cucumber

Placing cucumbers on your skin can also help to reduce the swelling in your sprained ankle. Cut the cucumber thinly. Place the slices on and around your ankle. Hold them onto your leg with a wrap or clean cloth. Remove the slices once they dry out.

  1. Rosemary and White Willow Bark

Rosemary can be used with white willow bark as an excellent means to relieve pain from a sprained ankle.Place equal parts rosemary and white willow bark in a jar with a topping of alcohol (vodka or rubbing alcohol will work best). Strain this with a cheesecloth and store in a dark container. You can apply it when needed a couple of times daily by dipping a clean cloth in it and wrapping it around the affected area.

  1. Ligament Stretches

You can stretch your ligaments gently to encourage blood flow to your ankle. Start off by stretching your ligaments as gently as possible so you do not injure yourself further. A list of helpful stretches for sprained ankles can be found by following this link.

  1. Use Crutches

Putting pressure on your ankle can slow down its healing process; to combat this, get crutches as fast as you can and allow it bear your weight instead of pressuring the affected ankle. Whether you are using other remedies or not, remember that you will be better off with no aggravation of the sprain.

  1. White Fir

A white fir solution is an excellent remedy that helps relieve sprained ankle easily. It fits in well to soothe tired muscles and sore joints as a result of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties. An equal mix of vegetable oil and white fir oil should be mixed and massaged over the sore spot for five minutes. When you are done massaging the area, rinse off the solution with warm water. Repeat the process up to four times every day for relief.

  1. Avoid Heeled Shoes

Heeled shoes and sprained ankles are not a good combination and it will do you a lot of good to avoid the risk of inflammation and further pain by going for flat soles or other comfortable shoes. Do not wear heels again until your ankle is completely healed.

  1. Oil Blend

A mix of frankincense, clove bud oil, and peppermint oil provide a perfect base for sprained ankle treatment. Add almond oil OR coconut oil OR shea butter to any of the oils mentioned above, utilizing three drops of latter and two teaspoons of the former. Combine these finely and massage to the affected spots for relief. This can be repeated three times a day. Some people might feel irritation as a result of skin reactions; stop applying the remedy when this occurs.

  1. Boot or Crepe

There is wisdom in using special boots to treat sprained ankles so that the spot can be held together to produce the desired relief. If you notice a sign of the affected area turning blue or numbing, take off the banding so that you don’t get too sore or inflame the spot.

  1. Lemongrass Oil

Mix one part of lemongrass oil and four parts of olive oil to create a helpful massage oil. To use this oil well, you need to massage gently around the affected part. The anti-bacterial, astringent, analgesic and antiseptic properties of lemongrass will give you huge relief around your muscles and joints when applied as described.

  1. Arnica

Arnica makes it possible for joints and muscles to work efficiently, as it boosts blood circulation. You need to massage the affected spot with arnica oil and cover up with a fitting cotton wrap for the next five hours. This process should continue three times daily, and in place of arnica oil, the ointment can be a worthy alternative, following the same process. Avoid applying this remedy if there is an open wound on the injury site.

  1. Rest

Avoid doing anything that might damage the sprained ankle further. Do not try to jog or run. Avoid any other exercise that might put unnecessary pressure on the sprained ankle.

  1. Garlic

Garlic has anti-inflammatory compounds that can also ease your pain. Two tablespoons of almond oil and a tablespoonful of garlic juice will be a fitting slave for your sprained ankle. Rub around the spot and allow deepening for the next thirty minutes before washing off with water of slight warmth. Repeat this remedy four times a day over the next couple of days until your ankle is healed.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well reputed and has proven to be a powerful healing agent that remedies sports injuries across the globe. You can use the gel and absorb it with cotton before placing over the affected spot and in case you want a thicker mix, add glycerin to make this possible. Leave to dry and repeat before bed.

  1. Vitamin E

Foods that contain vitamin E like sunflower seeds, spinach, and sweet potatoes are very efficacious when dealing with a sprained ankle. There will be a reduction of swellings with steady consumption of these meals.

We encourage you to try these home remedies when you are recovering from a sprained ankle. Comment below or contact us to tell us about which home remedies worked well for you.










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