24 Natural Birth Control Methods

Parenting plays a beautiful role in the process of raising a child. For any woman who looks to avoid unwanted pregnancy, taking birth control pills can be an option, but there are also natural remedies for avoiding pregnancy that may also help.

Traditionally, men and woman have used natural and herbal techniques as an alternative for birth control, whether it is a natural remedy for birth control or a conservative medical method, it is not likely to be as effective as birth control pills.

It is recommended that you consult with a medical professional if you are looking for effective home remedies to evade getting pregnant. Not all herbs and foods are safe to use when trying to avoid pregnancy, some of them are likely to have side effects or have threats related to their intake.

The below suggestions are best when combined with a non-hormonal method of birth control, like condoms. None of these home remedies are 100% effective, but they are better at preventing pregnancy than not using any birth control at all.

Natural Birth Control Methods


1. Parsley

This is considered as one of the most effective home remedies that is likely to prevent getting pregnant naturally.   The herb is easily accessible, and it is best when used in the form of herbal tea. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t have any side effects linked to its use and is considered extremely mild.


2. Rue

Rue is an organic birth control herb which is popularly used among woman.  It consists of pilocarpine and rutin, which therefore can affect with the insertion. It is recommended that you take two tsps of Rue in a cup and add boiling water, allow for it to steep for a while and drink this tea two or three times a day preventing pregnancy.

Note: Do not boil the rue in the water as it may destroy its contents. Also, if you are already pregnant, do not drink this, as it is likely to cause an abortion.

rue, flowers, birth control

Rue flowers

3. Angelica

Angelica, otherwise known as Dong Quai, stops the pregnancy by challenging the menstruation. It also supports uterine reductions it can also be used as a decoction or capsules.

Notes: Women who have an excessive amount of menstruation flow should not take this herb. Women who have a history of cancer, diabetes and heart attack should avoid this herb.


4. Mugwort (Indian Wormwood)

Mugwort is a leafy plant that looks a lot like parsley. When dried, this plant can be consumed with a cup of water to prevent pregnancy naturally.You can consume mugwort with a cup of water.

Notes: Avoid overdosing of this herb as it may cause renal failure. Avoid this herb if you have kidney problems.


5. Jack-In-the-Pulpit Root

This herb is one of the best to prevent pregnancy. It also works efficiently over a long period of time. It is advised that you take ½ a cup of cold water, add a tsp of dried or powdered Jack- in- The- Pulpit strain it and stir well, This will avoid unwanted pregnancy for one week from the day of consumption.


6. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is related to Blue Cohosh, as well and is considered a naturally efficient way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This herb works by stimulating the release of oxytocin, which in return can result in uterine reductions and avoids pregnancies.

black cohosh, birth control

Black cohosh plant

7. Dried Apricots

Dried apricots can be used to prevent conception in less serious cases, however, they should not be consumed if you are already pregnant, as this can cause pregnancy complications. To use this natural birth control method, mix 100 gms of dried apricot along with 2 tbsp honey and water. Bring this mixture to a boil for about a half an hour and drink one cup of it.

This can also help to reduce the amount of blood in your menstrual cycle. You are likely to have lighter periods if you use this home remedy, and you may have spotting between periods


8. Stoneseed Leaf Solution

This is considered one of the most powerful herb items on the list of birth control remedies. Take cold water and add the stoneseed, allow for it to steep at least for a few hours. It is recommended that you drink a cup regularly for six months.

Note: it is vital to consult with a medical professional before using this herb as its side effects vary.


9. Papaya

Papaya assists in birth control and having unwanted abortions, however, you have to consume it directly after intercourse to block pregnancy.  It is advised that you consume it at least two times a day for around three to four days.

Note: If you are already pregnant, you should avoid eating this fruit, as it may complicate your pregnancy.


10. Ginger Root

This common kitchen necessity can assist to avoid unwanted pregnancies; it also assists to stimulate excessive menstrual bleeding. To use this natural preventative measure, clean the ginger thoroughly, grate it, and add it to a cup of boiling water.Boil it for some time and allow for it to steep for five minutes. Strain the contents and consume at least two cups of hot ginger every day.


11. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a usual herb that prevents conception. It contains rutin that prevents insertion. It is advised that 500 grams of the herb are used every day. This herb has no side effects making it the best choice for a contraceptive.


12. Asafoetida

This herb originates from Iran is a smelling herb. This helps avoids pregnancy, but it also induces abortions Take Asafoetida juice every month and drink plenty of water in the interim.

Note: Do not take this if you are already pregnant, as it is likely to cause an abortion.


13. Blue Cohosh

This is another herb that can assist to stimulate the release of oxytocin. Take bits of dried blue cohosh it may be brewed in the form of a tea. Consume the tea two or three times daily.

Note: It is recommended that you consult with a medical professional before you use this, as side effects may vary.

14. Dried Figs

Dried Anjeer has been identified as figs. Taking Anjeer directly after sex is one of the most successful birth control methods. Consuming at least two or three pieces of Anjeer a day assists correcting blood circulation as well. It also assists in stopping many problems in the body, though make sure you are not eating too much of it as it may upend your stomach.


15. Wild Yam

This herb takes up to one to two months to function to function as a birth control. Take this herb regularly at least two servings a day. You should refrain from skipping any day because it can interrupt the efficiency of this herb.

wild yam, herb, birth control

Wild yam herb

16. Vitamin C

This element contains many herbs and functions as an alternative contraceptive. Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid it delays progesterone hormone from fixing the uterus. If you decide to use it after unprotected sex, then take 1500 mg twice a day for the next three days.


17. Condoms

Condoms may also be associated as a natural alternative of birth control.  In this way, you are not consuming any medical pills or undergoing any surgery to avoid childbirth. Condoms are one of the affordable and widely popular methods of birth control. It also encourages safe sex and helps avoid many diseases that can be sexually transmitted.


18. Secure Period Technique

A very efficient way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy is to make use of protected period methods. It is recommended that a couple needs to avoid sex-related interaction eight days just before the period and eight days after the period. This approach works well only with women who have regular menstruation cycles.


19. Withdrawal Method

In this case, the man should remove his penis from the woman’s vagina right before he starts ejaculation This method makes sure that the sperm does not enter the vagina. For this approach to be successful the man should know the exact timing to make sure that this technique is 100% semen free.


20. Indian Lilac

Indian Lilac is a common treatment for birth control. It lessens the semen’s motility and therefore avoids fertilization. Indian Lilac, if consumed on a regularly basis by men, results may be brief and adjustable sterility. It does not however affect the sex drive or sperm production.  


21. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works very effectively it kills the fertile sperms and also works as a spermicidal. It is for that reason it is considered a best solution for contraception.Place lemon juice in a 1:1 ratio it needs to be utilized in the process of vaginal douche before or after intercourse. This supports in killing the sperms in the vaginal canal and also avoids pregnancies Take a sponge and dip it in lime juice and put into the vagina proceeding to engaging in sexual intercourse.

22. Pomegranate

Pomegranate can also be used and has been used in ancient times. It consists of strong degrees of a material called Oestrone it aids in preventing pregnancy. The seeds of pomegranate have excessive amounts of this element in it and it also needs to be eaten in order to evade pregnancy.


Pomegranate fruit and seeds

23. Vaginal Douching

Yes, this does exists- “Vaginal Douching”.  This is a method where a liquid solution is applied on the woman’s vagina to wash the excess mucus and other sort of debris out of the body. Because of this, it can be used to wash sperm out of the vagina after sex.


24. Cotton Root Bark

Cotton root bark can be used to stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin. Take the dried root and cut it in pieces. It can be used in tea form by brewing the pieces in hot water. It is advised that you use it around two times a day.


Do you know of any other natural birth control methods? If so, contact us or comment below!










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