40 Home Remedies for Bird Flu

People who have been associated with plague-ridden birds are subject to experience the symptoms of this particular type of disease. There are cases where the infection has spread from one person to the other.

Fitness specialists warn, that should the infection in control of bird flu undertakes a transformation turning into a type that spreads more simply amongst people, a worldwide bird flu outburst is likely to occur. At this time, research is proceeding on injections that can propose a sense of defense from this infection.

How Bird Flu Spreads

Bird flu typically matures in desolate waterfowl, however, it is likely to spread to national chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

This type of flu is widespread in open-air flea markets, where poultry is sold in large quantities in unhygienic circumstances. This can trigger the illness to spread to shoppers and sellers.

Consumption of fowl meat is harmless and does not trigger contagion on condition that the meat or eggs are prepared by the book. The temperature for cooking the meat should be about 165F, whereas eggs should be prepared up until the white and yolk turn out to be well-founded.

The leading cause of bird flu is instant interaction with disease-ridden birds. Exposure to exteriors polluted by diseased spittle or droppings can similarly put an individual in danger of bird flu. This is most common for people with close contact with these birds, like farmers. In exceptional cases, bird flu spreads on or after one person to the next. The motive for such hominid broadcast is not entirely identified.

Home Remedies for Bird Flu Symptoms and How to Take Preventative Measures

chicken, bird, bird flu

You are only likely to get bird flu if you are usually around bird droppings or if you eat under-cooked poultry

1. Refrigerate and Freeze

Refrain from storing prepared bird meat at room temperature for a few hours or more. Keep all cooked leftovers in the fridge. On the other hand, refrain from storing food in the fridge for a long period of time if the food has yet to be cooked. If you are not sure when you will cook your meat, freeze it until a few hours before you are ready to cook it. This will allow the meat to stay edible, but also give it time to defrost. The food you are serving should be very hot before serving.


2. Use Safe Water

Water might comprise of damaging viruses, which is why it is vital to use safe water constantly. If you are traveling to a place where the water is not purified, you can either use a water purifier to use the water, boil the water to kill bacteria or use bottled water in your cooking.


3. Vitamins and Minerals

Most useful antivirals are also antioxidants. Typically a mixture of solid antioxidants is used in great applications. These comprise of vitamins A, C, D, E, alpha lipoic acid, abstracts of grapefruit seed, as well as olive leaves. Try to take in these vitamins either in capsules or from food.

Helpful minerals include magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Colloidal silver, hydrogen bleach, garlic, and a variety of basils and essential lubricants may be added. Different numbers and mixtures may be used at diverse phases of the contagion alert or a real taint. These can also be found either naturally in foods or in capsule form.


4. Cook Thoroughly

Make sure that fowl, seafood, meat, and eggs are prepared carefully. Stews and broths have to be simmered up until a temperature of 70 degrees C. Fowl meat ought to be prepared up until the liquids run clear. A thermometer can be used to check if the food is ready.


Raw chicken and vegetables

5. Forsythia and Honeysuckle

Forsythia and honeysuckle are both types of basil that are typically used in Chinese medication. They are often combined with lemon balm, giving it a delicate taste to ward off avian flu. All these three basils comprise of strong antiviral properties, and mixing the herbs intensifies their effectiveness. To use either type of these basils, you can either use these basils in meal preparation (as a spice) or make it into a tea.


6. Vitamin C 

Enhance the consumption of vitamin C to half a teaspoon of (fresh) nectar or basil tea each hour. Should you not be subjected to diarrhea, then escalate it even further the following day to half a teaspoon every single 30 minutes or one teaspoon each hour.

As often as you can, drink plenty of fluids with high consumption of vitamin C. You are most likely to find high concentrations of vitamin C in citrus-based juices, like orange juice.


7. Use Safe Raw Materials While Cooking

Select fresh nourishments that are not spoiled in any form. Wash all fruits and vegetables carefully underneath running water prior to consumption. Avoid using foods after their expiration date. Use sterilized milk and other safe dairy products.


8. Echinacea

The customary herbal treatment used for flu is Echinacea. It has been used by herbalists for eras as a blood cleanser and immune system intoxicant. Echinacea is a brilliant herbal for firming up the system. Making Echinacea tea is the easiest way to use this home remedy.

100 Echinacea capsules ($4.77)

9. L-Lysine

L-Lysine is a vital amino acid which makes it more problematic for bacteria to extend by firming collagen. Intake approximately 2 grams or a partial teaspoon of L-lysine every day before mealtimes. (If the label just articulates “Lysine” then it perhaps is the artificial D, L formula and may not be as operative.)

L-Lysine also aids to make sure passable captivation of calcium and the creation of collagen for bone, gristle, and connective flesh. Lysine reinforces flow and benefits the immune system produces antibodies. Moreover, it supports to regulate the body’s acid/alkaline poise, effects the pineal and mammary glands and contributes to gallbladder occupation. 


10. Astragalus

Astragalus has been used in China for eras. It is immune-enhancing basil that fortifies the body. Astragalus chains the bone substance by cumulating the manufacture of interferon and structuring disease-fighting blood cells, allowing an individual to fight and contest the bird flu infection.

11. Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Put a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide into each ear canal if you already have the bird flu. When the bubbling stops, turn the head and cure the additional ear. Repeat this couple of times a day, if you are experiencing ear pain, at approximately two-hour intermissions.

Furthermore, repeatedly use a mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide, as this should also help to relieve some of your symptoms.


12. Maintain Good Hygiene

It is of utmost importance to rinse your hands beforehand, or in the process, of handling food and using the restroom. The cooking area should be at all times be sheltered from bugs and additional animals. Make sure that all of your dishes and cooking equipment are also clean before you use them.

Clean, soap, atopic dermatitis

Keep yourself and your home clean and you can prevent bird flu

13. Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables should be a common inclusive in your diet, should you be an influenza patient. Due to a deteriorating desire for food, it might be hard to eat the suggested quantities of fruits and vegetables. For that reason, drink fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice, in addition to vegetable soup or else broth.

If you want to toughen your physique and enhance your immune system, eat plenty of salads prepared from fresh vegetables. For instance, bell sprinkles, carrots, onion, as well as garlic are all healthy vegetable and spice options. Furthermore, eat lots of fresh fruits similar to cranberries, apples, oranges, as well as blueberries. This aids to diminish the danger of viral infections emerging.


14. Ginger

There is an exceptional effect in ginger tea that assists and helps the body lesson flu indicators.  Drink ginger tea at least two times a day to get the best results.


Ginger tea

15. Turmeric and Warm Milk

In a glass of lukewarm milk, combine a teaspoon of turmeric powder, and mix until the spice blends into the milk completely.  Drink this mixture no less than two times per day. This mixture toughens the liver and lessens the signs of influenza.


16. Fasting and Cleansing

Accrued wastes, substances, and poisons are barred when you don’t eat for long periods of time, leaving your physique at liberty of these damaging elements. Try to keep up on your personal hygiene, especially if you are already ill. Even if you do not feel well, try to eat something, so you at least have something in your stomach.


17. Allergy Testing

Any form of an allergic reaction significantly deteriorates your immune system. A solid immune system aids to defend the physique from numerous virus-related infections. Vitamin C supplements boost your immune system, which could lessen the effect of minor allergic reactions.


18. Keep Warm

Always keep your physique lukewarm when you are infected with bird flu. Cover up with a blanket or scarf at all time. You can similarly make body heat by means of tallying a teaspoon of honey to one grain of rum and drinking this every day. Obviously, do not give the rum/honey home remedy to children or pregnant women.

mittens, warm, fingernails, brittle fingernails

Avoid going out in the cold, but if you have to, make sure you keep warm

19. Eucalyptus Oil

Should you want to simplify nasal congestion, breathe in the fumes from a bowl of hot water, with a few drops of eucalyptus oil added, as they surge. Use a towel to cover the steam from evading and draw in for approximately ten minutes. Tea tree oil can also be added to the steaming water. This remedy assists in clearing the nasal openings.


20. Green tea 

Green tea contains anti-viral properties and limits the release of neuraminidase, which is a prerequisite for the bird flu virus reproduction process. It is suitable to drink approximately three to six cups of green tea every day.


21. Onion Juice and Honey

Blend equivalent quantities of honey and onion juice in a jar. Drink about 3 to 4 teaspoons of this combination on once every day, up until the flu stops.


22. Gelsemium

Gelsemium is designated for pains and discomforts, faintness, dizziness, quivering, occipital headache at the back of head and neckline, and sleepiness. It also functions as improved common flu-like indicators. Take this as directed on the bottle.


23. Remedy Dental Problems

Mercury, nickel, as well as dead teeth, deteriorate the immune system so it is essential to combat them. See a dentist if you are worried that your dental problems may be negatively affecting your health. Once your dental problems are remedied, your immune system should become stronger.


24. Fenugreek  Seeds

Make a mixture by steaming a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds into half a liter of lukewarm water. Carry on boiling the seeds, up until the water diminishes to one-third of its original measure. At that point, add a teaspoon of renewed ginger juice to this mixture, lengthways with a small number of honey drops, just to give it a more pleasant taste. Drink this combination once per day.

Fenugreek, seeds, balding

Fenugreek seeds

25. Oscillococcinum

Homeopathic Oscillococcinum also stops influenza from taking a foothold. If you have been subjected to initial indicators of flu, melt a tablet in a similar method as stated in eucalyptus oil home remedy tip. Breathe the medication on one occasion or two times a day for three days to increase your immune system. This reduces the period of influenza for certain people. It is accessible at all supplies that sell homeopathic medications.


26. Boost Hydration

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight cups of water every day. This assists in keeping the nasal membranes hydrated also.



27. Warm Water and Honey

Mix a cup of lukewarm water with add honey and lemon for a pleasant taste. Drink this beverage at least once a day. You can do this as often as three times a day, though. This calms the indications and consecutively unties the mucus, allowing the body to terminate it.


28. Mullein Tea

Mullein tea dismisses chest blocking resulting from coughs, chills, and influenza. It plays a role of linctus, untying stuck mucus in routes and comforting sore throats. For additional help from this tea, try to drink it at least once a day until you have recovered from your flu symptoms.


If you need your tea to be sweeter, add honey, not sugar.

29. Chicken Soup

Use the benefit of the great antioxidant properties and nutrients to combat the flu by means of consuming an abundant amount of chicken soup. Furthermore, to vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables, bone soup made by preparing home-made chicken is a solid immune system producer and makes available many trace minerals to upkeep remedial measures. Use purebred chicken and vegetables to get the finest nutrients. Bone broth is also helpful for many other home remedies, like the stomach pain associated with diverticulitis.


30. Ditch Crowded Scenes

Refrain from packed places if you are infected with influenza. It is preferable to stay indoors up until the signs diminish. This will help to reduce the spread of the disease. If you have to go out in public, where a medical mask so you do not spread your flu symptoms through the air.


31. Sleep and Rest

The body needs enough rest for the duration of a virus-related infection allowing it to properly heal and recuperate. Ensure that you get sufficient rest and sleep on a daily basis. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.


32. Safe Habits

Evade from distributing contagion by means of a one-use tissue or a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing.

common cold

Also, do not use other people’s handkerchiefs.

33. Exercise

Easy aerobics, like yoga, is helpful for cultivating the immune system. Meditation, as well as strong exercise, aids in firming the physique and in turn makes it more resilient to diseases.


34. Avoid Steroidal Drugs

Should you experience heavy blood loss with the Avian Flu (for instance coughing up blood, bloody stools, or bloody diarrhea) refrain from using Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naprosyn, or any additional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as these will “thin” the blood and worsen the blood.


35. Holy Basil

Holy basil is a flower which is generally recognized as Ocimum Sanctum. The consumption of leaves from this herb assists in the clearing of several respiratory illnesses as well as swine flu. This plant also enhances the protection of an individual in contradiction of swine flu, namely one of the greatest effectual home medications to stop the avian flu H1N1 virus.

holy basil, flower, bird flu

Holy basil flower

36. Avoid Lipitor and Statins

Refrain from using Lipitor or Statins as they harm the immune system.


37. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is available in most households. To make a tea out of apple cider vinegar and water, simply mix equal parts of both water and apple cider vinegar and heat it up The tea is consumed with milk and sugar to upsurge protection contrary to H1N1. It is measured as one of the greatest home mixtures to stop avian flu contagion.


38. Blackstrap Molasses

A teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses in a single cup of warm water two or three times every day is also an outstanding stimulant for upholding high pH as well as blood sugar. It also shapes fit terrain to combat off virus-related contagions.

blackstrap molasses, grey hair

Blackstrap molasses in its liquid form (blackstrap molasses can also be bough in pill form)

39. Avoid Smoking

Try to avoid smoking and likewise refrain from smoke-filled parts. Smoke can deteriorate breathing complications. Quitting smoking is also an important home remedy in several other health conditions, including atrial fibrillation, bad breath, and the lung problem, Atelectasis.


40. Elderberry Defense

Elderberry Defense is exactly what the name entails, a defense health mechanism made of Elderberry. It is an herbal mixture compromising of Elderberry abstract, Echinacea purpurea, royal jelly, and olive foliage. Elderberries are antiviral and pose as a decongestant starved of raising blood pressure.  It advances immune occupation, assists the liver and alleviates the breathing mucosa. Elderberry decreases the efficiency of the Neuraminidase to assign to cell membranes.

Which of these home remedies or preventative measures are you going to take? Comment below!










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