8 Easy Natural Home Remedies For Nervousness

Why Do We Get Nervous?

Everyone gets nervous every once in a while, but sometimes people get nervous far too much to seem normal. If you want to learn how to prevent, cope, or cure your nervousness with simple home remedies, then this is the article for you.

There’s an unlimited amount of reasons why someone would be nervous. Doing something new, public speaking, exams, and other events can make a person nervous. Usually, nervousness comes from fear, anxiety, and stress. To fix this problem you need to learn how to relax, calm down, and de-stress.

However, if you are nervous all of the time you may want to talk to your doctor about anxiety or ADHD related problem. If it is just occasional or event-related nervousness that you need help overcoming, then follow some of these natural remedies.


8 Natural Home Remedies For Nervousness

#1. Be Prepared

If you know that you have to do something that makes you nervous, then try to be as prepared for the event as you can be. If you have to give a speech, then practice it.

Have an exam? Study as much as you can for it. Do whatever you need to do to be prepared for the event, and remember to try not to over-stress about it.

#2. It’s Not That Bad

If you are worried about something minor, try to stop worrying. “It’s not that easy,” you might think, but it can be. One trick that I like to use when I have anxiety about something is to try ‘The Million Dollar Trick’. Imagine that you are on a game show.

There’s a million dollars on the line for a 50/50 question. You can bet on the thing you’re worried about. Say, “I’m going to crash on this airplane,” and the other thing you can bet on is the more possible side, “I’ll land safely.” If you had to bet a million dollars, which seems more likely? Use this as a tool when you are worried about a minor thing.

#3. Don’t Get Mad At Yourself

It’s not your fault that you are stressed and nervous. Everyone gets that way sometimes. The worst thing you can do is to blame yourself and get frustrated about something that you can’t control.

Understand that it’s not your fault and that you aren’t the one to blame. However, don’t take out your frustration on someone else either.

#4. Control Your Breathing

When you get stressed you may breathe too much or too little. Keep track of how much you’re breathing. Take in large breaths through your nose.

And try to get your stomach to extend out as far as you can before releasing your breath. Keep doing this over and over until you regain some composure.

#5. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine products can make you jittery. Avoid soda before an event that you’re dreading. Also, avoid chocolate because that has caffeine in it as well. Snack on foods higher in carbohydrates, as they are an excellent home remedy to keep you calmer.

#6. Tea

Tea, non-caffeinated of course, helps many people when it comes to easing their nerves. Take the tea of your choice and drink it until you feel better.

Other hot beverages can act as excellent natural home remedies for nervousness. But remember to make sure that they don’t have a high caffeine content before you drink them.

#7. Relax

If you are nervous about something, then find something to help you to calm down and relax. Whether you need to read, write, watch a movie, exercise, or whatever may help you, do it.

Your mental health is one of the most important things about you. Do whatever you need to do to calm down.

#8. Re-evaluate The Situation

After following some of these tips, re-evaluate the situation. Is it as bad as you initially thought? Do you have more time to prepare for the event than you thought you did? Can you get help with doing whatever it is that you need to do?

In many cases, the problem is not as large as we think it to be at first. Relax and get back to your task, and get it done without over-stressing. If you need to, take breaks.

Hopefully one of these effective natural home remedy for nervousness can help you to calm down.

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