7 Home Remedies For Weight Gain

A number of people stay underweight. No matter how much they eat, they do not seem to put on any pounds. It might seem like a blessing to several people, but it actually is not. We need to have a healthy weight to function appropriately.

First, you must know where your weight lies. There are multiple websites that calculate your ideal body weight. Once you know you are underweight, start the following home remedies to get your body to the ideal weight.

1. Eggs

Eggs store plenty of energy in them. Eggs have high-calories that obviously add a few pounds. Eggs have an abundance of proteins and fats in them that build up your body muscle and provide energy. However, people have a misconception that swallowing raw eggs will build their muscles stronger. That, in reality, can lead to health problems.

Consume 3 to 4 eggs a day until you put on desired weight. There is no specific way of using the eggs. Nevertheless, eggs should at least be half cooked.

2. Peanut Butter

Isn’t being underweight a fun when you get the perks of devouring peanut butter as much as you wish? Peanut butter is full of calories and carbohydrates that will give you additional pound when you use it plenteously.

People, who love peanut butter, eat spoonfuls of it as is. There is no problem in that. Spread it on fruits and bread. Add it to your milkshakes and smoothies.

*Please beware if you are allergic to peanuts.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes store complex sugar and carbohydrates in them. These sugars and carbohydrates will help you gain weight.

There are numerous ways to eat potatoes. Try to use the fried method less often as it is not healthy. You can eat French fries, but occasionally. Bake or grill potatoes and use them in your meals. You can also boil potatoes, dice them and add to a salad.

4. Bananas

Bananas contain fructose, sucrose and glucose and a modest amount of calories. These sugars not only add to your body weight but also give you energy.

Chomp a couple of ripe bananas a day. You can eat more if you want. Drink banana milkshakes and smoothies. Add bananas to parfait. Eat fruit salads that consist mainly of bananas. Devour bananas like a monkey.

5. Beans

Beans have ample of calories in them. If you are looking forward to gaining extra pounds and an extra dose you energy, then you need to add beans to your diet. There is a variety of beans to select from. You can either opt for the kind you like or you can use all of them. Soy beans, kidney beans, red beans, black beans, lima beans and lentils are all extremely helpful in gaining weight.

Cook a bean soup and drink a bowl daily. Add boiled beans to your salads. Boil beans, then sprinkle salt to taste and eat them right away.

Weight Gain

6. Raisins

Raisins are an excellent food item that helps you gain weight. Raisins are densely packed with calories. A petite serving of raisins, around a quarter of a cup, has a hundred calories.

Toss raisins in your mouth daily to acquire weight.

7. Stop Stressing

A mass of people gains weight when they are stressed. Others are completely opposite. They lose weight. You know your own type. You forget to eat when you are stressed. You lose your appetite. You fail to not concentrate on your meals and eat lesser portions. Your mind races to fast that you forget even about your health. But how can you face the circumstances that give you the stress when your body isn’t ready to take? You not only lose weight, but you also become weaker.

Stay calm. Meditate. Write it down. Listen to music. Hang out with friends. Talk to the one who understands. Do the stuff that generates happiness in your life.

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