6 Morning Rituals That Can Boost Your Mood

How To Boost Your Mood?

Many of us either have a deep sleep we are reluctant to be woken from. Others simply do not like mornings. Sure once they are going they are fine but that first half an hour or so is the toughest. This article discusses some rituals that can help you boost your mood first thing in the morning.

Many of us do not like getting out of bed. Sometimes it is best to accept that and then see what you can do about the fact. The other thing to take into consideration is that some people may want to leap out of bed suddenly. They will then do some or all of the below in various orders.

Others will very slowly, ponderously do each in turn, deliberately gradually bringing their minds and bodies into the day slowly. Well there are a number of ways to change your mood, to switch your mind from foggy, post sleep dreamland to get up and go, even if it is gradually.

Morning Rituals

Here are 6 rituals you can go through each morning or at least on work days to start your day the right way:

1) Get straight to the kitchen. Put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee. This might be instant, it might be percolated or it might be using one of those capsule machines that now mirror a cafe shop coffee.

Whatever the case allow yourself to sit down and really savor and relish the aroma of the coffee, the first sip. Sometimes this is all you may want to do.

Other times you may want to visualize the day ahead of you, imagine yourself having a positive, up kind of day.

2) Make yourself some breakfast. This may only be a couple of pieces of toast and juice but have something. Saturdays you can have the full bacon and eggs for an extended breakfast ritual, something to really take your time over making and eating! One thing many people forget about breakfast is that it is the first meal in 8-9 hours.

Your mind and body needs something to face the next day! Also if you have a decent breakfast this will carry you over until about 1pm or 2pm in the afternoon. If your work commitments mean you have to work through lunch or have a late lunch you will be fine. It also means you avoid spending so much at lunch in the city, which can add up over the week!

3) ┬áIf you are religious at all read your religious text, now you get the Quran, the Bible on smart phones and Tablets so you don’t have to even get out of bed or you can read it while you have that first coffee.

When it comes to reading any of the religious texts memorize verses that encourage you or give you hope. These may come in handy during the day if you are faced with challenges and need spiritual support.

4) Visualize you day. If you have not already done this think of what you have on that day. Try and visualise, imagine, picture what you have to do and visualise it going well. This may not always mean that things will go smoothly but it will help prepare you for your day. It also sets the stage for planning and organising your day.

5) Get in the shower and enjoy waking yourself up. Some people like to use refreshing fruit scented gels or even aromatherapy gels with real natural medicinal benefits such as revitalising your mind, lifting your spirits (orange, Ylang ylang and pine).

When you are in the shower start with hot or warm and then if you can bear it, finish with a bracing cold shower. This will not only wake up but it is also good for your circulation and your heart.

6) Before heading out that door, tell yourself “Today is going to be a great day” and smile at yourself in the mirror before you head out the door.

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