10 Health Benefits Of Bugleweed

The bugleweed is a perennial herb from the mint family that is native to Europe but found as an invasive species in North America. It is easy to grow as it can cover the ground like a carpet of green or multicolor evergreen leaves. The whole herb grown above ground is used for its medicinal qualities, so extracts are often taken from both the leaves and the flowers. Other names for bugleweed are bitter bugle, bugleweed, carpenter’s herb, carpetweed, green archangel, gypsywort, northern bugleweed, Paul’s betony, purple archangel, rough bugleweed, sweet bugle, Virginia water horehound, water bugle, water horehound, and wolf foot.


Bugleweed is more commonly available as Thyreo-loges N tablets, but is also available as a tea or liquid form.

1. One of the greatest benefits of bugleweed is its ability to slow and stop bleeding. It has been used to treat nosebleeds and heavy menstrual bleeding.

2. Bugleweed helps improve respiratory health. The anti-inflammatory qualities relieve irritation from excessive coughing, which helps with sore throat and shortness of breath. As an expectorant, it also gets rid of the phlegm that causes congestion.

3. Both of its treatment for bleeding and respiratory health are ideal for a natural treatment for tuberculosis characterized by bleeding from the lungs.

4. Women can also use bugleweed to relieve breast pain as prolactin seems to be released when used. It also helps with premenstrual syndrome as it works to balance hormone levels.

5. The herb is used to treat those with hyperthyroidism as it appears to reduce the production of the thyroid hormone in the body. When the thyroid is overactive and producing too much hormone, symptoms may include shaking, palpitations, and shortness of breath, so bugleweed is used to keep these hormones in check.

6. Bugleweed is a sedative that relaxes users, especially those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, and chronic stress. By reducing the stress hormones and the damage it can cause the heart and other organs, it relieves some of the pain caused by such tension and aids the overall health of the body.

7. The sedative also helps those who have trouble sleeping due to insomnia. Not only does bugleweed help users sleep better, but it naturally works with the hormones in the body to be able to get the rest it needs.

8. Bugleweed has the antioxidant qualities to heal cuts and small wounds on the skin. The topical application of the extract will speed up healing and prevent infection.

9. Topical application also means the anti-inflammatory effects will take care of the pain and swelling of the skin in the affected area.

10. Bugleweed can be used for preventative measures as the phytochemial compounds eliminate the free radicals that may be present in the body. It protects the organs and metabolism for a healthier body.

Bugleweed is generally safe to use, however there can be side effects and interactions to keep in mind. Because bugleweed may cause blood sugar to drop, those with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar carefully. They also need to consider any medication they already take that lowers their blood sugar. Also, bugleweed can be used to treat hypothyroidism, but should not be used in cases of a poorly functioning thyroid or enlarged thyroid. Long-term use of bugleweed is also discouraged as it can cause an enlarged thyroid gland. It should be used as directed; if it is discontinued too soon, there will be a high level of thyroid and prolactin in the body. As with any herbal supplement or remedy, it is important to consult a medical professional before using it for treatments.

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