7 Foods That Make You Smarter

Let’s face it we all would like to be or at least appear smarter right? Well without having to have that brain transplant you promised yourself for Christmas, here are some foods you can eat to boost your brain’s computer power!

Before we start let’s ask ourselves why is it in society we spend so much time being concerned with how fit our body is while our poor brain just lies on the deck chair, languishing in its potential, instead of growing! (Find out who are fitter – men or women?).

In this article we will look at 7 foods that may not make you an Einstein overnight but they may make people think you have a half a brain at least!


The following foods are proven brain foods both nutritionally and scientifically:

#1. Fish

Yes, that is right! Eating oily fish that is rich in specific Omega-3 ingredients such as EPA and DHA can aid your grey matter. Even more important is how you prepare fish that you eat. When you bake or broil fish you get the brainy benefits of fish.

However if you fry fish you don’t get the same effect. This may be because the crucial Omega-3 oils that improve brain function are destroyed or denatured in the more severe heat frying process.

#2. Whole Grains

Eating whole grains with low Glycemic Index (GI) is both healthier for your body and your brain. This is directly due to the fact that with low GI foods glucose is constantly slowly supplied to the brain. (Find out how to cut down on sugar in your diet.)

The brain needs glucose and its energy to work properly throughout the day. Any drop in glucose level can impair mental judgement and brain functioning, making people “sluggish”.

#3. Nuts

All nuts have levels of vitamin E, essential for the ongoing maintenance of the brain and prevention of deteriorating brain diseases such as Alzheimer.

#4. Sage

The herb or essential oil sage is known to improve body function. This well-known herb can also be sprinkled onto food as well as burning or vaporizing with essential oil equipment. (Read about 4 magical herbs).

#5. Tomatoes

Once again those fleshy fruits that might also be vegetables come up trumps. Known for their anti-carcinogenic properties especially prostrate cancer, tomatoes are also great for your brain! It is in fact the Lycopene ingredient in tomatoes that provide the brain improvement. (Read about health benefits of tomato).

What is also interesting is that tomatoes are also good for the heart. Recent research has indicated that the heart is inextricably linked to the brain. To explain this further, a¬†study involving 2000 patients who had suffered cardiac arrests, found that although their brains¬†were “clinically dead” , 40% had an “awareness”. This implies that somehow the heart has a form of brain function previously undetected.

#6. Strawberries

Next time you buy that punnet of strawberries and have a delicious bowl of milk and strawberries, remind yourself you are doing your brain a favor as well as your stomach! (Strawberries can be used as a home remedy for cough and cold).

#7. Bananas

This common yellow fruit, banana is a super food. They are great for a snack, have low GI and are great eaten in the form of a smoothie. In addition to all of this they are high in Potassium, aiding nerve function and result in the increase of serotonin (natural brain anti-depressant).

When a person is depressed or moody their ability to function mentally can be slowed and even stalled altogether. It appears that bananas are a powerful food for both well-being and brain functioning.

Next time you are in the office and want to have a healthy boost to your brain, instead of having an energy drink or a coffee, have a banana smoothie with gingko bilboa added as an enhancer. This will really clear any cobwebs and speed up those synapses!

So as can be seen from the brain foods in this article, you don’t have to look far to raise your brain’s functioning. All you need is probably sitting in your kitchen or at your local juice bar right now. All you have to do is eat these super foods!

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