17 Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs have probably been eaten since people started to keep chickens as pets, and for good reason too. There are many things that eggs give us to and it’s good to know them because they have more to them than just protein.

Health Benefits of Eggs

There are countless ways to eggs so you do not have to worry about getting sick of eating them. You can boil, scramble, make deviled eggs, over easy, poached, or omelets. All you have to do is look on online and you are bound to find a new way to cook it. So, check out these health benefits and eat up!

  1. Growth

When it comes to children, there are always different things that they are told to deter them from eating or drinking something that they should not be eating or drinking at their age. The one that comes to mind is that coffee stunts your growth, right? Eggs do the exact opposite.

Young children, when put on a ‘diet’ of reduced sugar-sweetened foods and a daily egg, can reach a healthy height and not be stunted as they get older.

eggs, doctor, kid, child

Ask your child’s doctor about how many eggs they should eat a week to grow properly

  1. Heart Health

Eating an egg a day can do amazing things for limiting the chances of strokes and heart disease. This is because the eggs contain nutrients called betaine and choline. The eggs have to be a steady and consistent part of your diet for them to truly help.


  1. Rickets and Osteoporosis

Eggs are rich in vitamin D which helps to ward off osteoporosis and rickets. The different ways that the layer chicken is raised can affect the amount of vitamin D they have. Organic (free range) chickens have more than the eggs of chickens that were raised in a factory.


  1. Duck Eggs

Duck and chicken eggs have a lot of the same nutrients, but duck eggs are bigger. Because duck eggs are bigger, they hold even more nutrients. You should be a little bit more careful with duck eggs because duck eggs contain more cholesterol and fat.


  1. Cook Well

This is something that is very important. Eggs that are not fully cooked can result in something called salmonella. Salmonella is a kind of food poisoning. You are more likely to gain an illness, rather than much nutrients if you do not cook your eggs.


  1. Cholesterol

There has been a debate for a while about whether or not the cholesterol in eggs is good or bad. Eggs are high in cholesterol, but also, there are differing opinions on if the cholesterol directly affects the bloodstream or not. There has been no result that explicitly states if does or does not. So just to be safe, it is best not to over do it. In addition the in same cases, eggs have been known to raise the good cholesterol (the HDL).  


Many doctors suggest that people eat egg whites, rather than the yolks, if they have high cholesterol

  1. Choline

Choline is something that helps to build cell membranes, they make molecules in the brain that help it to know what to do and when, and they have other functions as well. Most people don’t enough choline, so eating an egg is the perfect way to get some.


  1. Omega-3

Omega-3 is a kind of fatty acid that helps to keep your blood healthy by keeping triglyceride levels down and around where they should be. Keeping the triglycerides down is part of what protects you from heart diseases.

  1. Protein

While protein is often over eaten in America, what does should not be overlooked. Protein helps you body to rebuild cells and it also keeps you full. Because eggs keep you full for a while and do not have carbs, a lot of people use them as a key part of some diets.

Protein also helps to build muscles which you see people drinking egg shakes in movies (do not drink eggs, it could be very bad for you). They build the muscles while slowing down the amount of muscle loss and how lost it is lost.


  1. Energy

The vitamins and the minerals in the eggs can induce energy that is made in the cells. Eggs are great to eat before working out to give you a healthy burst of energy, rather than drinking a sugary energy drink.


  1. Pregnancy

There are compounds in eggs that can keep both the mother and the child healthy during pregnancy. The same compound can help to stop the child from developing spina bifida. Pregnant women should try to eat eggs often to improve both their health and the health of their unborn child.

eggs, pregnant, folate

Eggs contain folate, which is a great mineral for pregnant women to take in

  1. Skin Care  

Vitamins and minerals within your body help to protect your skin and at least repair. The same minerals can stop your skin tissue from breaking down.  Egg whites are often used in our home remedy articles for treating various skin conditions.

  1. Eyesight

It has always been said that carrots are the best thing you can use to repair your eyes. That’s not always the case. Eggs contain zeaxanthin and lutein so they are amazing at stopping macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is what causes the blindness people start having trouble with as they get older.


  1.  Immune System Boost

The selenium, along with vitamins B-12 and A can help to build and strengthen your immune system to battle off colds and other illnesses.


  1. Low in Calories

One large egg has 70 to 85 calories and all of the nutrients. An egg does not even have carbs. So really, an egg that has 70 calories is not a bad at all. Their low number of calories is part of what makes them a perfect diet food.


  1. Prevent Breast Cancer

Eating eggs as a teenager and adult can help to lower your chances of getting breast cancer by 44 percent. If you only eat the egg yolk, then the chance of getting breast cancer is reduced by 24 percent instead, but it is still something.


  1. Hair Growth      

Vitamins A, B6, B12, and protein, along with biotin all help to grow your hair faster. You can either eat eggs or you can make hair masks that you apply right to your hair and wash out in the shower.

hair, long hair, woman, eggs

Eggs encourage the growth of long and strong healthy hair

Which of these health benefits are you most impressed by? Comment below!  








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