10 health benefits of Cassava

Cassava; is a brown skin with white flesh tubular root plant which grows in the soil while its leaves and stem are on the upper part. To eat cassava you have to boil it or dry is and form flour out of it which can be used to make different meals. We are going to outline some of the health benefits of this starchy food.


Cassava has magnesium and copper; these two minerals are known for their ability to control and lower blood pressure and therefore reducing the risk of you having disease related to high blood pressure. A generous serving of cassava will give your body the required amounts of these two minerals that will help in lowering your blood pressure.

The process of preparing cassava can be long and tedious and may leave you feeling drained with no energy. Well, you are preparing the right meal because it is packed with lots of energy since carbohydrates is one of the main components in this starchy food. Sports people and also people who work in places where they require using a lot of energy this is the right food for them.

As much as cassava is a starchy food, the other amazing thing about is that it is full of fiber. Fiber is what our bodies need especially the metabolism system so as to digest the different types of food we ingest. It will be hard for you to be constipated because the fiber will help in making the metabolism process fast as well as clearing your metabolism tract.

Another interesting thing about fiber found in cassava is that for diabetic people it will help in controlling the levels of blood sugar by slowing down the absorption process of the sugar by your blood therefore your body will always have the required amount of sugar at all times.

Most of us have always been told to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates or not eat them at all if you are trying to loose some weight. Here is a shocker for you; you can have some cassava when on a weight loss program because the fiber in it will make you feel satisfied for long periods of time, it will help in your metabolism and lastly the rich minerals will replenish your body with the required minerals it needs.

Too much cholesterol is not good for the heart as well as the arteries; finding the right food to eat so that to control the levels of cholesterol can be tricky at times. Cassava will help in reducing cholesterol by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol which are harmful to the body and increasing the levels of good cholesterol which are good for the body.

For us to be able to bite and chew our well prepared cassava is by having strong healthy teeth and for that we need calcium which gives us strong bones and teeth. Cassava has that mineral in plenty, as you have a mouth full of it; you are giving your teeth and bones the much needed nutrients it needs.

Our bodies need iron so that they can produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to the brain and other body organs and tissues for them to function properly.

Different hormones in the body trigger different sensations as well as play different roles; these hormones also need nourishment. For example, sex hormones need the mineral known as manganese for them to be able to trigger the right sensation.

Lack of the right nutrients and minerals may make the immunity of our body be low and expose us to different diseases and illnesses. Cassava is rich in many of these minerals which are considered as anti-oxidants which help our bodies fight off diseases.

Cassavas have a lot of great benefits to our body, but let us not forget that it is gluten free making it the best food for people who have wheat allergies.

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