10 Health Benefits Of Tilapia

10 Health Benefits Of Tilapia

Tilapia is a species of white fish. It is easy to farm and also affordable. It is one of the most widely consumed fish. Tilapia is low in fat and calories. Tilapia is high in vitamin B 12. It is also rich in potassium. It is a rich source of protein, essential amino acids, and omega three fatty acids. Tilapia offers some health benefits, and some of them are listed in this article.


#1. Weight Control

Tilapia is a naturally low fat and low-calorie diet. Whereas it contains the necessary protein required for the body, it is low in fat and calories. It is also rich in omega three fatty acids. Studies have established that people who consume omega three fatty acids regularly maintain a healthy weight.

#2. Bone Health

One of the important minerals contained in tilapia is phosphorus, which is an important mineral for the growth of bone matter. Phosphorus also helps to keep the teeth and nails healthy and strong. Phosphorus can prevent osteoporosis as it helps maintain bone density and prevent degradation of the bone.

#3. Heart Health

Tilapia being rich in omega three fatty acids are helpful in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body. Omega 3 fatty acid also helps in lowering triglyceride levels in the system. It also has potassium which is known to regulate the heart rate. Overall consuming tilapia on a regular basis helps us to maintain a good heart health.

#4. Cancer

Tilapia contains good quantities of selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant. Antioxidant property of selenium is known for its ability to lower the free radical activity in the body, and lowering the possibility of oxidative damage to healthy cells and prevents the conversion of healthy cells to cancerous cells. Studies have established the link between intakes of selenium to lower risk of prostate cancer.

#5. Immune System

The selenium present in tilapia also beneficial in boosting the immune system. Selenium is known to boost the activity of white blood cells which protect the body from foreign bodies and toxins.

#6. Hormone Functions

Tilapia is beneficial for good hormone function and good metabolism. This quality of tilapia is attributed to selenium which is present in tilapia. Selenium plays an important role in regulating the functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland controls hormonal functions. By ensuring proper functioning of the thyroid glands tilapia helps in establishing proper hormone functions.

 #7. Anti-ageing

Selenium is an antioxidant which is known to stimulate vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins are known to improve the quality of the skin and prevent oxidative damage to skin tissues by free radicals, preventing wrinkles sagging and other age-related degradation of the skin.

#8. Brain Function

Tilapia is a rich source of potassium and omega three fatty acids. Both these have a direct relation to the functioning of the brain. Potassium helps to increase the oxygenation of the brain, thereby maintaining fluid balance throughout the body. This helps nervous response and proper nutrient deposition. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to boost the neurological function.


#9. Growth and Development

Tilapia has high protein content. In fact, a single serving of tilapia caters to over 15% of our daily requirement of protein. Protein is required for all round growth and development of the human body.

#10. Cholesterol

Tilapia helps in reducing the levels of LDL cholesterols in the bloodstream. Omega 3 fatty acids present in tilapia helps to reduce the cholesterol level.

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