10 Health Benefits Of chard

Chard has an uncanny resemblance to spinach; the difference is that chard comes in a variety of different colors like yellow, orange, red and white. The variance of the color is on the stem while the leaves maintain its deep green color like most vegetables. Chard has several health benefits and we have a look into some of them.


Chard is a rich source of iron; the importance of iron within the body cannot be underestimated. Deficiency of this all important mineral can lead to anemia since it helps in the production of hemoglobin within the red blood cells. In expectant women lack of iron can be detrimental to their health since they are sharing every mineral and nutrient with the unborn child. Include this rainbow vegetable in your daily diet.

Our eyes help us experience the good, bad and ugly side of things that happen around us. We are able to appreciate the awesomeness of what surrounds us. Char contains anti-oxidants which protect the eyes from damage to external factors. We expose our eyes to too much light without wearing protective gear and such factors damage the eye lens that help us to see. To maintain healthy eyes and slow eye conditions due to old age, let’s indulge in this beautiful veggie.

Stuffing ourselves up with fast food and processed food without eating vegetables make us accumulated that excess weight over a period of time. Chard is famously known for its low calorie and fat levels and high percentage of fiber which makes you satisfied over a long period of time helping reduce the intake of food. Also it provides your body with the much needed nutrients as you go on with the weight loss program.

We all need those strong healthy bones and teeth. Taking supplements daily to boost minerals levels in our body may be expensive to some people and you may also forget to take them. An easy, simple and nutritious way to boost strong bones and teeth is by including chard in your diet. It has magnesium, vitamin K and calcium which are important for health strong bones.

Apart from being important for strong bones, vitamin K which is found in abundance in chard is important to our body in that it promotes healthy clotting of the blood in case you are injured in an accident and it also reduces over bleeding.

Researchers haven’t found the vaccines against most cancer but there is a way of preventing the development of the cancerous tumor and the answer is chard. This vegetable contain antioxidants that prevent the development of the cancer tumor cells especially colon cancer.

Controlling high blood pressure is not an easy thing; at times you are put under constant medication or put under rigorous exercises if weight is the cause of the high blood pressure. Chard contains potassium which is an important element in reduction of blood. If not checked high blood pressure can cause stroke and or cardiac arrest.

The vitamin K found in chard also promotes healthy brain; even when we are asleep the brain is still at work. Vitamin K also encourages health nerves.

The rainbow vegetable also helps in stabilizing of blood sugar in our bodies. If you want to avoid any form of diabetes chard is the best vegetable for you. it contains fiber and some special acid which help in the regulation of glucose in the blood.

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience to some people; in women hair loss may occur after pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance and low nutrients due to breastfeeding also as we grow old we tend to loose hair. Chard an important hair vitamin known as biotin, it helps regrowth of hair by boosting the hair follicles and thus encourage hair growth.

In conclusion; chard being a green leafed vegetable contains huge amounts of minerals like chlorophyll, magnesium and potassium play an important role with our health.

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