10 Health Benefits Of Watercress

Watercress is an aquatic plant found near moving water streams. It is a hollow stemmed and oval shaped green plant. Normally it is cultivated in Central Asia and Europe. It can be used as food and medicine. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, A and K which act as antioxidants. Peppery and tangy cress has disease prevention properties. There are many health benefits if we include water cress in our diet as a dietary supplement. Following are the effective health benefits of watercress.


#1. Lowering The Blood Pressure

Including water cress in our diet brings down the blood pressure as the presence of minerals in it bring blood pressure down by reducing sodium. It contains high potassium which is good for lowering blood pressure.

#2 Good For Reducing Common Cold

Vitamin C is a good remedy for cold. Watercress is a rich source of vitamin C. Consumption of watercress daily cures cold. Watercress has excellent anti-viral effects and is best for curing bronchitis, cold and cough.

#3. Good For Strong Bones

Watercress contains large amounts of calcium which will help in curing many diseases and help in repairing and building bones. It also contains vitamin K which strengthens the bones and controls neuronal damage in the brain. It reduces bone fractures and disorders. Having watercress in our daily diet prevents even osteoporosis.

#4. Prevention Of Cancer

Watercress and broccoli contain glucosinolate. It helps in all types of cancers. Antioxidants, flavonoids like carotene and lutein protect from lung and mouth cancers.

#5. Good For Eyesight

It is rich in vitamin A, also known as retinol, essential for our immune system; It produces pigment in the retina of the eye and absence of this will cause night blindness. Presence of vitamin C prevents cataract. Best way to keep the eye safe from age related eye disorders is to consume water cress regularly.

#6. Good For Skin

Skin problems like pimples, swollen skin as well as bacterial infections can be reduced by including watercress in our diet. This plant contains plenty of soluble fiber and the high water content helps to remove toxins from our body. It is good for eczema; gives soothing effect when it is applied on the skin.

#7. Weight Loss

Watercress helps in reducing weight because it has low calories and has important nutrients like minerals and vitamins which are easy to digest. Watercress diet helps in losing weight.

#8. Good For Hair

Nutrients like minerals and vitamins in cress helps in hair growth and cleanse our blood and improve other mechanisms. It contains zinc and sulphur which keep bacterial infections away; it is a powerful blood cleanser and purifier and keeps scalp clean and healthy. It helps in thick hair growth.

#9. Help For Diabetics

Low fat, sodium and low cholesterol helps diabetic patients. Watercress diet for diabetics impacts on the pancreas and improves blood glucose level; inspects the insulin also.

#10. Controls Thyroid

Iodine content in watercress helps to control thyroid function. One can use cress along with other hormones to improve the functioning of thyroid and to prevent goitre or hypo thyroidism. Water cress may reduce the thyroid hormones.

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