Ten Health Benefits of Sugar Scrub

Believe or not sugar scrubs have many health benefits. Most importantly, they are great for your skin. They are a natural exfoliate that cleans and tightens the skin. The brown particles are small enough to aid in the removal of dead skin cells. It also shrinks your pores and removes oil from your skin. You can use it on your hands, feet and other areas of the body that are dry to give moisture. Sugar naturally gives moisture to the skin. Plus, it feels just as great on your face as well as your body.

sugar scrub
Sugar scrub can even remove dry paint from your hands! It can help remove the nail polish on your skin and cuticles after a manicure or pedicure. In fact many salons and spas use a similar treatment to aid in the relaxation as well as the cleansing effect. Sugar scrubs can wash and clean your hands (and the rest of your body and face) yet leave them feeling soft and silky.
Another wonderful thing about sugar scrubs are that they are made at home with easy to find ingredients. They are cheap to make and affordable to purchase or give as a gift. There are many variations on the ingredients with sugar being the main ingredient of course. Then you just add the flavors and spices you love. This is the perfect gift for moms and friends. Bring it to a friend’s baby shower and you will be a hit!

Most sugar scrubs are made with natural and chemical free ingredients. This means that if your kid tries to eat this no harm! In fact many of them do taste and smell great. After all, if you are afraid of the chemicals in the products you are using then you probably shouldn’t be using them on your body.

Sugar scrubs can increase blood circulation. They help with relaxation and relieve stress. They also help to keep skin looking younger and fresher. Sugar has glycolic acid which helps heal and treats damaged skin. Everybody should have a sugar scrub in their health and beauty routine!

They are great for sensitive skin because they are made from safe and natural ingredients.
Here is an example of a simple sugar scrub: ½ cup of either brown or white sugar, ¼ cup of olive oil, ½ cup of oatmeal or coffee grounds, then 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, citrus, vanilla or peppermint. Whisk all of these ingredients together then put into a jar to store. Use as needed.

If you have sensitive skin you might want to stick with the oatmeal over the coffee grounds, as they can be a bit harsher. For those who want a deeper scrub and are not sensitive then the coffee grounds are for you. For those with sensitive skin you my want to use just once a week. If you are not sensitive you can use two to three times a week. Also brown sugar is softer than regular sugar so this is usually better in the scrubs. Everyone should moisturize after they have washed off all the particles. Do not use this product if you have sunburn or after shaving as your skin might be more sensitive.

Another added benefit of using a sugar scrub is that the product is safe for the environment. We all want to eliminate our carbon footprint as much as possible and be greener – this will certainly help to do so.

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