8 Health Benefits Of Beaten Rice (Poha)

Here are a few benefits of enjoying the wonderful beaten rice or poha in your diet.

#1. Cures Constipation

One of the ailments that one can suffer from on a random time, because of poor diet or poor health is constipation. Constipation is a very dangerous ailment that leaves one in pain and also affects a person at whole. When you include poha in your diet, this helps in creating good bowel movement in your body.

When you have good bowel movement you co not suffer from constipating because the fiber in the poha helps in the softening the stool thus making it easier for you to pass stool at ease and takes away the constipation at all times.

#2. Reduces Depression

When we are stressed out and anxious sometimes we are prone to factors like depression. When a person is depressed they do not function well, they find it hard to function and relate with those around them. This is very unhealthy and not good for any person at any time.

Well, luckily the poha is full of antidepressants. Yes. This helps in taking away depression, anxiety, and even stress. Including this in your diet and also for your family does ensure that one’s mind is always at rest and constantly feeling at peace.

#3. Breast Feeding

When a woman is breastfeeding, this is a beautiful experience for her and her baby. Breast milk is considered to have the best nutrients for a baby at any given time, for even up to 2 years. Well, if you are breastfeeding sometimes, you can begin to have symptoms of depression, sadness and sometimes even moodiness. With the help of poha this helps with mothers who are breastfeeding to help them overcome each and every session of depression, anxiety and even stress. And we all know a happy mother means a happy baby.

#4. Good For Immunity

We all need a good immunity for the purpose of good health. When you have good health you’re not prone to diseases like colds and flus. When you’re in good health you do not need to visit the doctor as often. So, it’s important to have good health, and this can be achieved by having good immunity. When you have a good immunity you’re not prone to have diseases that affect and weaken the body. Poha helps in nourishing the body leaving it strong and giving it a good boost for the immunity.

#5. Asthma

Children are very prone to having certain ailments here and there. One of the most common is asthma. It is well known that a child with asthma is known to not do certain activities that could trigger an asthma attack here and there. Well, one of the ways to ensure the child does not get asthma is ensure they have a diet of poha. This helps in reduction of wheezing and other various symptoms that can with asthma.


#6. Great For Nervous System

We all want a great nervous system in our body for better metabolism. Poha helps in the functionality of a good nervous system and better functionality of the brain. This poha rich in Vitamin E, magnesium and calcium helps protect and give the nervous system better functionality. This, in turn, helps in protecting the body and the brain keeping them safe and healthy.

#7. Keep Bones Healthy

Because it is rich in magnesium and Vitamin D it helps in creating the body healthy bones. It is important to have healthy bones at all times, this helps to keep us healthy and strong. When we have strong bones and muscles and your body remains energized at all times and one is able to perform duties well and at a better percentage than ever.

#8. Cures Insomnia

If you suffer from sleepless nights you know how frustrating this may be because it means you sleep in or have to work when your mind is tired. Well, a new natural remedy to cure this is with a constant healthy diet of poha included. This helps to fight the hormones that make you sleep, enabling you to have a sleep full night and leaving you energized and well rested for the next day.

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