20 Pineapple Health Benefits

It is always good to eat fruits and veggies, but different kinds of fruits and veggies have food have different kinds of vitamins and minerals. So this list is about the health benefits of pineapple.

Pineapple Health Benefits

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to build your immune system. A cup of pineapple has more than your minimum daily suggestion for vitamin C. Try swapping out the glass of orange juice for a cup of pineapple. When you are able, it is healthier for you to get the nutrients from the real fruit.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, so pineapple helps to fight off the free radicals that can bring different kinds of cancer.

pineapple, juice, beach

Adding other citrus fruits, like lemon and orange, can add extra flavor to pineapple juice

  1. Inflammation

Pineapples are known for helping with digestion because they contain an enzyme called bromelain which helps to inflammation down. The bromelain does not only help digestion. It also helps with sore throats, sinusitis, and arthritis. If you have a bruise or swelling from a wound or injury, eating pineapple can help to calm it down, along with soothing pain caused by it.


  1. Weight-Loss

Pineapple is low in calories but still keeps you full. So enjoy some pineapple to help you avoid the sugary snack cravings. If the pineapple alone is not satisfying your snacking needs, then you can pair it up with some walnuts or a rice dish.

The reason why pineapple keeps you feeling full for longer despite being low in calories is that of the high fiber content. The high fiber will also assist in keeping constipation at bay.

While this juicy fruit is low in calories, it is a bit high in carbs, so you may have to watch for that if you are on a low carb diet.


  1. Bone Health

One cup of pineapple has 76 percent of your daily amount of manganese. It also has calcium. The two of these compounds together have to keep your bones strong and keep osteoporosis at bay.

There are lots of fruits that have a high manganese content. You can make a fruit salad with pineapple, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, and/or raspberries for a snack or as a side with a meal.


  1. Easy to Get

Pineapple is pretty easy to get your hands on. It is on the shelf in most stores all year round whether it is in a can, frozen, or the actual fruit itself. This means you can easily incorporate this fruit into your diet at any time of the year.


  1. Lots of Recipes

There are countless ways to eat and even cook pineapple. Some of the recipes you can find online sound rather odd but really quite good. It can shock you how good a rice dish tastes with a natural sweet and sour flavor tastes compared to the sauce you get in a bottle.

pineapple, kiwi, grapes, apple, melon, watermelon, fruit, fruit salad

Fruit salad is just one of the many ways in which pineapple can be used

  1. Eyesight

When you hear about eyesight, carrots always come to mind, right? Studies are starting to show that there are fruits out there that do more good for your eyes than carrots do. So while carrots do help your eyes. Pineapple is one of the fruits that scientists are starting think will help you even more.


  1. Macular Degeneration

Studies have shown that eating at least three servings of fruit a day will slow the progression of macular degeneration that comes with age.

Macular degeneration is what causes vision loss and is called an incurable eye disease by many. More people are affected by macular degeneration than people who are affected by glaucoma and cataracts combined.


  1. Blood Pressure

These prickly, shelled fruits are the road to El Dorado for keeping blood pressure (and hypertension) low and the potassium that does the fighting is the gold. Less than two percent of the American population gets the 4,700-mg of potassium they should be. Help to change that number and get it higher.


  1. Asthma

Pineapple has what is called beta-carotene, as well as the aforementioned bromelain. These two nutrients help to keep asthma attacks and the chances of developing asthma down. However, if you are in the middle of an asthma attack, use your inhaler. Do not depend on home remedies.


  1. Diabetes

The high-fiber and high-water contents of a pineapple can help type diabetics by keeping lipid, blood sugar, and insulin levels closer to where they should be.

pineapple, diabetes

While eating pineapple can’t cure diabetes, it can help to manage the symptoms

  1. Having Children

The antioxidants in pineapple make easier for the body to reproduce offsprings when they are wanted. The vitamin C, copper, beta-carotene, folate, and zinc increase fertility levels in both men and women.


  1. Healthy Hearts

Eating pineapple lessens your chances of stroke, ischemic heart disease, muscle mass loss, kidney stone formation, and it preserves bone mineral density. Pineapple helps with all of the things listed above because of the vitamin C, fiber, and potassium it has.


  1. Gum Health

Citrus fruits are often linked to pirates because you hear about scurvy. Pineapples don’t just fight off scurvy, they also fight off periodontal diseases and gingivitis thanks to the high count of vitamin C.


  1. Blood Clots

People who do a lot of flying or have a family history (or other risks) of blood clotting can get help from pineapple. Bromelain is very helpful in keeping blood clots away.

  1. Ease Stomach Aches

Rather than ginger ale or lemon-lime soda for calming your stomach, try a healthier and more natural way like pineapple juice.

stomach ache, pineapple

While fizzy sodas will help with a stomach ache, it is always best to use a natural alternative

  1. Healthy Skin

Vitamin C can do wonders for your skin, that is why there are so many different facial washes made from things like grapefruits. Instead of spending a lot of money on bottled facial washes, try making your own face mask with pineapple and papaya.

In a small bowl, you grind up a fourth cup of papaya and add in enough pineapple juice (a teaspoon is suggested) to make a paste. You apply the mask to your face and lay down do it doesn’t run off. After 10 to 15 minutes, you rinse off the mask with warm and apply whatever moisturizing lotion you use.


  1. Vitamins  B-6 and B-1

B-6 and B-1 are vitamins that help to build the immune system and metabolism of pregnant women. This vitamin helps helps brain development of both the mother and the child. B-1 also helps you to deal with stress, whether you are pregnant or not.


  1. Muscle Cramps

This suggestion can help a lot. The potassium in pineapples helps to alleviate muscle cramps and the soreness that can linger after cramps. The potassium helps to keep the electrolytes balanced.


  1. Surgery Recovery

The bromelain and anti-inflammation that comes with it can help to quicken the amount of time someone is out of commotion because of a surgery. Pineapple will also ease the pain from it a bit.

pineapple, surgery, hospital, swelling

Eat pineapple after surgery to help reduce swelling

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