7 Health Benefits Of Walking

Walking is perhaps one of the easiest forms of exercise and of course, it costs absolutely nothing. It can be solitary or it can be done with groups of walking as a fun, social exercise. As well as being good for your general health here are some specific reasons why you should introduce a walking regime into your lifestyle.

Before listing some specific benefits of walking let’s talk more about the activity of walking.

When you are walking you are free to observe the aesthetics of nice scenery about you, whilst thinking reflectively and giving your body a workout. There are not many other activities or sports that you can say this about and it is free to participate in!

There is something about having a good long walk after a hectic, busy day at school, university or in the office. It is like you can switch off your everyday mindset and go into another world.

You are free to explore your mind while you physically walk. Of course, you can always use music to inspire you as many walkers plugged into iPods do when they walk the walk!

An important thing to remember when you do walk is to make sure you drink sufficient water, before, during and after the walk. This keeps you hydrated and of course, when water is drunk during the walk it provides you with further energy to complete your walk as well as re-hydrating your body cells which are working overtime to provide the energy you need.

In addition to all of the above there are many specific reasons you need to have some sort of regular walking in your life:

    1. Walking helps you reduce weight and keep it off whilst also building body mass, getting you in better shape.
    2. Reduces incidence of many diseases. Walking is known to reduce the incidence of diabetes, asthma and some cancers.
    3. Dementia. Walking reduces the risk of dementia by up to 40% since the brain is getting more oxygen from a regular work out.

    1. Depression. Walking is a major activity that can manage depression and prevent it from occurring in the first place. The activity requires little motivation to get started compared to other more active, risk-carrying activities like gym, active team sports, and even jogging. Many scientists and health professionals have said that walking is much more healthy than jogging. Jogging on hard pavements is ultimately not good for a jogger’s back and knee joints!
    2. Heart disease risk lowered. Walking lowers the risk of heart disease. It also reduces the bad fats (LDL’s) in the body whilst raising the levels of good fats (HDL’s). It also lowers blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

  1. Boosts vitamin D. By walking in daylight you naturally boost vitamin D levels.
  2. Bones. Regular bones maintain healthy bones, joints and in general prevents conditions such as arthritis.

As if all the benefits mentioned above are not already enough, walking also allows to see life in a different perspective. It is one of the best and natural ways to unwind after a busy day.


It helps you prepare for a relaxing evening resulting in good sleep. It is also really good for problem-solving and reflecting on concerns that may appear complex in the day to day world.

But above all else walking is one of those things in life that gives you back so much more than what you put in, keeping you fit, healthy and seeing life anew after each daily walk.

Keep on walking people!

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