10 Home Remedies For Intestinal Gas

Some food items which we eat may not be easily digested leading to gas formation. Certain other types of food with high soluble fibre may also cause intestinal gas. This manifests itself in the form of abdominal pain, belching, burping, and bloating of the stomach, a pressure in the abdomen eat. The problem of intestinal gas can be addressed by changing food habits and changing lifestyle. There are also some simple home remedies available.

Intestinal Gas

#1. Activated Charcoal

Charcoal has the quality of absorbing gases. Charcoal absorbs not only gases but also absorb toxins which are responsible for the production of intestinal gases and provides relief from gas-related problems such as bloating, stomach ache etc.

#2. Dandelion Herb

Dandelion offers many health benefits including providing relief from gas problems. Adding this herb to our daily food can keep the gas problems away. We can also add dandelion to tea for getting relief from intestinal gas.

#3. Ginger

Ginger is probably one of the most effective remedies for obtaining relief from intestinal gas. There are many ways of including in our food. It can be used as a spice to flavour food or add taste to food. We can also have it in the form of ginger tea. We can use a small quantity of fresh ginger root. Eating a small quantity of ginger root just before food is known to provide relief from intestinal gas.

#4. Exercise

Simple exercises are known to provide relief from intestinal gas problems. For example, kneeling down and bending forward till your head touches your knee is a good excuse. Alternately you can simply lie down flat on the floor, lift both your legs up to move them in cycling motion will also help in getting relief from gas.

#5. Garlic

Garlic is as good a natural remedy for digestion and gas as ginger. Eating fresh garlic bulb helps in digesting the food. It also provides relief from intestinal gases. If you find it difficult to eat the garlic bulb you can simply swallow it to get almost the same effect.

#6. Parsley

Parsley provides relief from intestinal gas. Parsley can either be used as a spice in your food in its dry form or you can freshly minced. In either form, it is effective in providing relief from the intestinal gas problem.

#7. Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds are known to help digestion. By improving digestion, it helps in providing relief from gas problems. Caraway seeds can be had in the form of spice in our daily meal, more so if the food is known to be gas forming.

#8. Fennel

Fennel is a well-known home remedy for problems related to stomach. Fennel seeds have certain compounds which help in allowing trapped gases to pass by relaxing the digestive tract. You can use fennel seeds to your diet, add it to your tea or even simply chew some fennel seeds to get relief from gas.

#9. Hot Water

This is perhaps the simplest of all remedies. Relief can be had from intestinal gases by just sipping a glass of warm water.

#10. Prevention

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. You can try and prevent the problem of intestinal gas addressing the cause. This is done by incorporating proper eating habits. Avoid food which is difficult to digest and causes gas. You can avoid fried food, fatty food, milk products and food which is known to produce gas such as beans, cabbage, onion etc.

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