12 Home Remedies for backache

Almost every one suffers from back pain at some point in their life. Doctors may prescribe prescription pain medication or you can take over the counter pain relievers but unfortunately most of the time this is only a temporary fix. Some times these don’t help at all. Also these pain medications have side effects of their own. How do you alleviate back pain without medicine?

back pain

There is no one cure for all. It can depend upon where exactly you hurt and what caused your injury. When treating pain, you want to treat the injury as well. There are some remedies they can help.

When our back hurts we don’t want to move. We want to lie down. However, doctors say that moving around actually helps. If you feel you must rest then lie flat on your back with pillows underneath.

Ice can help bring down the pain and inflammation. You can use an ice pack or just put some ice cubes in a zip lock bag. Take the ice off and on for 20 – 30 minute rotations.   Ice is best in the first 24 to 48 hours after injury.

After 48 hours you can switch to heat. Heat can also reduce pain and swelling. A hot bath will help as will a heating pad.

How is your mattress?   A sagging mattress can contribute to back pain.

When you release endorphins, this will help to reduce pain. There are many things that will release these feel good hormones including massage, exercise, meditation or deep breathing exercises, talking with another person, and listening to music. Get your mind off of the pain and do something that makes you feel good.   You will feel better before you realize it.

Ask your significant other or even a friend to give you a massage! Don’t be afraid to show them where it hurts.

Do yoga and/or stretching in your living room. There are movements and videos designed specifically for back pain. Other types of exercise will help as well. If you strengthen your abdominal muscles and back muscles it will help to support your spine. This can help to reduce your pain. Also working and stretching and using the muscles or areas that hurt can help to alleviate the tension.

Do not slouch in your chair or put any more pressure on your back then you need to. Avoid lifting heavy objects if you can. Ladies, don’t wear heels for a few days when your back is hurting. Heels create a more unstable posture, which increases pressure on your spine.

When you are in pain, you are more tense and stressed. Deep breathing and meditation can help to relieve stress and tension. When your entire body is relaxed, the pain will lessen and subside.

Acupuncture as well as osteopathic methods has been shown to reduce pain and tight muscles.

Do what makes you happy.   Listening to music or hanging out with friends will take your mind off of your pain. It also releases endorphins that will make you feel better.

When you engage your brain this either helps you to ignore the pain or change the way your mind and body process those pain signals. We don’t completely understand this. It is normal to not want to do anything when we are hurting but when we do something we can forget about the pain and get our minds onto other things. This is shown to help even though it doesn’t sound like it would – especially when you are the one in pain!

These natural home remedies can be better for you than prescription medicine. In fact they will help you and your back heal and feel better for longer. If you have back pain, try a few of these remedies or try all of them!

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