30 Home Remedies for Cystitis

Cystitis causes one to visit the bathroom many times during the day. People who suffer from cystitis experience discomfort when they urinate.  Statistics show that one in six women contract cystitis annually. The infection is easily caught by women as their urethra opening is near the anus; allowing bacteria from the anus to rapidly spread to the bladder and cause an infection.

Signs of cystitis  include: 

  • A burn experienced when one urinates
  • The urge to urinate regularly
  • Sometimes there are traces of blood in the urine
  • A soreness or discomfort in the lower belly or back
  • Urine with a potent odor or a prominently dark color


Home Remedies for Cystitis


  1. Urinating

One of the symptoms of the infection is the need to urinate more often but urinating is also the cure. Reluctance to pass urine when the urge occurs has serious consequences when one has a UTI as the bacteria can spread. Through the passing of urine, bacterium finds a way to be released so it revs up the process of recovery.


  1. Bladder training

Whilst urinating is important, for people who have more severe forms of UTI and bladder infection, it becomes vital to train the bladder. This means that the toilet usage should revolve around the cloak and should not be based on the need to urinate.

Training the bladder to wait between toilet visits can be a huge advantage when eventually you contract UTI. Relaxation methods can be used to train the bladder. Taking deep breaths and finding a distraction works best.


  1. Water

Staying well hydrated and drinking lots of glasses of water is helpful to flush out any bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Drinking water also helps as the fluid can be released when one passes urine. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


  1. Hot-Water Bottle

Like for most stomach related pain, holding a water bottle to one’s tummy can help cystitis sufferers. The pain endured whilst urinating is too overwhelming as bladder muscles contract to release the urine thus making the tummy cramp. Applying warmth to the bladder muscle relieves the muscles.


  1. Warm Baths

Like the hot water bottle, sitting in baths that are filled with warm water can reduce any aching. A shower or bath should be taken every time after indulging in sexual intercourse or exercise.


A woman in a bath

  1. Avoiding Exotic Baths

While baths are a good cure, the baths should be filled only with water and bubbles, deodorants or fragranced soaps should not be used in the bath. Only when prescribed by the doctor should something be added to the warm water else nothing ought to be added to the water as it may worsen the condition.


  1. Dietary changes

When choosing what to eat one should steer clear of any foods that may aggravate the bladder. While drinking liquids to flush away bacteria is important, in the same vein, its best to stay away from alcohol, fizzy drinks, citrus, and caffeine.

Be wary of foods that are rich in vitamin C. The intake of spicy foods and spices, tomatoes, pickled foods and artificial sweeteners should also be monitored and eliminated. Be aware of foods that may cause bladder irritation so that these foods can be avoided in the future.


  1. Avoid the Three C’s

Carbonated drinks, caffeine, and chocolate should be eliminated from the patients’ diet until they recover from their cystitis.  These easy meals and drinks annoy the bladder lining fostering bacteria and if one suffers from UTI far too often they should eliminate the three C’s from their diet completely.


  1. Eat Fermented Foods

Like with probiotics, fermented foods allow the natural flora of the body to be revived. Thus through the consumption of fermented foods, beneficial bacteria is replaced in the bladder and fights off harm causing bacteria. Yogurts, cheese, and kefir perform the same function as probiotics.


  1. Dress comfortably

As simple a thing as wearing loose clothes is important when battling with UTI. Tight clothes and belts hurt the abdomen and should not be worn.


  1. Avoid Spermicides

Spermicides support bacterial growth. Research has proven that women are more likely to contract UTI in cases where spermicide has been used. The use of un-lubricated condoms was found to be an irritant as well as promoted bacterial growth. Staying clear of using either is best.


  1. Reduce Stress

Stress will further cause strain on someone already dealing with UTI. It is advisable to recognize sources of stress and avoid them so as to reduce to the bare any other impacting scenario.Stress relief procedures like visualization can help alleviate stress. Trying yoga or meditation may help with this.


A woman practicing yoga

  1. Quitting Smoking

Smoking is the cause of bladder cancer and should be avoided altogether. Smoking tends to agitate conditions and surely does no good if you care about healthy living. Quitting smoking is a helpful thing to do for many health problems.


  1. Exercise

Being active and doing basic stretches helps eliminate the case of contracting cystitis symptoms. Exercise is a wellness remedy and has a variety of input for healthy living.


  1. Pain Relief

Taking pain relievers can eliminate all forms of pain. The medicines will aid in easing abdominal cramps, backaches and any pain incurred during urination. Take these as directed on the bottle.


  1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are responsible for getting rid of the bacteria that lead to bladder infections. Doctors often recommend antibiotics when the UTI condition is quite serious but not all infections require the use of antibiotics. In detrimental cases of UTI, kidney infections can occur and thus, it is vital to seek use an antibiotic before the infection spreads and leads to more drastic symptoms. Usually, these will need to be prescribed by a doctor.


  1. Ginger Tea

Teas also have healing properties for inflammation of any sort and ginger tea is a miracle worker.

There are no side effects linked to having ginger tea and drinking this tea prevents the prostaglandins from carrying messages of swelling to the neurons hence minimizing swelling.

Green tea

Fresh tea and tea leaves

  1. Echinacea

Echinacea is also a vital herbal ingredient in teas and can be sourced from an herbal store. The effect and herbal efficiency of this remedy are also well-reviewed. Echinacea is best used in a tea form, which can be purchased at most places where other teas are sold.


  1. Cranberry Products

Cranberry has always been raved about as the best alternative to stop bladder infections. Cranberries should not be consumed when using antibiotics. Cranberry contains the D-mannose sugar which assists in curing UTI.


  1. Blueberries

Like cranberries, blueberries can also be used to treat UTI. Since blueberry juice cannot be purchased as simply as cranberry juice, fresh blueberries can be eaten instead. Two cups of blueberries should be eaten daily or blueberries can be combined with apple or other juices.


  1. Apples

D-mannose is said to be a sugar contained in most fruits like blueberries and apples as well. This helpful sugar sticks to E. coli bacteria provoking them to join and pushes them away from the urinary tract walls.

In situations where one is more prone to contracting UTI, it is advisable to eat these fruits to avoid UTI contraction. It is good to eat these beneficial fruits before having sex or when taking antibiotics for a long period of time.


  1. Horseradish

Unlike cranberries which inhibit the bacteria, horseradish has properties that destroy bacteria. The allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) element of horseradish harms the cell of bacteria.The best way to consume horseradish is by grating it and having it daily. The precaution is that it may cause tummy irritation. Milk can be drunk after eating the horseradish to prevent this.

Horseradish, bladder, cystitis

Horseradish topping a meal

  1. Parsley Water

Diuretics contained in parsley water pushes the amount of sodium that the kidneys release during urination. With the release of sodium, water is also released lowering bodily fluids. When parsley water is drunk both sodium and water is drawn out of the body through urination and as such it forces one to urinate more often.

Parsley water can be easily made by boiling one or more cups of water.  A cup of parsley should be added to the pan of boiling water. The parsley should be given time to soak in the water before the water is drained. Parsley water can be drunk as a hot drink or as a chilled one.


  1. Asparagus

Like ginger, asparagus too contains diuretics. It helps by getting rid of the bacteria along with water and salt by forcing the kidneys to secrete. Asparagus in one’s diet alone cannot work well unless many glasses of water are drunk too. Having water in the body promotes the asparagus to work.


  1. Celery seeds

Celery seeds bare diuretic properties. Munching on celery seeds ought to do the trick of causing one to urinate more. Like parsley water, celery seed water is also an option but preferably it is easier to eat the seeds as a snack throughout the day.


  1. Cucumbers

Cucumber is filled with water and having cucumber slices helps to enrich bodily fluids. A washed cucumber slice does the trick efficiently. You can also eat these in salads or on sandwiches to get the same effects.


  1. Baking Soda

This works to neutralize the urine of cystitis patients. The high acidity levels in their urine cause the discomfort and the potassium salts in bicarbonate soda neutralize the acidity levels of urine.

Heart patients should steer clear of baking soda, as it causes the heart to beat irregularly.


  1. Cream of Tartar & Lemon

A combination of lime juice and cream of tartar like baking soda changes the PH level of one’s urination and kills bacteria that live in urine.   The ancient secret can be made by mixing a cup of cream of tartar into a cup of water.To this mixture add a dash of lemon or lime juice to make a drink that can be drunk daily.


  1. Myrrh Oil

When choosing to use oil like this one it should be one that is prescribed. This oil can be put directly onto the skin using a compress. It gets rid of bacteria, fungi, and other parasites.


  1. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil bares similar properties to myrrh oil but is so potent due to having no antibiotic resistance. Therefore, the oil must be added to water or coconut oil before taking it to avoid possible skin irritation. Prolonged usage is not advisable.


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