19 Home Remedies for a Toothache

Toothaches are common in many persons.  “They are cavities or an infection; a tooth with an exposed tooth root, a cracked tooth, gum disease, a loose filling or a jaw joint disorder.” (Home Remedies for Toothache, 2013) A toothache originates in the center of the tooth where there is pulp. The pulp itself is irritated because the nerve roots are sensitive.  This article is on the home remedies you could do to help you with a toothache.

Abscessed Toothache

There are different types of toothaches.  One such toothache is an abscessed tooth which happens when a bacterial infection occurs in the person because of poor brushing habits and a bad immune system. There is a lot of pus that is designed to stop the infection from the tooth. If left not taken care of the abscess becomes a cavity which then becomes a possible site of infection which can make you very sick and lead to hospitalization.  

Here are some symptoms for an abscess toothache as follows:

  • Pain in the ear, neck, and jaw
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain while chewing
  • Redness and swelling in the jaw and neck
  • Discoloration
  • Swollen lymph nodes under jaw
  • High fever
  • Difficulty  breathing

Home Remedies for an Abscessed Toothache

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a good a way to prevent bacterial infection due to the ingredients contained in the garlic itself. The garlic fights infection and inflammation.  You can make juice from the crushed garlic and place on the infected area with a cotton swab or chew on the garlic clove itself. You can also mix garlic and water and then drink it.  


Garlic cloves and whole garlic

  1. Clove Oil

Clove oil has a couple of properties one of which is designed to remove germs and antibiotic in nature to help fight a toothache, viruses, and gum diseases.  It also contains antioxidant ingredients as well to relieve pain and reduce swelling which gets rid of the infection.

How do you use the clove oil?  Simply, brush your teeth. There are alternative ways to use clove oil such as making a tea.  You can also use it in a medicine dropper by mixing a couple of drops with olive oil and putting on the painful area.  You could also use a cotton swab and place it directly on the pained area.

You can also fry two to three crushed cloves and a spoonful of coconut, sesame or mustard oil.  Blend together with the cloves to make a paste and then apply it to the area. Repeat regularly until it is gone.

  1. Oil Pulling

Putting oil on a cloth and pulling it through your teeth is a practice that was used to clean your teeth.   You put the oil on the cloth and then pull it through your teeth to help with toothaches.

Toothache Home Remedies in General

  1. Pepper and Salt

You make a paste out of mixing pepper, salt and a drop of water.  You apply to the tooth and let sit for a few minutes. Do this for several days, until you no longer have toothache pain.

  1. Onion

Onions have medicinal properties that help fix toothaches.  You can chew on an onion which helps the pain. And if that does not work then you can put the onion directly on the bad tooth and let it stay there for a while.


White onions will work the best for this, but other types of onions can also provide some relief

  1. Asafetida

Take one-half teaspoon of powdered asafetida and mix with two teaspoons of lemon juice and warm it slightly. Take a cotton swab and apply to the area. Alternatively, fry asafetida in clarified butter and place on the tooth cavity. Do this every day, as needed.


  1.  Warm Salt Water

Gargle salt water for a couple of days until the pain is gone. To make your own salt water, you can simply add a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Gargle until the whole cup is empty. Do this as often as needed to numb your tooth pain.


  1. Guava leaves

Guava leaves help relieve the pain of toothaches. Chew one or two leaves until the juice helps relieve pain. Alternatively, put four or five leaves in water and boil. Let the water cool and then add salt. Use as a mouthwash.

  1. Spinach

Spinach leaves also help to relieve the pain of toothaches. Use this home remedy in the same way you would use guava leaves. Alternatively, you can also eat salads that have a base of spinach instead of lettuce.


  1. Vanilla Extract

Take a cotton swab and dip it in the extract and place on the tooth. Do couple times for two to three times a day to relieve the symptoms of a tooth infection.

vanilla, vanilla bean, toothache

Make sure you are using real vanilla extract; artificial vanilla extract does not have the same healing powers

  1. Wheatgrass Juice

What you do is take the extracted juice of the wheatgrass and then use it as another mouthwash. Gargle with the juice for thirty seconds at a time. Use this home remedy as often as needed.


  1. Ice Cubes

Place the ice cube in a paper towel and place against the tooth and the ice will numb the nerve endings. If this is too cold for you to bear, you can instead drink ice water.


  1. Alcohol Gargle

Mix alcohol such as brandy, whiskey, scotch, or vodka with a strong mouthwash that contains alcohol in it and gargle. It is best to use unflavored alcohol for this home remedy. Also, do not use alcohols that are made with artificial colors, flavors, or added sugars, as this can do more bad than good.


  1. Ginger Root

Pick the ginger and chew it or stick it in the side of your mouth where the area is. Suck on the ginger to numb the pain. Alternatively, you can instead drink ginger tea up to three times a day to reduce any inflammation which may be increasing the pain.


  1. Lime

Bite a slice of lime and then suck the juice out which will help the toothache pain. Do not do this if your tooth infection is surrounded by cuts, as this will sting. If you do not have cuts in your mouth, lime makes a great home remedy, as it is rich in vitamin C.

lime, fruit, citrus, vitamin c, alleries

If you cannot stand the taste of undiluted lime, add it to your water instead

  1. Peppermint Leaves

Chew on a couple of peppermint leaves which will help alleviate the pain. Alternatively, you can instead drink a cup of peppermint tea.

  1. Plantain

Chew on fresh plantains and put it on the tooth. It will help alleviate the pain from a toothache. Do this once a day until you no longer have a tooth infection.


  1. Cayenne Pepper

Make a paste when you mix the pepper with water.  Apply to the tooth. Leave it in your mouth for five minutes and then rinse it out. This home remedy is very spicy but very effective.


  1. Baking Soda

Take baking soda and dip it in water and the baking soda on a cotton swab and then coat the tooth area that is affected. Do this every day until you no longer have the symptoms of a tooth infection.

baking soda, earwax

It should be noted that baking soda and baking powder are NOT the same thing

In conclusion, a tooth infection is an inflammation or an irritation of the tooth’s nerve ending or the pulp of the tooth.  Many different ways of helping the tooth pain go away are available but above only 19 have been mentioned. Try some of them and then look for more if you like them.

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