20 Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is spread through bites from the Aedes mosquito. This ailment is presently not treatable by a vaccine. Medical experts presently use clinical support to keep the affected patient stable and on the path to recovery. A mix of drugs and processes are put in place to make sure that the infected person is hydrated. The associated pains are also tempered with prescriptions in the class of specific non-NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs).

Dengue fever is most common in tropical regions. The fever most common symptoms are that of joint pain and fever. If you have these symptoms, it is best to see a doctor to be properly diagnosed with dengue fever, as many ailments have these two symptoms.

Using home care is only possible when the infected person is not hemorrhagic or not dampened by the associated shock syndrome of dengue fever. When the ailment is past its initial stage, it is seen as an emergency that requires immediate hospitalization. These home remedies work best when they are combined with professional medical treatment.


Preventive Tips

Dengue is not an epidemic infection like cholera or chicken pox. The chances of prevention get better with a clean environment. In addition, when you wear protective clothing, you are shielded from dengue mosquito bites, which target the lower knees and lower elbow areas.

The habitat of the dengue mosquito is disrupted with the onset of winter and lower temperatures. Dislodge stagnant waters around the house during humid seasons to lessen the risk of dengue mosquito bites.


Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

  1. Neem Leaves

The use of neem leaves is a practice that is encouraged to ward off several ailments, including dengue fever. To use this home remedy, rinse and boil some neem leaves. Drink the tea made from these leaves at least three times a day for best results.

Alternatively, neem oil can also be put to use, as it contains purifying properties. Drop some bit of the oil on a damp cloth and place on your forehead thrice daily. Use a measure of 60ml or less of the oil each time.

Both of these remedies help to boost the count of your blood platelets, as well as the count of your white blood cells. The immediate effect of dengue fever is to deplete the white blood cells and the blood platelets. Using this brew will boost your body immunity and revive your strength.

neem, leaves, herb, chickenpox

Neem oil comes from the neem plant

  1. Water

The loss of water when you are afflicted by dengue fever arises from bodily exertion, sweating, and the internal dislocations it causes. Patients often experience extreme dehydration and drinking water is recommended to improve the hydration level of the body. This will also ease cramping of the muscles and headaches that are common symptoms of dehydration. Water also helps to flush out excess toxins from the body stream.

To use this home remedy, simply drink more water. Adults should drink an average of eight glasses of water a day. For best results, drink purified, non-flavored, water.


  1. Kakamachi Leaf Syrup

The impact of this remedy in flushing out toxins from the tracts is laudable and notable. It also helps to purify the colon so that the organ can be at its optimal strength.  

This remedy can be administered in syrup form and it is noteworthy for its ability to dampen the fever. This syrup helps to soothe the body and its cooling effect is well-advised for an infected person. The recommended dosage is a cup of this syrup two times each day.


  1. Barley Grass

Barley grass is effective in the treatment of dengue fever. It also comes with the added effect of boosting the count of the blood platelets. There will be more blood cells produced when this remedy is administered.

It has also been touted as the recommended diet for anyone who is on the recovery route from the infection.  The nutrient concentration of the remedy includes the vitamin class on the B1 to B12. The presence of such minerals as magnesium, iron, and potassium in it makes it worthwhile. It also contains an appreciable amount of fiber that can boost digestive health.

With a stable consumption of this remedy, you can expect an increase in the red blood cells produced. The upsurge in the platelet count of patients is one notable effect you cannot overlook with barley tea. Drink two cups of this tea each day to get the best results.


  1. Coriander

Coriander has its nutritional appeal but is a breath of fresh of air as far as dengue fever remedying is concerned.  This remedy is abuzz with Vitamin C and is open for use as a tonic. Grate into a juice and serve a couple of times each day to get the benefits.


  1. Basil Leaves

Chewing basil leaves is an excellent way to boost your immune system and ward off the symptoms of dengue fever. The oil from basil leaves can also be used by applying it on the skin surface. It effectively works as a repellent as a result of the presence of properties that are akin to insecticides. Use this home remedy as often as needed.

basil, herb, dengue fever

Fresh basil leaves

  1. Orange

Orange is a natural source of vital minerals and vitamins. The antioxidants present here are able to eliminate the symptoms that are thrown up by dengue fever. The presence of vitamins, therefore, makes oranges effective in expelling accumulated toxins from the ravages of dengue fever. A regular consumption will lead the patient to expedited recovery and restoration of virility.


  1. Pomegranate Juice

The arils of pomegranate are excellent to consume and this gets processed into juice for a delicious drink. Beyond its good taste, the presence of antioxidants makes it a steady means to expel toxins from the body. It is also excellent for maintaining cholesterol levels while high blood pressure can also be lowered with steady use. Drink this juice as often as you like to get relief from your dengue fever symptoms.


  1. Goat Milk

Goat milk is well-reviewed as low in fat and very healthy to consume. Many cases of lactose intolerance are managed with the use of goat milk. The nutritional benefit is such that shows up in higher platelet count and this is a matter of common belief.  Use this milk as a replacement for cow’s milk until you have recovered.


  1. Dried Ginger

Ginger is another regular feature on the list of home remedies and it is high in analgesic properties. It is also highly anti-inflammatory and serves to ward off bacteria as well. Consuming dried ginger will douse high body temperature associated with fevers. Using this remedy will also eliminate migraines, phlegm, and diabetes. It is proven to also foster the functionalities of the digestive tracts.


  1. Pepper

Pepper is a well-reviewed spice that boosts the capacity of the body to ward off inflammation. It is widely available and is administered for warding off flatulence and dyspepsia. It also works wonders when there is fever or any form of indigestion. To use this home remedy, simply add more pepper (spice) to your diet.

peppercorns, hair

Peppercorns can be ground to add fresh flavor to your meals

  1. Devil’s Tree Root Tea

The Devil’s tree is a solitary oak shrub that is prevalent in the New Jersey area.  This woody tree with a sinister look has properties that are describable to the type found in quinine as well as the cinchona. The roots and bark can be collected and steeped in warm water to prepare a tea. Drink this tea three times daily to get the desired results.


  1. Cassia Tree Root

The Cassia tree comes up for mention in a number of cultures for the treatment of a number of ailments. The roots of the cassia tree are prepared by boiling and steeping. Drink this tea thrice a day to ward off fever.


  1. Bloodwort

This remedy is commonly in use in Ayurveda medicine to eliminate fevers. It can be used as a hot infusion to spur perspiration so that the toxins locked in the body stream can be expelled. Eliminating the toxins associated with dengue fever ultimately leads to the patient’s stability, recovery, and rejuvenation.


  1. Grape Juice

The use of grapes is widespread for a number of reasons; It has properties that ward off inflammation and helps out as antioxidants. Using black grapes is recommended for best outcomes and this is not to forget that it is also sweet tasting. Drink this juice as often as you like to treat your dengue fever symptoms.


  1. Controlled Environment

Living in a screened home is one way to ensure that dengue fever is avoided. If you are in an area exposed to mosquito proliferation, make sure that there is an adequate installation of screens on your doors and windows.

Always makes sure that the screens are closed. Where possible, have an air conditioner in place as cold temperatures freak out the mosquitoes. Sleeping under mosquito netting also helps.

mosquito, dengue fever

Mosquito nets don’t look like much, but they can be a big help

  1. Special Clothing

Wearing clothes that shut out mosquito bites is another preventive means to ward off dengue fever. Use the following tips when selecting clothing to wear in areas that are heavily habited by mosquitos.

  • Wear long pants and full-cover shirts
  • Applying any effective repellant to your clothing will also be of use
  • Dress with light colored fabrics which are unattractive to mosquitoes; the  darker the clothes, the more attractive it is for mosquitoes to perch on them
  • Put on fully covered socks so that your feet are no exposed to mosquito bites
  • Wear closed-toed shoes (not sandals)


  1. Stay Indoors at Dusk

The common activity associated with dengue fever spreading mosquitoes is their high visibility at dusk and early at dawn. If you stay in an endemic area, make sure you are indoors early and do not leave indoors before dawn breaks fully.

Children should be put under nettings during the day when napping to reduce the risk of exposure to mosquito bites. At night, they should also sleep under nettings. They should also be kept indoors when evenings set in.


  1. Kiwi Fruit

Dengue fever can also be put in check with the use of the kiwi fruit. It is reputed to boast of a concentration of 250 calories in every 100 grams serving. Part of its known effects is the dampening of fatigue as well as an increase in energy levels. It has proteins and nutrients that boost human immunity. Using the kiwifruit will help a patient expedite recover from dengue fever onslaught.


  1. Coconut Water

Coconut is rich in minerals and nutrients that the human body is direly in need of at any time. It is abuzz with electrolytes, carbohydrates,  and sugar. Just drinking the water alone helps to replace any lost fluid when dengue fever is ravaging. The patient can also be sure of a boost in immunity with regular use of coconut water.

coconut, water, IBS

The fresher the coconut water, the better!

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