24 Home Remedies for Amnesia

Amnesia is a medical condition that is accompanied by partial or entire memory loss. It varies in different kinds and levels in elderly as well as in certain mental conditions. People who are plagued by amnesia lose their ability to have details memorized and are often unable to recall sufficient details from memory. Forgetfulness does not necessarily translate to amnesia as anyone might forget things at some point.

However, if you suffer from amnesia you will be unable to remember most of the significant milestones of life.  Your memory will flush out significant characters and names that matter to you. Your brain refrains from processing stored memory anymore at this stage.

Common Symptoms

Verbal amnesia is the most customary form for this disease. This condition is whereby, the patient loses the ability to remember words as well as names.

A very irregular pattern of amnesia is short-term memory loss. In this case, the patient fails to recall their own identity which in this case includes his age, family background, name and any past memories.

Other symptoms include the following:

  • Brain weakness
  • Poor memory
  • Headaches
  • Poor  concentration


Common Causes

The root challenge in amnesia is the weakening of cells in the brain generated by diseases that directly or indirectly dampen them. This can be through sub-optimal blood supply during circulatory routines.

An impairment of human brain can impact the memory just as other contributory factors can be identified.

Most cases are nonetheless predominantly psychological and resultant from neurosis or anxiety. In a similar measure, the symptoms include a lack of attentiveness in patients obsessing over their own issues.

black cumin, seeds, oil, hemorrhoids Black cumin seeds and cumin oil[/caption]

  1. Black Pepper

This is another home remedy that comes packed with anti-inflammatory agents that will help the rhythm of anyone faced with symptoms of amnesia. To use this home remedy, powder five black peppercorns. Mix this with a teaspoon of honey. Eat this once every night to get the best results.


  1. Meditation

Meditation is best known as an eastern art but it is helpful for the physiological balance and reinvigoration of the human being.  The functioning of the nervous system will get a boost when you pay attention to meditation and indulge yourself in it. Meditation helps also, in this case, to ease your mind and help you with a better sense of awareness.


  1. Sleep

Good sleep is a natural measure to help your physiology reinvent itself. The absence of adequate sleep can set your mind awry and disrupt your rhythm. An adult should have up to eight hours of sound sleep each night. Make it a priority to get due to sleep each day. Make room when possible to have naps during the day if you a senior.


  1. Healthy Diet

Include in your diet all important elements. Diet is highly significant, more especially in treating amnesia. It is advisable for elderly people to abstain from sugar, tea, condiments and chemical additives.

Eat three times each day to enjoy healthy nutrient supply. Include things like nuts, cereals, fruit juice and milk to make it rich in phosphorus.


  1. Sage

Sage is an exceptionally rewarding herb in the case of amnesia, as it also plays a part in the cortex of the brain. It’s also really helpful in maintaining mental exhaustion. It helps as well in restoring one’s concentration. It’s much advisable to consume tea that is made from this very herb.

sage, herb, gum pain

Sage leaves

  1. Walnuts

These are common mentions among options that are reviewed for home remedies. They are well known to conquer other brain disorders also. Munching on walnuts is beneficial during the loss of memory. For essential benefits, consume 20 grams of walnuts regularly.


  1. Almonds and Almond Oil

Almonds strengthen the brain.  They have very unique properties that act also on the brain to boost its memory functions. They can revitalize lack of memory attributed to brain weakness.

Submerge a handful amount of almonds in water overnight to remove their skin. Use the peeled almond to make a soft paste, after mixing with a spoonful of butter.

Apart from that, another element that is profitable in curing brain weakness is almond oil. Also, breathing in drops of the almond oil, continuously twice a day regenerates the mind as well as treat amnesia.


  1. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a much-known plant also being connected to parsley family and use many times to cure issues like psoriasis and abrasions.  Some research reports suggest that this plant possesses triterpenoids, which are effective in decreasing mental alertness and anxiety. This herb can be taken as a tincture, tea or capsule.


It’s significant to know that taking Gotu kola may negatively impact on your liver. Hence it is advisable to consult a professional doctor prior to consuming it for a period of over six weeks. Patients suffering from liver illnesses should stop altogether making use of this herb. This herb is however not children-friendly.


  1. Holy Basil

This helps to intensify memory and keep the mind in a balanced condition. Basil leaves should be washed and consumed fresh. If this is not suitable for you, you can grate the leaves and top it up with honey. Drink a cup measure of the grated leaves and add a teaspoon of honey. Two cups daily is a good start


  1. Apples

Apples can be effective in treating amnesia. Apples have lucrative vitamins as well as minerals such as potassium and phosphorus. People who experience amnesia must put their focus on eating things like grapes, oranges, and apples, which are quite good at resolving the issue. Be sure to absorb these fruits very often. Eating fruits once in a while may not bring great improvement. So taking fruits regularly is recommended. By so doing so, you can easily treat amnesia.

Eating an apple added with teaspoon measure of honey as well as a cup measure of milk can go a long way in treating amnesia.


apple, fruit, acid reflux

Any type of apple should do the trick for this home remedy

  1. Brain Exercises

Compile a timetable with your daily activities. Go over it a few times till you can memorize it mentally. Avoid writing them down, the whole point is to remember them. This is an easy way for brain exercise to improve your memory.


  1. Rosemary

This is one of the transcendent remedies for treating amnesia; you may take it as rosemary tea. Rosemary tea is made with rosemary it also has rosemary health benefits. Consume it once or twice daily for great results.


  1. Green Tea

Green tea is also known as one of the useful remedies in treating a number of health issues. This tea is also known as a wellspring of catechins that are mixtures that assists in improving memory. Drink this tea up to three times a day to see results.


  1. Fish

Most foods containing a large number of fats are not approved for patients suffering from amnesia. Nonetheless, it is significant to bear in mind that fish carriers a great number of acceptable fats, which are omega-3s, known as well to be effective in improving cognitive function.

Take fish like lake trout, mackerel, and salmon for they’re best in omega-3. If you are unable to increase a good amount of fish in your diet you could make up for it by supplements of fish oil.

Bed, bed sores Take naps during the day if you cannot get eight hours of sleep in a night[/caption]

  1. Spinach

Leafy green vegetables may be very useful in treating amnesia. Taking green dark leafy vegetables like spinach may assist in improving memory. Spinach is a wellspring of vitamin B6 and B12, folic acid, which assists in protecting the brain nerves from any damage. Spinach is known also for synthesizing the red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen and also other important nutrients to the brain.


  1. Yarrow

Yarrow is very rich in choline, which is a significant transmission of the nerve impulses as well as helps to sustain good memory. Mix three tablespoons of flowering tops in a liter of white wine for a period. Consume three cups daily, each one after meals.


  1. Berries

Strawberries like the blueberries are commendable sources of nutrients. The nutrients are helpful in boosting memory functions and prevent memory loss. It’s recommended that the intake of berries be done as much as possible preferably during breakfast. This will do wonders in remedying amnesia.


  1. Oranges

These are a wonderful remedy for the treatment of amnesia. Oranges carry lots of nutrients including vitamin C.  Orange contains also antioxidants and are a good medicine for improving the power of memory and preventing memory loss.


  1. Thyme

This remedy is abuzz with nutrients. it is rich in niacin  (Vitamin B3), an important compound for glucose supply to the brain. Thyme also acts as preservation for blood vessels.

Take a spoon full of grated thyme. Immerse this in a cup of water. Drink two cups daily.

Thyme, Impetigo

Fresh thyme

  1. Garden Cress

In India, garden cress is known by the name chandrashoor and found all around Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It also occurs in many other places around the world. It’s known to boost mind routines as well as to enhance focus and memory. Make use of it by including it in your food, making soup with it or including it in your salad.


  1. Oregano

This herb may be helpful to enhance memory due to the content of flavonoids, as it carriers active properties which improve memory. Add it to your meals to take advantage of this home remedy.


  1. Amla

Gooseberry is another herb that is commonly mentioned in home remedy outlines. It has anti-inflammatory effects that soothe the human physiological functions. It has many wonderful remedial properties and is considered for use when there is a range of health challenges. Besides, it is effective for blood cleansing and strengthens the human memory. This remedy also helps to boost the functionalities of the mind.

You can take it with juice or in a salad. The recommended way to use Amla against Amnesia is by taking a spoonful of Amla Murabba two times a day. It is found locally and nationally in many grocery stores.

gooseberries, amnesia, bedwetting, amla

Indian gooseberries

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