30 Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Alcoholism results when there is a mental and physical addiction to the consumption of alcohol. When the use of alcohol is continued for a long time, there will be resultant effects on an individual’s mental and physical state. The implications of alcohol use show up in the digestive tracts, heart, pancreas, and the network of nerves in the human body.

Common Causes of Alcoholism

The tendency to take to alcoholism is invigorated when there are some or a couple of these conditions:

  • Environment
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Genetics
  • Addictive behavioral patterns


Home Remedies for Alcoholism

  1. Diet

It is a fact that the kind of food we consume can contribute to our overall health. It can have a great effect both internally and physically.  A healthy diet is the first point of a speedy recovery from substance addiction.

In particular, you should try to eat food high in antioxidants. You can get this by taking different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Berries, peppers, Citrus fruits, and spinach, as well as other green leafy vegetables, are a good fit.  

It is also recommended to eat foods that are high in vitamin B6. Foods such as grains, beans, nuts, and tofu are a big buy-in.

Salad, gallstones

Include salads in your diet

  1. Bananas

Alcoholism drains the body of the potassium presence that it enjoys.  The effect of nerve impulses on an individual is more pronounced when alcoholism is the subject of interest.

The right potassium levels are needed for an individual to have optimal nerve functionality and bananas are a rich source of nerve nutrients. When bananas are eaten, potassium is made available for the use of the body. Alcoholics will exert better impulse control when their potassium levels are at the optimal mark.


  1. Apple

Apples play an excellent role in expelling toxins from the body. When consumed, it also helps to stymie the craving that leads to compulsive drinking. Apples are rich in anti-inflammatory agents which can be of use when boosting patient’s health. An apple twice a day is a good start. In the alternative, apple juice can be used at intervals each day.


  1. Ginger Root

Ginger is an awesome supplier of anti-inflammatory agents and is recommended when alcoholism is to be overcome. To use this home remedy, drink ginger tea often or add ginger to your meals. This can help to relax the drinker and cut back on alcohol cravings.


  1. Omega-3s

Your body can get great benefit from the intake of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Particularly this is true when you are getting rid of alcohol addiction. The neurotransmitters in the brain are destroyed due to the wrong used of drugs.  A healthy protein diet is essential to rebuilding this brain component.

Due to the alcohol addiction, all the cells and tissues in your body that have been destroyed have to be recovered. Protein-rich food and omega-3 is very useful in protecting and helping the body get healed easily. Many fish and nuts are rich in omega-3.


  1.  Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is also an effective home remedy for withdrawal addiction.  The sweet smells that are associated with several herbs, shrubs and concoctions can be of use here. The essential everlast also known as immortelle and helichrysum is proven that it can assist the body to have a speedy recovery. It can help repair any damage done by alcohol addiction.

essential oils, diffuser

Diffusers are often used for aromatherapy


  1. Dates

Dates are known to be found in up to hundred variants with the Iraqi peninsula and Saudi Arabia, accounting for a huge chunk of these health-boosting effects. They are rich in potassium and low in sodium and are proven to have a healthy impact on the central nervous system.

Eating dates on a daily basis for the next one water will help an alcoholic overcome his craving.  A good measure of water should be consumed as well.


  1. Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko Biloba is known as a cure-all substance. It is also perfect for those who are trying to get rid of alcohol addiction. It is proven to improve mental health, memory willpower, and concentration.

The reputation of this natural substance has soared in recent years with its efficacy uncovered in homeopathic and eastern cultures.

Gingko Biloba supplements are a good way to start a smooth recovery from a withdrawal of drugs. It aids to undo some damage done to your body by alcohol addiction.

  1. Celery

This marshland veggie is one that is much reputed for its health-boosting effects across the globe. This veggie is low in calories and provides a huge help to those seeking to escape the effects of cholesterol.

Its neutralizing effect on weight-gain also applies to alcohol dependency as it can help you get off a craving for the bottle of alcohol. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammation agents. It is rich in potassium and calcium as well as flavonoids.

The use of the juice on a daily basis is recommended for a month to help anyone get out of alcohol craving.


  1. The Progressive Route

Getting off alcohol is a positive for anyone but this might not happen overnight.  It is the view of health experts that a gradual weaning is better adapted for lasting effects. While some people have been able to make the break within a week or two, not everyone can go on this route.

If you decide to go off alcohol, make it gradual. Start off by reducing the quantity. A replacement can be done by drinking water or apple juice while the quantity of juice is reduced.


  1. Exercise

Engaging in exercise is a good way to start as you try to recover from alcohol addiction. First of all, exercise is known as a natural antidepressant. It can surely relieve you from stress and attain mindfulness.

Secondly, exercise helps the body release its own psychoactive substances called endorphins. It helps to start the brain’s reward pathway. Physical activity can enhance a positive well-being.

jogging, exercise, heroin

Make sure to stretch before you exercise to reduce cramping

  1.  Immersive Pastimes

The pathway to escaping the claws of a compulsive habit is made possible for some people when a healthy alternative is in place.  If you make it a priority to stop alcoholism, you need to direct your energies into something worthwhile. It can be something you always admired or a skill you admired from afar.

The directing of your focus to something that is positive will help you stay off binge drinking and get cheered up.  You can try out drawing or exploring color pallets as worthy pastime. Get a few folks who love the same thing and are positive about staying off color.


  1. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is abuzz with vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and iron. It provides a means to exit alcoholism and has been well –explored by many persons in their bid to stop their alcohol craving. Beyond its bitter taste, it works on liver repairs and regenerates organs that have been damaged by alcohol. Since it provides a range of benefits to the user, it is worthwhile to put to use.

It is best recommended for use when you get up in the morning. Soak four nuts of the bitter gourd in a glass of water overnight. Strain the mix when you are up in the morning. Fill the glass and drink. Do this once each morning to get the best results.  


  1. Milk

The effects of milk are well-reviewed as it is abuzz with calcium, vitamins, protein, magnesium, and phosphorus. Milk consumption helps to build your physiology and health state. Milk is a source of rehydration and for those desiring to stay alcohol; they can turn to this remedy as they focus on becoming alcohol-free. Lactose-intolerant persons should stay off this remedy.


  1. Reishi Mushroom

Any form of addiction is seen as a form of a disturbed Shen as known in Chinese medicine. It implies that anyone has the ability to become dependent on certain kinds of activities, a way of thinking or behavior.  Since ancient times, herbal medicine s is used in treating dependency. One of the most popular herbs for this is the Reishi mushrooms. It has an adaptogenic and Shen developing properties.

  1. Fruit Mix

When you have to escape alcohol adoption, one way to do this is to explore a fruit mix. This will enable you to pick fruits of different flavors and fill your palate with them. The exploring of different and unusual flavors will become a choice to work on as you strengthen your resolve to stay alcohol-free.  It is true that the days after you go off alcohol are usually tough but after you overcome the early draw, you will succeed.

Explore the fruits around you. You can buy a juicer and discover a range of tastes. Berries, coconuts, guavas and a whole range are available and will all work for this home remedy.

juice, cold feet, fruit, smoothie

Smoothies and fruit juices made from these fruits will also have similar effects, so you can use either for this home remedy

  1. Carom Seeds

The use of carom seeds have a reputation in Ayurveda cures and are also put to use for alcohol addiction cure. It is excellent for digestive processes and will help you stay off alcohol.

Fill and pot with eight liters of water. Add 500 grams of carom seeds. Boil the water down until the water is 1/4 of its original volume. Strain the mix and empty into a bottle. Store in a cool place. Drink four teaspoons at a time whenever craving soars.


  1. Grapes

Grapes provide a healthy option for people who desire to stay off alcohol. The regimen of grape meals is a strict one that requires a 30-day adherence. In other words, you will stay on grapes for the three meals of the day.

It helps to rid the physiology of alcohol craving, as well as a longing for other allied beverages. Just make sure that your health is not imperiled and stop the treatment if your health is threatened.


  1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best options in detoxification from alcoholism. It is known in helping cleanse the mind and body of toxins and stress.  Yoga has a soothing and calming effect as it is done repetitively when applied as a detox treatment. It can actually alter mindfulness and stymie your craving for alcohol. It helps in channeling bad energy into positive movements and obvious developments to mind and body.


  1. The Sweet Way

The palate is the easiest draw for alcohol and sometimes, what you need to do is to get a sweet and eat. Sugar is high in alcohol and sweets provide this ingredient when you consume them.

When you drink alcohol, your body draws it in and gets it converted to sugar by metabolizing the carbohydrate content. Any wonder why you get excited after drinking!

As a means to even out your sugar intake and not get addicted to sweets, you can avoid it at night. In the mornings, go for doughnuts. While it is advisable to avoid sweets, it works well for heavy drinkers who are working on reducing their alcohol intake. When the craving for alcohol comes close, get something sweet to nibble on.

  1. Water Boost

Water is the primary means to get the body’s circulation activities going and a surfeit of it will always lead to health challenges. The use of water is not one that can be discounted when alcohol addiction is to be overcome.

It is also worthy to mention that water is not flavored drinks or any other mineral water. It has to be the unadulterated water to have the effect.

If you have a craving for alcohol, go for water immediately and drink three glasses at a go. While it surely cannot taste like alcohol,   it has a dampening effect on that crave that you can make use of it.

lime, fruit, citrus, vitamin c, alleries

Adding limes to your drinks is one way to take in more fruit as well


  1. The Kudzu

This Chinese herb has a reputation for craving –elimination and it is abuzz with isoflavones. This identified compound is also found in crops like the soybeans. They act against carcinogenic substances and are identified also as flavonoids.

If you cannot get the kudzu herb to use, look out for an alternative from health stores. Get the extracts of Kudzu and drink this daily. Get extracts that have at least 40 percent of Kudzu presence. It has the effect of neutralizing your alcohol craving.


  1. The “Thought Challenge”

During the recovery period from the withdrawal of drugs, make sure to remember the bad effects that it has done to you and your well- being. It is beneficial to keep reminding yourself of the goodness of your decision to get rid of it. Write all the good and bad consequences to have it in hand whenever you need a reminder.


  1. Fennel Seeds

Fennel components are a regular feature in Mediterranean cuisine and while it is a spicy -tasting meal additive, it is also eaten a veggie. It is rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber that helps you break down foods molecules easily.

The use of fennel seeds is recommended for a number of health challenges and can stymie alcohol craving. Get some fennel seeds and place in an airtight bottle. Pick a few seeds at a time and chew. Repeat this up to three times each day.

  1. Cardamom

The cardamom treat is recommended if you have a strong craving for alcohol. It has amazing health benefits such as dousing carcinogenic effects as well as inflammation prevention and boosting of blood circulation. The seeds of cardamom and its pod serve as flavoring agents in some cultures.

Pick some cardamom seeds and encase in a bottle. Pick at least two seeds of cardamom and chew. Use this three times each day.


  1. The Meal Trick

One means to bust the alcoholism trap is to implement the food turn. Most people who are alcoholics drink their way through the day and skip healthy meals. To plan your way to healthy living, you need to start on three healthy meals each day. Make sure you do not skip your meals. Eating regularly will also fill you up and leave little or no space for a  drinking binge.

eating, belching

Slow down and enjoy your meals. This will help to make sure you do not overeat.

  1. Have Goals

When you are trying to achieve something, it is beneficial to set your goals. In this way, you will be able to work within the realms of what is possible and not just embark on a wild goose chase.


  1. Dandelion

This herb has a great detoxifying reputation and is popular with many cultures across the globe. It is also fitting for remedying the loss of appetite and muscle reinvigoration. When people battle with alcoholism, they have an option to combat withdrawal symptoms by consuming dandelion. It also helps to repair damages made to the liver as a result of consuming alcohol.

Get a cup of water and boil. Immerse dandelion powder using a tablespoon measure. Repeat the drink two times after the initial drink. A continuous use for up to three months is healthy.


  1. Meditation

Meditation is vital in stimulating mindfulness and awareness of feelings and thoughts. It is a great exercise for different health conditions. Meditation is a process of clearing the mind and getting in touch with essential beliefs and mantras. When you practice meditation, you can let that positive energy leads you to master your emotions. Therefore, it prevents you to have negative thoughts and experiences or stress that can bring you into the use of drugs or you may have a tendency or going back to your addiction.


  1. Caffeine

Consuming caffeine is a remedy that can counteract alcohol addiction. Caffeine has the ability to take away the tendency to hold on to addictive habits. For instance, many alcoholics like the burst of energy that coffee gives. This altered situation can already be enough to get over your cravings.

Caffeine is an effective alternative to other energetic substance addictions. There is a boost of adrenaline and mental energy from drinking coffee making it a great replacement. This process can make the true addiction to go away slowly. Remember to keep in mind the addictive nature of caffeine. So it is advisable to take this with caution.

coffee, drink, dye, alcoholism

Drinking coffee or tea is preferred to drinking soda

Try these home remedies. Let us know if they work to curb your alcoholism.










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