25 Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

When a tear occurs along the lining found in your lower rectum, anal fissures is the term used to describe the condition.  This condition can lead to recurring pains when you go for bowel movements. They do not normally become protracted or lead to other ailments.

An anal fissure can, however, become chronic when it is not treated or healed after twelve weeks of its occurrence. They can be remedied within a few weeks if immediate steps are taken to have the condition treated. What leads to its degeneration is often poor hygiene, and failure to attend to its symptoms.

Many people are affected by anal fissures at one time or the other in their lifetime, but healthy people should not be surprised when it occurs. While some people might view it as a sign of poor hygiene, the fact that it can be caused by a pre-existing medical condition gives it a different viewpoint


Causes of Anal Fissures

Whenever there is extra tension around the sphincters found in the anus, fissures might occur. While the inner sphincter is not controlled by personal actions, the outer one can be controlled. The increase of pressure on the inner sphincter can lead to spasms and drop in the requisite blood flow to the lower rectum. This has the effect of precipitating a fissure or delays the healing of an existing one. Anal fissures should be expected if any of these occurs:

  • Recurring diarrhea
  • Passage of large stools
  • Ruptures during childbirth
  • Hard stools induced by constipation
  • Trauma from anal examination
  • Crohn’s disease


Common Symptoms

  • Burning pain during stool passage
  • Sharp pains during stool passage
  • Stinging pain during stool passage
  • Itching of the anus
  • Bleeding during stool passage


Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly creates a layer of lubrication to result around your anus so that friction and irritation are reduced.  This is an approach that can douse the discomfort that accompanies anal fissure. At any time you have a sensation of irritation, apply the petroleum jelly immediately around the affected spot gently. The cooling sensation will reduce burning and itching. Use this remedy twice daily to deepen the relieving effects. If the itching is severe, use a combination of two or more remedies on this outline.


  1. Olive Leaves

Olive leaves have antimicrobial and antifungal properties effective in killing fungi, boast the immune system and assist quick skin recovery. Grind a few olive leaves finely to make a smooth paste/ Directly apply the paste to the affected area and let it remain for half an hour. Rinse well with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly. Do this once or twice a day until your anal fissures heal.

Alternatively, you can also brew tea with these leaves and drink two to three cups per day to speed up the recovery process. Add one or two teaspoons of dried ground olive leaves to a cup of boiled water and brew for ten to fifteen minutes. Drink a cup after straining.

olives, olive leaves, fungal infections

Olives and olive leaves

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a natural home remedy for skin fungus worth trying. It cleans out infections in cuts and clears up skin fungal infections. Hydrogen peroxide solution kills fungal strains. Hydrogen peroxide should be diluted before use as it can cause the sensation of irritation if not diluted.

Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water. After mixing well, soak the skin for about twenty minutes twice a day. Continue this practice until the infection is completely eradicated and your anal fissures have healed


  1. Hygiene

Maintenance of basic hygiene and wearing loose-fitting cotton clothing, which is easily ventilated, may expedite healing of the cut. Wear loose underwear made of cotton until your anal fissures have healed.


  1. Orange Oil

Make use of a dropper to apply oil on the nails and in-between anal opening. The oil should soak in for about an hour.  Beware that orange oil may be too strong for folks with sensitive skin. Should this be the case with you, dilute the oil at one to one ratio with an all-natural carrier such as olive oil.  Since citrus allergies are common, it is suggested to test orange oil on a healthy skin before application on infected skin. (Most health stores do make provision for this testing)


  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation elements that will heal itchy skin and eliminate signs of inflammation. Add two cups of unprocessed oat flour to lukewarm water in a bathtub. Soak in this bath for twenty minutes a day to get the best results.

oats, dark spots

Make your own oat flour by pulverizing raw oats

  1. Ghee

Ghee has components that fight inflammation, bacteria, fungi and other infections. They are capable of depressing any swelling and will soothe your membranes. To ward off itching, get some Ghee heated and use your index finger to apply around your anal region/ Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water after use/ You can reapply this remedy a few times daily until the itching stops.


  1. Psyllium Husks

A tablespoon of this husk along with a glass of milk that is heated will be a worthy relief.  A curd of milk mixed with a tablespoon of husks will also do well against constipation. Take this mix twice daily. Your bowel will be cleansed by psyllium husks and the bacteria responsible for the itch will be eliminated.


  1. Avoid Sitting Often

Avoid long hours in a sitting position so that you don’t put pressure that is excessive on the anal region. Sweat easily accumulates around your bum when you are on the same spot for long. When you are at work, and this happens, your clothes can stick to your bum, leading to inflammation or irritation. For those with sedentary habits, take a break and walk at intervals. You need to keep walking for a while so that blood flow can be enhanced around your anal ends.


  1. Avoid Steroid Creams

Steroid creams are hyperactive and can lead to skin damage when used on sensitive spots leading to cracks and thinness. If your skin is open due to wounds, do not use these creams so that other infections do not result. Severe inflammation can also result from steroid cream use.  They are to be avoided on young children completely.


  1.  Drink More Water

Ten glasses of water a day is essential to flush that will rid you of toxins and unhealthy bacteria. Wash your anus cleanly and make sure that it is free of feces. This will make it easy for the fissure to heal faster and prevent a worsening.

water, drink, dandruff

Drink filtered and purified water for the best results

  1. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is easily procured from drug stores and it is a natural astringent that can alleviate itchiness and cleanse your skin. Itching is a symptom of the anal fissure and can be treated to make you heal faster from the anal fissure. You can boil the bark in a cup measure of water. After it cools, rub over the itching spot.


  1.  Fiber Intake

Constipation can lead to itching in your anal region and when treated, the itching will cease.  An increase in your fiber consumption is recommended when you are constipating and this will expedite digestion and promote soft stool passage.

Eat more of carrots, prunes, fresh fruits, peas, broccoli, quinoa and brown rice. Increase your consumption of leafy greens and pumpkin as well.


  1.  Ice Packs

Ice packs are effective for anal itch treatment as they reduce inflamed hemorrhoids that are acute, leading to itching relief. Make an ice pack and cover with a towel. Place the pack on your anal area and repeat in fifteen minutes interval. Repeat the process about five times in 24 hours.


  1. Thyme

Thyme is a well-reviewed anti-inflammatory agent and it is capable of anesthetizing nerve endings so that inflammation is stymied. A tablespoon scoop of thyme leaves in dried form should be steeped in warm water measured in two cups. Use a clean fabric to drain this water and place on the irritated spot. Repeat this process a couple of times daily for relief.


  1. Peppermint

Itching of any kind gets relieved with the use of peppermint as it contains analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing agents. Brew mint tea and apply to the affected spot. You can also use a paste of this mint or oil in lukewarm water and get immersed in it for thirty minutes for best outcomes.


Mint leaves

  1. Beeswax

There is a mix of ingredients in the beeswax that makes it a healthy recommendation for anal fissure. It has a mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients that can enhance your healing process. Make a mix of olive oil, honey, and beeswax by combining equal proportions of these components. Store in an airtight jar and store in a fridge.


  1. Milk Mix

Milk has loads of inflammation and microbe busters and like honey; it will soften and moisturize itchy and dry skin. Honey and milk should be mixed in equal measures and rubbed on the affected spot. Wash off after twenty minutes. You can also go for a milk bath as an alternative option.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing herb which relieves irritation from any causal agent. To take advantage of this remedy, you need to uncover the core of the aloe vera leaf or use bottled aloe vera gel.  Rub this gel on your anus and massage for about five minutes. Repeat this procedure after a few hours to relieve the soreness and itching.


  1. Diet Control

Foods rich in vitamin C should be avoided when you notice anal itch and stay away from liquor, soda, beer, and other carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Avoid these foods for a two-week period until you mend successfully.


  1. Fruit Peels

You can also get relief from itching associated with anal fissures when you use fruit peels like banana peels, watermelon, and orange rind. Rub these peels on the spot to get some relief. Wash off after twenty minutes using lukewarm water. Repeat the process a couple of times daily.


Orange peel

  1. Soap Tips

Scented soaps produce further irritation just like perfumes and deodorants when used on your sensitive skin. As soon as you notice anal fissure and associated itching, stop using scented soaps and make use of unscented soaps. Chemical reactions normally result when affected spots are exposed to the ingredients that produce nice scents and this will aggravate your itching.


  1. Do Not Aggravate

The first intuitive response when itching occurs is to scratch but you need to build a response of no-scratch so that you don’t aggravate the condition. Make a cold compress when itching occurs, also a cold shower and clean rinse will be helpful to produce some calmness. When you about to sleep, wear hand gloves to keep your fingernails at bay.


  1. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay has commendable anti-itching properties that tackle a range of skin conditions like blemishes, acne, scars, and irritation. It has been used for remedying insect bites and stings over the years. This will also prove helpful when you need to remedy an anal fissure, especially if accompanied by itching.

Mix water and clay in a plastic bowl and whip till it becomes creamy. This paste should be applied to the affected area. When the paste dries up, wash off with cool water. Make sure you use pure Bentonite clay with no additives.


  1. Try to De-stress

You need to ensure that you take every step to de-stress when you are faced with anal fissure. The accumulation of stress and worries have the capacity to worsen your physiological balance and leave you worse off. People are able to make recovery from ailment as when there are a better mental aptitude and reduced anxiety. Anxiety can diminish the effects of medications and home remedies used for a particular ailment.

A range of things can be done to elevate the mindset of a sufferer of anal fissure so that a quick recovery from the bout can be assured. No one should overlook the power unleashed by a mind at rest and free of debilitating worries. These are specific steps you can take to enhance calmness in your mind, free you from avoidable worries and put you on the path to healing: try a period of relaxation during the day, use meditation to relieve stress, or use possible yoga positions.

meditation, mindfulness, calm, anal fissures

Try meditating for just a few minutes a day to relax and practice deep breathing

Do you know of any other great home remedies? If so, comment below!











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