35 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids result due to the inflammation of the veins close to the anal opening or canal. Hemorrhoids are far from painless and thus if they remain for a long time than it does cause much distress. The common side effects of hemorrhoids involve bleeding during bowel movements and itchiness.  


What Causes Hemorrhoids?

There is much debate as to what exactly causes hemorrhoids however, it has been concluded that there must be many mechanisms that causes hemorrhoids. Sometimes hemorrhoids are an occurrence because of chronic constipation, restrained bowel movements, and sitting on the toilet for far too long.

All such incidents promote blood flow to and fro from that region making the vessel to be bloated or swollen. With the uterus exerting pressure on the veins during pregnancy the chances of getting hemorrhoids is increased.

Research has shown that people suffering from hemorrhoids have a tighter and stiffer muscle in the anal canal than the soft muscle in people who do not battle with hemorrhoids.

Severe constipation can worsen the symptoms of hemorrhoids. When a person is constipated the hemorrhoids tend to push rapidly against the sphincter muscle. If hemorrhoids are not treated they can be weakened with age and may lead to the over-bulging of the hemorrhoids.


Common Symptoms

Linked to hemorrhoids is the appearance of blood. Internal hemorrhoids result in blood appearing on a toilet paper or tissue. External hemorrhoids imply the prevalence of a blood clot surrounding the anus or inflammation.

Some symptoms of hemorrhoids include:

  • Irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Itchiness
  • Blood clots or swollen regions (around the anal opening)
  • Anal pain
  • Bleeding


Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids


  1. Take Time

Holding in stool is a very bad habit. Immediately when one feels the urge to pass stool one should rush to the bathroom. This is defecation can cause higher pressure in the anal area if held in for too long.

Give yourself a certain time post meals to relax on the toilet pan so as to regulate bowel movements. This will ensure that you have a set time or routine to pass stools and will prevent constipation.

The easiest and most known cure is the OTC medicines. OTC medications have been linked with many side effects that may not be known to those consuming it. Certain other simpler natural cures exists which can be taken as an alternative and may even work at a faster speed than OTC.


  1. Almond Oil Treat

Almond oil is the best easily accessible remedy that can ease any pain, itchiness, swelling, or burning sensations in and around the anus. Using washed hands, spread on the inner and outer part of the anal area to instantly get rid of microbes and reduce swelling.

The almond oil treatment must be used each time one passes stool. An equivalent mix of both almond and geranium oil works wonders too as a cure for piles.

almond, almond oil, oil, dry hair

Almond oil is clear, unlike many other oils

  1.  Cold Compress

There isn’t any pain that a good cold compress can’t cure. An iced compress will reduce the size of the nodules surrounding the anal region. Using an ice pack can reduce the size of hemorrhoids as well as alleviate any pain or itchiness associated with the hemorrhoid. Once any inflammation in the anal region has subsided the passing of stool becomes effortless.

To make a cold compress simple bundle up ice cubes in a clean cloth and place on the hemorrhoid or inflamed area. The repetition of the cold compress trick throughout the day will constrict the vessels and thus decrease the prevalence of hemorrhoids.


  1. Epsom Salts and Glycerin

The hardly tried remedy can be used to cure hemorrhoids. The Epsom salts and glycerin remedy can be applied directly on the swelling by combining two tablespoons of Epsom and an equal amount of glycerin. Leave the combination on a cotton pad and out it on the inflamed area. Allow the cotton pad to stay on the inflamed region form more than fifteen minutes. Redo this application a few times during the day to cause the pain to subside.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). For outer hemorrhoids, use gauze that has been dissolved on ACV and place it on the swelling or the nodule. Putting this natural cure directly on the inflamed region will provide a sudden pain reduction.

Place ACV right onto the area will lead to burning for a few minutes but in the long run, it will reduce any pain effortlessly. Inner piles require drinking the ACV dissolved in water will lead to immediate relief and will cause the bleeding to stop.


  1. Wet Wipes

It is important to keep the pile infected area free of dirt. Having the hemorrhoid region clean can stop the spread of piles.  Toilet paper will not suffice to properly cleanse the pile infected area. Use wet wipes or water to clean the pile infected area.

Warm water should do the trick. Wipes are the ideal alternative to water as the used wipes can simply be flushed down the toilet pan. Try to steer clear of using heavily perfumed or alcohol infused towels to clean the infected area.

One ought to remember the hemorrhoid infected area is already quite sensitive. And thus using harsh substances on the area will cause the area to become more infected. Washing when through with stool is essential to ease off the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


  1. Squat, Don’t Sit 

One of the most basic things to remember when facing hemorrhoids is that one must squat rather than sit. This simple solution is often not considered.  Most toilets nowadays are already made so that one is constantly squatting when using the bathroom. Sitting during defecations puts an unnecessary stress on the rectum. Squatting whilst passing stools causes the puborectalis muscle to relax.  


  1. Psyllium Husk

Tough to pass stools will provoke the bleeding and will make the pain worse. Psyllium husk is the most effective solution which softens and relaxes the anal regions allowing for easy and painless bowel movements. Having psyllium husk more often will eliminate any strain on the infected area in the inflamed veins. This remedy will be used to heal the piles quickly.


  1. Exercise

The place of exercise in healthy living cannot be overlooked. It is worthwhile considering this when faced with piles. Sitting aimlessly and wallowing in the piles related pain won’t solve the problem. Exercising which involves talking regular walks during the day will stimulate more regular bowel movements. 


  1. Soaking

Any form of warm water baths and allowing the inflamed areas to be immersed in water will ease off any pain. The warm water bath will make the constricted blood vessels relax more easily.

The water must not be scalding hot but rather lukewarm. The warmer water will allow the blood vessels to relax after spending about half an hour in the tub. Regularly taking warm water baths will cure hemorrhoids faster. Make sure not to dry the inflamed areas until they are bone dry but rather allow the area to remain damp.


Woman in a bath


  1. Rub on Relief

Certain ointments and creams are available at pharmacies. The best creams to buy are the ones that contain witch hazel which can remedy any pain or itchiness. These creams are safe to use without far too many side effects. If the cream being used contains hydrocortisone, it shouldn’t be used for more than seven days.


  1. Hydration

The inflamed area must not be left to be too dry. A dry anal region will increase bleeding. Tough and dry toilet papers must not be used to cleanse the pile’s infected areas as this may provoke inflammation and anal scratches.

The use of fragrance-free and not medicinal wipes can clean the area ideally without leaving the area too dry. A vitamin E capsule can be placed in the anal region to provide the region with maximum hydration.


  1. Don’t Scratch

Regardless of how itchy the area is, you must not scratch the inflamed area. Scratching can make the region get inflamed and open to more infections. Moreover, when you scratch, you might expose those around you to infections except you wash off immediately. On the whole, it is advised you avoid scratching as much as possible and use the remedies recommended here.


  1. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel as previously mentioned is a great home alternative to cure piles. Applying witch hazel on the swelling will cause any itchiness and bleeding to stop. Constant application of the witch hazel will provide long-lasting relief in sufferers of hemorrhoids.

witch hazel, back acne

Witch hazel plant

  1. Choose Cotton

Steer clear of overly fitted underwear. Pick cotton underwear as opposed to lace as this allows air to enter the anal region easier. The softness of the fabric is best for the inflammation and will prevent too much moisture from occurring in the region.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel works to relieve the pile problem. This natural gel has anti-inflammatory properties that can eliminate hemorrhoid related tensions. Aloe Vera can be used in two ways. Firstly, the aloe leaves can be used for internal piles. Frozen aloe leaves that had their thorns removed must be placed on the region

Outer piles require the use of just the aloe gel which will hydrate and relieve the area.


  1. Treat the Clot

Certain outer blood clots can be very sore. The clot must be immediately treated. If the blood clot happens to be two days old, stick to home remedies to treat the pain linked to the clot. For clots that are fairly new, resort to surgically removing the clot.


  1. Timed Stooling

Establishing a scheduled and routine excretion is of the utmost importance. Maintain a schedule and try to stick to certain times only for the passing of stool.  


  1. Tea Tree Oil

This oil has been statistically proven to be able to cause any swelling to subside and can be used as an effective piles treatment. The oil on its own is very potent and requires to be mixed with an alternate oil so as to allow it to be harmless when used directly on the skin.

All that is needed is a few droplets of the oil as well as other oils such as castor oil or almond oil. The oils can be applied directly to the swelling using a cotton bud or gauze. Constantly using the mix of oils on the hemorrhoids will treat the associated symptoms and eventually treat the actual inflammation.

Many other oils such as lavender and rosemary oils can be used alongside tea tree oil. To learn how to use essential oils safely, read this article.


  1. Bitter Gourd

The gourd can be crushed to use the gourd juice as a tummy treatment. Bitter gourd is known for its ability to regulate the excretory system in humans.

The gourd juice can be made using buttermilk and adding a few teaspoons of gourd into it. Drink the gourd juice for at least thirty days to reap its full benefits.

bitter gourd, gourd, hemorrhoids

Bitter gourd

  1. Breathe

 Remember to breathe and stay abreast of your breathing. Stopping air from being pushed out of the lungs while partaking in strenuous activities is one of the reasons for the piles and pile associated bleeding.


  1. Banana

The use of Banana as an alternate cure or home remedy is one that is well-reviewed in many natural remedies literature. To use this home remedy, puree a banana that has been boiled and place it in a cup of warm milk. The banana milkshake will relieve any discomfort or pain.


  1. Coconut Oil

This oil form can be applied to the infected area. With its antimicrobial functions, it can easily cure piles. Pure coconut oil can be applied to the anus region that has the swelling. Use this treatment morning and noon or after passing stools. The remedy works within a few days.


  1. Figs

Figs have huge medicinal properties that make them worthy of mention in several home remedies’ outline. To use this home remedy, clean some figs and allow them to rest in water during the night. Eating figs morning and noon is recommended. This is one natural alternative to taking medication for piles.


  1. Lemon Juice 

Lemon is formed of antioxidants which can be placed on the swelling. You need to match this up with ginger and honey for immense recuperation benefits. Drink lemon juice tea that has been infused with ginger and honey. This is sure to eliminate any discomfort and further symptoms.


  1. Use a pillow

As opposed to sitting on cold and hard surfaces opt for sitting on soft sponges or feather-filled cushions. Soft surfaces not only help with the discomfort but eases off further inflammation.


  1. Water and Fiber

Fibers are a great way to treat piles. The more fiber you have in your system, the easier it is for your digestive processes to be expedited.Fibers must be consumed and men naturally have to eat more than women. Water is also essential with the fibers. The fiber and water combination regulates the tummy and makes producing stool much easier.


  1. Black Cumin Seeds

Cumin is also well-reviewed in several home remedies outline and this is as a result of the immense healing properties. The cumin mixture requires roasted cumin seeds and powdery cumin. The cumin seed mixture must be consumed with water during the day.

black cumin, seeds, oil, hemorrhoids

Black cumin seeds and cumin oil

  1. Olive Oil

Like with most oils, olive oil can reduce any discomfort, bleeding and pain. This oil is replete with many anti-inflammation functions. The oil works to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Olive oil ensures the strain during passing stools is far less. The daily intake of this oil improves the tummy’s performance because of the monosaturated fats prevalent in the oil.


  1. Radish Juice

Regularly having radish juice can cure the piles. Use a quarter cup of juice daily and thereafter increase the juice intake to half a cup.

Radish can also be mixed with honey. The mix can be directly applied to the uncomfortable piles.


  1. Buttermilk

Have buttermilk with powdery carom seeds and salt. The buttermilk is great to alleviate the pain linked to piles. Simply drink this mixture to feel results.


  1. Arnica

Arnica gel is perfect for the inflammation caused due to piles. Any scratches associated with the piles can be cured with the arnica gel application.  


  1. Triphala

Triphala can be purchased from the pharmacy and can be used to regulate the pile structure and procure healing. This medication has herbs that make the passing of stool a more regular act. Use this as directed on the packaging.


  1. Consume Probiotics

A probiotic takes away any constipation as a result of having an antibiotic presence. Probiotics make the bowel function effectively and regularly. Probiotics can be found in yogurt. Simply eat a cup of yogurt each day until you no longer have hemorrhoids.


Yogurt is full of healthy probiotics

  1. Activated Charcoal

This is a medication preferred in hospitals. Activated charcoal works like an ointment which can effortlessly be rubbed on the inner anal part or on the outer anal area. Generally, activated charcoal in its powdery form is combined with olive oil to treat piles. This paste can be placed on the anal area or swelling. Within merely a few days, the piles have become much smaller with far less discomfort. The bleeding linked to piles also stops.


Try any one of these home remedies to see results…and fewer hemorrhoids. Good luck!










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