28 Home Remedies for Heartburn in Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, it’s quite common for ladies to battle with all forms of heartburn. This occurs when the valve at the top lid of the tummy causes the muscles to relax when there is a baby on the way. The valuable role of this top-lid valve is that it works to keep the food well digested and to keep any tummy acids at bay.


Digestion and Heartburns

When an expecting mom eats, the pregnancy hormone known as progesterone prevents the acid from being digested. The problem is due to progesterone, food remains partly digested causing reflexes or undigested food to go back into the esophagus. The resultant action is an unbearable aching feeling or a burn in the chest.  

Pregnancy is accompanied by symptoms of acid reflux and most definitely feelings or heartburn. Indigestion is also commonly linked to being pregnant. It is quite obvious that any such burning sensations or pain could make the beginning stages of pregnancy quite difficult and uncomfortable.


Common Symptoms

Feeling sick and the propulsion to throw up may be a common symptom when gastric reflux is experienced. The later stages of any pregnancy involve having the abdomen squashed by the burgeoning of the fetus. The more the baby grows, the more regularly you will feel the need to and actually throw up.

Heartburn may be far more pronounced if one is expecting twins, one is pregnant with a large baby, or if a woman is pregnant with a baby in a breech position.

It is important to consult with either your doctor or the midwife when heartburn becomes persistent during pregnancy. Serious heartburn cases may be linked to preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a very severe sickness towards the later part of the pregnancy.


These are some symptoms attributed to heartburn during pregnancy:


  • Discomfort or pain in the topmost part of the abdomen or chest pain
  • A nasty taste in the mouth
  • Discomfort in stomach
  • Burning sensations behind the breastbone
  • Sour stomach and throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Persistent coughing that leads to fits
  • Wheezing or hoarseness
  • Overproduction of saliva
  • Choking


Home Remedies for Heartburn in Pregnant Women


  1. Pineapple

Despite the availability of anti-acid pills, these pills often causes one to throw up which sometimes leaves you feeling far worse-off. A natural remedy on the other hand is linked to barely any undesirable side effects. And can be used as often as the need arises. Pineapple is one such proven remedy.

Fresh pineapple works the best but if unavailable frozen pineapples from the local grocery store can work just as well. The reason why pineapples in particular work is because within the pineapple is bromelain. This is the enzyme responsible for controlling hydrochloric acid in the tummy.


  1. Do Dairy

Regardless of the myths you may have heard of dairy, many expecting mums are stuck in them. They have sworn by a few tablespoons of unsweetened and plain yogurt as a form of dessert after meals. The yogurt can safely be consumed anytime the discomfort arises as it effectively lessens the sensations associated with acid build up.

Yogurt is proven to contain features of a probiotic and thus will reduce the acid build-up in both the esophagus and upper abdomen. Statistics show that the bacteria found in yogurt keeps the intestines healthy by getting rid of unwanted bacteria which may lead to illnesses. Since some people may find plain yogurt to be a less tasty alternative, many pregnant ladies have used milk or ice cream as an alternative to the yogurt option.


Yogurt is full of healthy probiotics

  1. Discuss H2 blockers

When antacids and such medication fail to work, more potent medications may be required. An H2 blocker some being Tagamet or Zantac may stop the stomach from producing acid.

H2 blockers are more easily available as an over the counter medicine as they have proven to have no side effects for pregnant ladies. Irrespective of the H2 blocker’s proven track record, a doctor must be consulted prior to taking these medicines.  The common dosage of H2 blockers is having it not more than twice daily.


  1. Ginger

Ginger has been tried and tested by grannies alike for centuries. Many ladies suck on a ginger candy or sip on ginger ale to get rid of stomach irritations and upset tummy. Ginger is a very hot food and its spiciness acts to combat vomiting and nauseous feelings which often provoke the heart ache and burn.


  1. Slippery Elm

Slippery elm has to heal indigestion by absorbing the overload of acids and thus reduce swelling of the gastrointestinal tract. For slippery elm, dissolve powdery slippery elm in two cups of boiled water. Allow the elm to rest in the boiling water for a few minutes. The slippery elm is not so tasty so honey can be added to enhance the flavor. There are also slippery elm throat lozenges available that will have the same effect.


  1. Carry Yourself Well

During pregnancy, mothers ought to choose more baggy clothes but they should stick to this type of clothes after delivering the baby. Tight clothes press on the abdomen thus making the belly more susceptible to acid and acid reflux. You’re probably in no rush to wear skin-tight clothing because of your bulge.  There is a baby growing inside you, until you go post-baby. Tight clothing may actually increase the pressure on your belly and abdomen, making you more susceptible to acid reflux. Sitting upright is also a way to get rid of unnecessary acid.


  1. Acupuncture and Acupressure

The acupuncture works on pressure points in the body. The pain inflicted areas of the body can be healed using simple acupuncture. Acupuncture is great for curing heartburn despite a lack of evidence to prove this. The use of far too many needles during acupuncture can allow the painkilling endorphin to be
secreted into the body. The newly secreted endorphin can work towards easing any tension in the body.

A good home acupuncture treatment includes applying pressure to the wrist pressure point also known as pericardium point 6. To trace the pericardium simply place one hand on the inner wrist area. Measure three fingers widths from the crease to identify this point. Where the third finger lies on the inner wrist, identify the dip. Thrust into the dip and feel the slight pressure. For heartburn, pay attention to this pericardium points for about twenty to thirty times for per second intervals.


  1. Chew Gum

For severe heartburn, the easiest solution is to chew gum. Pick the best flavoured gum and chew on it post meals to help digest food easily. Having gum promotes the production and movement of saliva which thus results in a reduction of acid levels in the esophagus. This indirectly stops the gastroesophageal disease. Having chewing gum also aids in neutralizing acid in the esophagus. With chewing gum, it acts a breath fresher and gets rid of bad odors which is a common side effect of pregnancy associated heartburn.

gum, heartburn, pregnancy

Sugar-free mint gum is ideal for this home remedy

  1. Avoid Smoking

Ideally, if a smoker falls pregnant she should stop smoking immediately. However, smokers have relaxed valves in general and thus are more easily prone to heart ache and burn. Needless to say, smoking is bad for the fetus.


  1. Know your Triggers

Certain food groups such as fats, caffeine, chocolate, and citrus can easily lead to heartburn.  Different foods will promote heartburn differently in different expectant mothers. It is difficult to tell which foods to avoid.  The best thing to do is to counsel pregnant ladies to avoid foods which could cause the heartburn symptoms in them. What might be a systemic aggravator for most ladies will do no harm to other pregnant ladies.


  1. Time and Patience

Irrespective of the chosen option for heartburn sometimes all takes is a glass of water to do the trick. Certain remedies that work include freshly prepared tea and a host of other juices. Despite the prevalence of numerous home remedies, not many will work for every pregnant lady. In this way, patience is of utmost importance. Heartburn will stop only when the baby is delivered.


  1. Don’t Eat Right Before Bed

It is common that having a heavy supper before bed is the cause of severe heartburn. Doctor Joel Richter at the University of South Florida cautiously studied pregnancy. The best option for a pregnant lady is to avoid eating a few hours prior to bed. Liquids prior to bed should also be avoided.


  1. Sip Liquids

Most of the time, consuming a big glass of milk post dinner is a cause for discomfort. Liquids are important but they must be drank in between meal times as opposed to drinking liquids while eating.


  1. Aromatherapy

This is another option to deploy in combating  heartburn. Aromatherapy can include using lemon droplets, orange drops, essential oils, as well as grapeseed oil. The way to relieve chest burn includes rubbing the oils on the chest areas as well as the upper back.

Alternatively, the oils can be poured into a bathtub and inhaled to remedy heartburn.

To learn more about using essential oils safely, read this article.

essential oils, diffuser

Essential oils and diffuser

  1. Consider an Antacid

Despite other remedies mentioned, antacids available at the pharmacy can ease heartburn and heartburn associated symptoms. Certain antacids which have calcium and magnesium can be used during pregnancy.

Antacids which have aluminum are very harmful if consumed in large doses. Baking soda, even though often mentioned as a remedy, is more harmful than harmless. If iron tablets are taken too, these tablets should not be taken with antacids. Not all antacids can be harmless some may cause fluid to accumulate in the inner tissues. Prior to using antacids as a remedy, a doctor should be approached.


  1. Milk and Honey

Honey in hot milk is not only a harmless remedy but can also make heartburn subside. If honey and milk works as the ideal heartburn remedy than it’s great as it’s a tasty remedy as well.


  1. Take it Slow

Never overeat or gulp food as this can cause indigestion. Take time eating. Do not eat too fast as eating to fast may lead to excessive eating.

As previously, mentioned it is vital for pregnant ladies to opt for baggy clothes as opposed to tight clothing. Tight clothes will squash the abdomen and lead to acid reflux. Maternity wear was created for the reason to reduce any discomfort.


  1. Elevated Position

Changing your pillows may also lead to curing heartburn. Wedge like pillows allow the body to be more upright and tilted and keeps any acid in the tummy at bay. The pillow need not be an expensive pillow but a well shaped pillow.

Alternatively, instead of the pillow, putting bricks under the bed’s legs will cause the bed to be elevated. And thus aid with indigestion and heartburn.


  1. Medications

Prior to consuming any medicines, the ingredients must be carefully considered. Non-steroidal drugs and certain antidepressants may further provoke heartburn and can be dangerous. Doctors need to be visited before any medicine is consumed.


  1. Heartburn Tea

Due to severe cases of heartburn, a heartburn tea was created. Most herbalists store this type of tea which eases heartburn. The label of this tea must be carefully read to avoid having a tea with any allergy causing elements.

black tea, green tea, tea, teabags, fungal

Heartburn teas are often sold in tea bag form

  1. Eat Small Meals

For pregnant ladies battling with persistent morning illness, smaller quantities of food ought to be consumed. Do not overeat at any time. Try to avoid eating until one is full. Rather, eat smaller portions to avoid heartburn.

A full tummy in general lead to heartburn and discomfort thus avoid filling up your tummy to the max.  The smaller meal trick can work by having more meals throughout the day but eating less.


  1. Liquids

Water and fresh fruit juice that is not too acidic can easily battle heartburn and heartburn associated symptoms. Water must be drank regularly and all throughout the day. Juice is the best drink to start the morning whilst simultaneously easing heartburn.


  1. Don’t Lie Down After Meals

Do not go to bed directly after eating. It is best to take a relaxing walk, do easy chores or settle down and read.  Any task which does not involve bending over is best to do after meals.


  1. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut as well as other fermented food can ease off heartburn. Try pickles, kimchi, or kefir to soothe abdominal discomfort. Sauerkraut can lead to a healthy tummy.


  1. Papaya

Papaya is one fresh fruit that has enzymes which eases any heart aches and burns. The ripened papaya can be eaten. Papaya enzymes that are chewable are readily available at herbal stores. And they can be consumed to ease off heartburn.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Rather surprisingly, apple cider vinegar (ACV) works to cure any burning in the throat. ACV eases off any acid production in the tummy by transmitting a message to the tummy making it stop acid production. ACV really works well.


  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water provides instant relief. This is almost instantly available and can neutralize any acid build up in the tummy. Simply drink a glass of coconut water to see results.


  1. Raw Almonds

Almonds still in its raw form have oils that can reduce acid build up in the tummy. Almonds are a form of calcium and proteins which act to relieve heartburn associated symptoms. Eat a handful of almonds whenever your heartburn acts up.

almonds, salted, nuts, dark lips


Which home remedy are you most likely to use? Comment below!











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