6 Effective Home Remedies Against Frostbite

What Is Frostbite?

Frostbite is defined as the freezing of the skin or tissues when in contact with below zero temperatures. It can occur during a frigid or windy cold day and usually happens when limited clothing is worn.

The symptoms that show that frostbite is present are when your skin is hard to the touch, numb, or a different color shade. When frostbite occurs the immediate desire is to see a doctor but before you do consider these 6 natural home remedies that can put a stop to frostbite immediately.

6 Effective Home Remedies Against Frostbite

#1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a great home remedy for frostbite. Cayenne pepper contains several properties that help to cure frostbite by providing better blood circulation throughout the body as well as alleviating pain from its contact.

Cayenne pepper also provides much-needed warmth to the body so that it can heal. For best results, gently rub a handful of cayenne pepper onto affected skin or consume cayenne pepper with a meal.

#2. Banana Peel

A banana peel is one of the best natural remedies for frostbites. It helps to reduce swelling as well as providing a much needed protective covering over the affected area. For best results, use a fresh banana peel on the numb and discolored area by pressing against it.

#3. Ginger

Ginger is a great natural remedy that increases the healing time of frostbite. Ginger also increases the blood circulation and provides a much needed soothing effect to the pain that may occur from frostbite. For best results, drink 1 cup of ginger tea daily until affected area begins to return to normal.

#4. Onion

Onions are an amazing food item to help with frostbite symptoms. Onions provide an immediate warming effect to the affected area as well reducing numbness. For best results, mash 2 onions in a bowl then apply to infected areas. Do this daily until area begins to heal and return to normal.

Home Remedies Against Frostbite

#5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another natural home remedy that helps cure frostbite. Aloe Vera reduces inflammation as well as increase blood circulation throughout the body. For best results apply Aloe Vera to infected areas until symptoms are no longer apparent.

#6. Olive Oil

Olive oil provides temporary relief to the pain associated with frostbite. Olive oil produces a protective coating to frostbite areas which help to reduce the increased spread of it. Olive oil also serves as a warming solution to affected areas. For best results, apply about 1 cup of olive oil to frostbite areas daily until areas heal.

Frostbite can occur when least expected even when you believe you are dressed warmly. Frostbite can become quite severe if not treated immediately but with these 6 home remedies at hand, you can heal faster and return back to normal.

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